Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 4


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The morning rays distrubs his sleep but he get up hearing a leadious voice comingfrom downstair. He smiles because he
knows who is this and comes downstair. He see every one gather in hall listening the arthi done Ragini…Yes its Ragini the heart of Maheshwri is
back. HE completely here arthi nd gives sweet to every one. Every one blesses her. She comes near to her brother nd hand over sweet. he says

“Finally I m glad to see my pricess back” Ragini smiled nd said

“Yups bhai……now everthing willbe back to normal….For sure” He smiles nd came back to his room

He feels something different in this morning. Curiousity, restlessness and happiness, a mixed feeling was coming to hi. He was feeling different today
He opens his drawer nd see Swara’s photo nd says

“Why I m so restless today……In this past four year i didnt feel that”

He touches the photo put it back nd goes to take shower. Later he comes to have breakfast It was not a usual morning breakfast today
made it different she prepared breakfast for her family. Every one was delighted to eat nd start praising her
She looked everyone smiling which made her extemely happy. She was not a mind reader but she can see pain on the faces of
her family. No matter how they hide it but she was their heart. She know something had happened but what…….

“Today is a big day r u ready for the meeting….?” Dp asked Sanskar

He replied “Yes….Dad”


“Are u going some where….” Shomi asked Swara

“Yes mom……..there is a important meeting today” She replied She sit on her chair for having breakfast

“From whom ur dealing with ” Laksh enters comes sit infront of her

She looks him suspiously that if he knows something about meeting or whom with I dealing
But she know if he gets to know then he wouldnt seem soo calm. He would stop her from doing this

“SHONA……where r u have ur breakfast”Shomi said with concern. but she was lost in her chain of thoughts

Suddenly she feel someone handon her head she look up that who is….She find her Didasaying

“Aye SWARU where r u lost….have ur breakfast” She noddedin yes nd have her breakfast

When she was leaving She heared her brother saying

“Hey Shona……! best of luck Big day rite??”

“Yes…….thanku lucky” She bye to everyone nd leaves. She get in car nd say

“Be ready…..Sanskar Maheshwri…..here I comes”


Every one had gather for meeting in confrence room. Dp was somewhat looking tensed as this was important meeting for his company
where as Sanskar was feeling restless. For every passing minutes his restlessness was increasing. He couldnt get why he so
feeling different today. This is a normal meeting but he was impatient

As the door open, everyone looked towards the door except Sanskar becoz he was in fighting with his thought. Meanwhile he heared his dad


He looked towards the door. For a moment everything froze around him. He was standing thier without any expression He was happy,
delighted to see her but at very moment he was giulty too. He was confused why she is here. the Bangalore clients were to be came
or she is

Swara’s side manager Danny introduced Swara

“Gentlemen she is the owner of SWALAK cO COMPANY”

swara knew that he is staring her, she completely ignored nd focused on her work.
Danny introduced Swara to dp

“Maam he is Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwri the owner of the company” She greeted him nd

“Hello Mr. Maheshwri” Dp was surprised as she didnt addressed him as uncle but he didnt showed

Danny introduced Sanskar “Maam he is…………”

Before he could complelte his sentence Swara said looking sanskar

“Its better to start the meeting, introduction can be done later on…..”

Sanskar they dont need any introduction nd with a smile he said

“Sure……let start the meeting”

Swara take her seat Sanskar sat on his seat rite infront of swara
Dp says

“We heared about ur offer we ready”

Swara says

“Before making any decision I would like to informs about my condition if u agree then the deal is final

Sanskar looks her confusingly. DP asked about the condition on which she replies

“I want maximum shares of ur company….U will work here as u do but the final decision would be mine”

Sanskar and dp were shocked on the demand of swara. Dp ask

“How can we give u shares”

“I m not asking u to give me free…….Every thing has cost and i can pay u for this ” replied Swara sternly

Sanskar angrily asked her “And why should we give u the shares its not for sale…..?

“Yes they are Mr. Maheshwri u r facing a period of down fall nd ur company has taken loans as well
when there is nothing left u have to sales these shares to get out of these problems ”
Swara replied with full anger

Dp says “We cant accept ur condition”

“hmm……! then the meeting is over” Swara replied She get up nd about to leave

“Meeting isnt over yet” Sanskar said

Without turning She replied

“If u do not want to accecpt my condition then its no use of talking” and she left

As she left Silence prevails in the confrence room


“Please dont leave me I cant live without u ……..” She pleaded while crying

“Im sorry…….but we are not destined together nd never just becoz…..”
before he complete. She felt on his feet says

“Plzzz dont go…..”

“Just Leave me “He said angrily nd turn s go

She is looking him leaving, she felt helpness nd shouts “SANSKAR…..”


“This is the place where I almost begged infront of him” Swara said standing on Brdge
She leans nd take some sand nd stand

“Time is a roller coaster passing so fast……..” she said realeasing sand

“at that I begged……now its ur turn……….”


I know Im not a explainer but i tried my level best to explain both character feeling
What do u say guyzzzz

Credit to: Sana

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