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“Where is he….Swara is also with him…..how care less he has become now “dp roared angrily

While every one were standing listeming to him

“After what he did four years back I thought he would become more responsible nd make up all his mistake but he” Dp continued

This was enough to control for Ragini hearing his dad yelling her beloved brother not knowing where is he or is he okay

“Enough Dad……! How can u say that” Ragini raised her voice

“Ragini still you will side with him who snatched ur father’s pride still you can raise voice for him “ Dp said in disbelieving tone

“Yes…..! Dad u don’t know the truth of him” ragini argued

“And what is the truth….” Dp asked curiously

Ragini told him the whole story as why did he marry Swara nd y did he asked for shares this revelation shaked the whole house Dp was speechless nd Ap also

“nd now Ram dhanraj will be arrested for his deeds as the paper which u signed was fake. Bhai didn’t want to give any doubt what he was really doing that y he didn’t tell anyone……….Dad he didn’t snatched ur pride he saved this pride for u he is not that bad as u think of him plz….try to forgive him everyone commits mistakes but u always tell na we learn from our mistakes I know bhai did bad but he is repenting but u all are not ready to forgive them” Ragini ended up

Her phone ring….nd lifts the call she becomes numb after hearing the call her face becomes pales nd phone falls on the ground

“What happen Ragini” Ap asked worriedly

“Mom…bhai….in hospital…shot” Ragini shiver cant say words properly

They all rushed to hospital

“Doctor is…..is he okay” Laksh asked as doctor came out from operation theatr
Every one who silently praying stands Swara who was tightly hugging her mother got up went to doctor

“The bullet has taken out but……” Doctor said but he cut off

“But what he…..he is okay right” Swara said in panic tone. Shomi came forward to hold her by arms

“Mrs. Maheshwri if Mr. Maheshwri doesn’t come in senses in next three hours then we cant say any thing…..the next 24 hours are critical for him nd the surviving chances doesn’t seems good” Doctor stated in disappointed tone

Every one take step back Ragini crys walking at distance ap goes towards the idol Laksh goes behind Ragini nd consoled her

“No doctor he…..he wont go…..no he cant “ Swara says freeing herslf from her mom’s hold

Every one looks her sadly
“Mom no don’t cry he promise me…he wont go leaving me all alone “She said coming near Ap who was looking her consoling manner

“Ragini ur bhai wont go any where I know “ Swara said panicly

“Swara stop this……be strong plz…..he “ Laksh said holding her by arms but before he could complete Swara shut her mouth nodding in no to stop him

“No Laksh He will come to me he wont……he has to come for me I’ll bring him back……no he has to come back” She said freeing herself steping back repeating last words nd enter in the room where Sanskar was lying on the bed with oxygen mask on face

“Mr. Maheshwri stop her she is not allowed “ Dr said

“Let her try once Love has its own power which cant be comparables to any thing” Dp said

“ Anapurna…….” Dp called his wife who was standing infront idol praying for her son life…She truns

“Can u forgive me…..for what I did to u” Dp continued with tears

“Forgiveness for what ji “ Ap said confused

“For letting u live without ur son…..for not letting u go to him as a mother……I separated u from ur son….when he needs u the most I force u to act as my wife……..I didn’t allowed u to go him when he once came injured home….I even not let u ask him the matter…….I always thinks him as my ideal son but when he did that mistake ruining someone life….I punished him hard he was asking forgiveness to me but I became cruel father but now I want to just hug my son, cry on his shoulder, ask forgiveness for my behavior nd he is not opening his eyes….I m bad father nd a bad husband too can u please forgive me “ Dp folded his hand infront of Ap…She hloded his hand nd nodding no

“Don’t say that please ji……..U didn’t forced me I joined u in this cruel punishment with u….I became strict towards him……all the time taunting him, keep reminding him his mistake” Ap cried saying this She turned towards the idols nd say

“Please retrun me my son…….I m sorry for my cruelty towards him I wont do this please I want my son “ Ap prayed

Dp hugged her by side nd Ap cried on his shoulder

“Sanskar…….” Swara whispered going towards his bed She sit nd hold his hand

“Sanskar U know what that dr. is saying about you he is saying ur surviving chances are not good…..u will go away from me” Swara said tears were rolling down from her eyes

“But they don’t know one thing u promised me that u wont leave me alone ever in life……nd I know when Sanskar Maheshwri says something he mean it” Swara said with sad smile

“U will fulfill ur promise right u wont leave me rite Sanskar say something please this silence is killing something please” Swara said nd then looked towards his face but no response

“Hey…..Sanskar Maheshwri u cant leave me alone again cant go like this again I m saying I wont forgive u for this please opens ur eyes please open eyes look ur Swara is sitting in front of u” Swara said in angry tone but soften her tone

“Look ur Mom dad whom u say that they love me more than u…no its wrong open ur eyes they are craving to hug you crying for u Sanskar open ur eyes please U wanted their love…now they r waiting eagerly please open ur eyes don’t make them wait till long as u waited for them please open ur eyes plz” Swara said little shaking him

She cups his cute innocent face nd says

“Sanskar in all these years I couldn’t hate……It was hard to hate because people cant hate their true love I love u from all my heart….Dad made me realized ur love to me nd now when I m pleading u r not opening ur eyes please open ur eyes I want to say u that I LOVE U SANSKAR…..nd I cant live without u please don’t make me suffer the same pain I suffered last time please Sanskar don’t put me in that pain again please” She cried hugging him
She kissed his forehead nd then cheeks

“I love u please come back to me “ She whispered in his ear nd got up when he saw he isnot responding

She turns to go but her last finger entangle with his finger nd it slightly move which alarms her nd she stops in midway She truns nd see his eyes ball closed but moving after a lot struggling he opens his eyes nd found his Swara standing smiling

“Sanskar……U r…r fffine” She says with excitement touching his face

He smiles nd nodes in yes

“U r not going…..or leaving…… u r not going” Swara say happily

“How can I leave u all alone I have to comeback “ He says putting his oxygen mask side

“I call dr nd everyone” Swara say nd was to go but he stops her holding her wrist nd pulling her to sit

“I love u too Swara” He says in lower tone

She kissed his forehead nd informs everyone about him Dr checks him nd declares that he is alright now Every one becomes happy Ap nd Dp apologized for their cruelty nd hugged him with all their love
“But on other hand Ram was arrested for his bad deeds he imprisoned for attempting to murder Sanskar

Every one happily started once again their life nd Raglak get married in next six month after that”

A lady of mid forty ended up story by this….Yes she was Swara….Swara Maheshwri who was telling her story to her daughter Meera
Meera the daughter of Swasan engaged to a guy named Jai……whom she fought nd ended in break up…in Meera’s view she idealized her realtion with her fiancé but when she saw him with another girl she broke up in the end nd Swara has to tell her story to make her realize he true meaning of relation in life

“Nd what happen to u nd dad “She asked

“We started out love journey nd lived happily after nd still”She said Smiling

“Mom but one thing I don’t get it how can u forgive paa so easily” She asked

“Meeru…! Every relation that we make in life are not ideal one….there are flaws in every relation we cant idealized them because everyone does mistake but that it depends on us how we handle them……..Relation are last long not because they never face problems or commited mistakes It last long because they don’t let mistake live long in between “ Swara explained
“Ur grand father told me that let go ur love when he is making mistakes…….. if he comes back nd repents hard……give away everything for u then not let him go “

“Do u think Jai will call me nd ask forgivness” Meera asked

“If he truly loves u nd realize his mistakes then he will come to u ask forgiveness” Swara said smiling

Merra hugged her mom

“U r the best mom……U know I was so said when I broke up with him but u always gives me right suggestion” She said

“But always remember ups nd down in any relation makes bond strong ur dad nd me had fought a lot but we derive a solution by thinking clamly so sometime let go something sometimes” Swara said

“Break up on jealousy is not done” Swara said with teasing tone

“Means he called u complain about me” Meera said with anger

“No he didn’t said any thing I asked him when I called him he was sounding low” Swara said

“What is he okay” Meera asked worriedly

“U ask him by ur self” Swara said while Meera kept starig her mother
“Oop Seems like ur dad has come u think whether to call or not I give my precious time to my love” Swara said with a smile leave the room


“Hello….” Meera said as she called Jai to inquire ig he is okay or not

“Hello Meera” Jai said sounding low

“are u okay……are u having fever or headache have u taken medicine or not” Meera asked a lot of question in one breth

“Meera em fine relax nd nothing happen to me relax “ Jai said claming her down

“Then why r u sounding low tell me r u okay” Meera said
Seeing her concern Jai felt good

“Meera em fine but u broke with me so that’s why sad “ Jai said

“Okat then bye” Meera said avoiding more talks she about to disconnect she hears him

“Meera wait……” Jai said almost shouting

“What……?” she asked

“I m sorry…I know u r hurt I wont repeat it again I wasn’t doing any thing with that girl it was accident she fall on me nd u saw us I m really sorry please talk to me please” He said almost pleading

“Jai I m also Sorry” Meera apologized

“For what”

“For not giving u chance to speak I m sorry please” She said with tears

“Meera don’t cry I love u “ Jai said

“I love u too jai” Meera said nd they start talking again


“I wonder how can someone looks so beauitfull even in forties” A tall handsome man comes in room hugged Swara from back

“Same as u can look always breathtaking “ Swara said turning towards the man with a naught smile

“Really Sanskar Maheshwri its ur lucky day ur wife is complmenting u not bad Mrs Maheshwri” Sanskar said kissing her cheeks

“Hmm because u r my love “ Swara said

“Ur first love” Sanskar declared

“No u r not my first love….u r second…..the first one was faking but the second one was nd is pure forever “ She said kissing his forhead

“Hmm…..! but I enjoy this prestige of being ur first nd last love I believe “Sanskar said

“Last really….I m not dead Mr. Maheshwri” Swara said taking step back with a naughty smile

“Swara……” He said….He made faces of anger

“Fine I m sorry” Swara said steping close to him nd hugged him

“I love u Swara “ Sanskar said with tighting his grip

“Really……..” Swara pulled out from hug nd said

“nd I HATE TO LOVE U” Swara said playfully nd they brust out in laughter

They laughed with each other…..love each other…..support each other nd lived with each other
The End…………


Oh god I cant bleive I finished my story at first I wasnt sure weather I ll be able to finish it up I m so happy today

Thank u for being so great reader Truly I m blessed….Thank u for supporting me in my every unexpected twist, for liking my logic I introduced in story
neglecting my mistakes thank u so much

If life allowed me to write we shall meet again with new story till then bye

stay blessed

Good Bye

Credit to: Sana

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