Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 26 (Second Last episode)


I know u may be shocked but this is how I planned my fiction thanks for ur comment n support will post last episode
So the most awaited part of the my story begin

“Oh god…! What the hell now mom’s call is engaged…she wanted to say something “ Swara said frustrately

Due to sudden revelation she was restless nd in panic mode she accidently dialed Sanskar’s number …Here Sanskar who is now infront of Ram….Swara call got connected as he move his hand in his coat nd instead disconnecting he accepted with out looking

“So Sanskar I can give u a chance to get out from this mess” Swara heared from other side

“Sanskar….” She whispered…she looked the phone nd realized she dialed his number

Sanskar raised his eye brow as to what he is trying to say

“Sanskar I can let u go nd ys can gives all the prove but in the replacement u have to….” Ram continued nd stared his curiosity

“Proves…..now what he is upto..” Swara thought

“come to the point straight Ram “ Sanskar said showing no interst in his offer

Swara shocked to listen Ram’s name

“Okay I can let u go if u send ur wife to my house this evening…..I promised the proves will be in ur hand nd ur company will be save too…..not a bad deal think about it” Ram offered him

Swara fumed in anger nd eagerly waiting for Sanskar’ reaction…She heared something breaking other side She heared him shouting

“RAM….how dare u “Sanskar shouted nd held his collar nd pushed him to wall

“Don’t be a fool Mr. Maheshwri……think about ur Dad at least this company is his pride”Ram said with devilish smile
“Shut up….” Sanskar said angrily

“Just for a night she is damn beautiful nd hot” Ram said provoking him more
Sanskar tighten his grip nd punch harder but he smiles looking his restlessness

“Mind ur language I swear if it was not about Laksh n Shekhar uncles reputation I would have killed u rite away………” Sanskar said

Swara puzzled to hear this nd confused

“The girl about whom u r talking is my wife” Sansakr continued

“Really who hate u from the core of her heart” Ram asked in a same tone

“I don’t care she hate me or not……I know that I love her from the core of my heart” Sanskar said with anger
Swara was relived nd unknowingly felt happy about hearing the fact It was not first time she was hearing him confessing but this time she felt honesty in his words

“Love a bulshit…….u r mistaking if u want so then back to deal hand me signed papers” Ram said

Sanskar take papers out but in that his phone drop on ground
The call was not disconnected yet

Ram gave the address where he will find the proves after when he left Swara who was on call heared him directing someone

“The prey is on the way…..hunt him…I want him dead” She heared she felt like someone has stabbed her once again. She again felt someone is taking her life from her she rushed to downstair where he bumped to laskh

“Shona where r u rushing to “ Laksh asked

“Laksh…..Sans” She was so scared that she couldn’t utter a word

Its common no matter how a person acts so strong in the end if his loved one are in danger….he cant act strongly

Laksh hugged Swara nd says

“I m sorry Swara……u did this for me…nd I talk rudely to u” Swara shocked to hear him

“Laksh…..how do…do u know everything” Laksh nodded in yes
Swara was like no…cursing herself a bad day to her so much revelation she was not able to cope up with the situation but she remember Sanskar nd started to run again but laksh stopped nd said

“Even I know y he did this “

Swara turned nd curiously stared laksh…..Laksh told her everything

Swara’s tear start to flow she reminds her dad’s word

“If he do something which touch ur soul….gives everything for u then don’t let him go”

“Go Swara his life is at stake just because of u” her iner voice confronted

“Laksh I have to leave” Swara said worriedly

“Shona listen what happen “ He asked

“Laksh listen if I didn’t came till evening then remember what I m telling u now……u have to inform police…..I will switch on the traking system in my mobile just track me if I didn’t reach till evening with Sanskar” Swara said

“No wait what I m smelling fishy here I cant let u go in danger I promised to dad I ll go” Laksh said

“Laksh I ll be saved but please just do what I m saying Sanskar ‘s life is at stake I have to go nd elder should nt get to know about this ok…I ll talk a.c.p uncle ok” Swara said determinedly
Laksh noded helplessly
She truns to go but stop nd truns hug her brother

“U r the best brother nd no power on earth can alter this fact that u r my brother….mom is my mom” Swara said nd rushed to her car

“I wont let u go I m coming because I love u” Swara said with a smile


“No one is here “ Sanskar reched the address here he supposed to get the proves It was a highway with forest around them but to his astonishment no one was there as he turns to leave he find one car coming with full speed he moved away nd stared them confusingly but then he realized Ram has sent them for his assassination
The goons got down nd they started fighting…….They had a tough fight but then they heared police siren voice
The goon alert nd leaves …..actually the siren was none but a ringtone “always work on damn goons” Swara thought

Soon the goon were vanished from the area she drived nd take Sanskar was shocked to see Swara here

“Swara u here…” He asked in weak voice
She made him stand but doesnot say a word

“How did u know I m here Swara “ He managed to ask again

“Cant u be silent for a minute….It won’t effect ur health ”Swara spoke coldly making him sit in the car

“Cant u answer my question then” He said looking in her eyes

His head was bleeding……He was not much injured but still there were pain in his body
She looks his bleeding head but when she is about to touch she heared someone yelling

“No police is here the girl is taking him” Swara heared

“I think they r back” Sanskar said tries to stand but Swara stops him

“I know u r too strong to fight but for a change lets run” she said sarcastically sitting in seat nd waits
Sanskar looks her curiously as u she isn’t driving she find every goon is now running to catch she starts the car in full speed nd drives fastly

The fool goon who were running behind them left their car at back nd they went back nd then started to find them
Mean time Ram called them

“So predator got their hunt “ He asked

“Sir they escaped” One the master goon reported him

“What…” he yelled

“ND what they means….wasnt he alone” He asked

“Sir he was alone but a girl came to rescue him”

“What a girl rescued him…..what were u doing f****king around ” He yelled at them

“Sir we were…” before he could complete Ram cut him off

“no matter I want them dead at any cost do u get that “ Saying that he disconnects the call

“Laksh r u okay “ Ragini asked looking him restless
All the Gadodia r gathered at Maheshwri house but the elder doesn’t know about Swasan

“Where is Sanskar….nd Swara went so hurriedly…I hope everything should be” Ap said worriedly

“I don’t know but I m getting bad thougth about both ” Shomi said

“Mom aunty nothing will happen to them trust me…nothing” Laksh said evry one stares him for a whle he comes out in lawn

Ragini comes to him place her hand on her shoulder

“Laksh what happened….did they contact” Ragini asked

Laksh looks her worriedly he wants to tell but he know her the way she portray her to calmed person…when she will hear that his brother life is in danger she will start panincing he cant tell her
“Nothing Ragini” He said trying to give smile

“No u told that they r together what that means” Ragini said

“No ragini don’t think too much they must be coming” Laksh said in assuring tone

“There isn’t anything which u r hiding from me” Ragini asked curiosly as she can sense him

Laksh hugs her nd say “ no “

Ragini hugged him back she was not convinced by his word she can clearly see his tension but what a big question
It was evening time Laksh was praying that now they will come but soon this evening turned out in darkness

His fear tension nd restlessness was at peak he dialed acp number nd informed that they didn’t arrived


“For a night we can stay here nd tomorrow morning retrun will find a way to retrun home ” Swara said entering in hut like place It was not big but enough for spending night

They had to stop because their car goes out of date….she was frustrated but to her surprise they stuck at the place where there is no network….they were out f reach from goons now but this place was now a problem…..Sanskar was injured so Swara found a hut nd decided to stay there for a night

“Wil u now tell me that how did u got to know about me” Sanskar asked sitting on the bed

Swara came with a first aid box which was kept in the car

“U should be grateful that u r alive” Swara said coldly sitting near him

“Exactly I m grateful….u almost planed to give me to goons back that y waiting for them to take….I wonder y uchanged the plan “ Sanskar said sarcastically

Swara stares him nd nd apply medicince on his head but when she was about to do that ….Sanskar continued again

“Answer now y r silent It was a good chance to see me death u would have gotten freed from me” He asked

Swara eyes fumes nd apply the medicine on which sanskar shouted with pain

“Ouuch! Swara slowly its paining “ Sasnkar exclaimed

Swara slow down nd moves more close to him nd apply bandage on his head
“What about my pain to see u in this….” She said moving away she stand was about to go Sanskar held her wrist nd dragged towards him

“Is it paining u to see me injured” Sanskar asked looking in her eyes but he felt something different in her eyes….The anger nd pain which was evident in her eyes was nowhere to be seen….He could see love in here eyes again which he saw in past when she trust him
He got confused nd they were close to each other for removing his doubts he decided to provke her

“What if u found me dead there….” Before he could complte she put her hand on his face

“Stop this crap plz “ Swara irrtatedly

“what only u can talk about death……God the goon should have kill…..” He said provoking her more but before he completes Swara stops him by putting her lips on to his

Sanskar was shocked by this but soon reciprocate nd cups her face nd deepen kiss She held his shirt tight…

Soon they depart nd breath heavily Sanskar looks Swara…Swara huged him tightly

“I love u…..how can u say that it would have taken my life to see that sight….because I love u damn it” Saying she tightens her grip

Sanskar who was eagerly waiting for this day felt happy nd hugged her tightly

“I love u too Swara….I love u “

They release each other nd Sanskar continues

“I know I have done many mistakes in past…..I just want to apologise I m sorry for hurting u…….for pulling u to end ur life……for giving u pain….for snatching ur beautiful smiles. After what I did never thought u will come to me nd say this again to me”
Both were in tears Sanskar touches her face nd wipes here tear nd place soft kisses on her cheek

“I m sorry too for troubling u soo much after what u did in past it never made me trust u again but what I got to know today morning my pain freed me today completely my mind that bounded me to stay away from u released me today ” Swara apologized

Sanskar was not shocked he thought laskh would have told her everything

“Ssssshhh Swara” Sanskar cups her face nd touch their forehead

“I love u Swara ”

“I love u too Sanskar”

They looked each other His hand sliped to her waist nd pull toward s her He slowly move towards her lips Swara closed her eyes nd finally they kissed again nd slept in each other embrace


The Sun rays enter in hut the morning seems to be pleasant after a long time….the rays disturbed Swara first but she buried her face in Sanskar chest due to movement Sanskar wakes up nd find Swara sleeping nd getting disturbs from sun rays He slowly comes on top so that sun rays not disturb her

He kept on staring her…..he found her as innocent child sleeping. He moved to kiss her fore head. She smiled nd opens here eys nd looks him

“Good Morning “ He greets

“I love u” Swara said with sleepy tone

“I thought people greet good morning in morning “ Sanskar said

“Hmm….! But I want to start nd end my day saying this only” Swara said kissing his cheeks

“Not a bad idea…! “ He said with a smile

“Lets go now we have to find a way to go back home” Swara said

“but I don’t wanna leave want something more” He said with a naughty smile

Swara understand nd said

“Mr. Maheshwri we should leave everyone will be worried for us” Swara said

Sanskar agreed nd walked outside Swara checks her mobiles if there any signal nd finally she succeded she calls laskh

“Shona thank god u called where r u “ She heared Laksh worried tone before she could answer the call disconnected

Laksh on the other hand tracks her location with the help pf police nd rushed to find them

Here Swara Sanskar find a dhabba where they have their breakfast in meantime Laksh with police arrived but then the goons attack them as they were finding them since night

Police caught almost all the goons but one goon shot Sanskar on his chest Sanskar falls

“SANSKAR……” Swara shouts she takes his head on her lap

“S…swara..I….I Love u “ Sanskar said with pain closes his eyes

“Sanskar get up Sanskar “ Swara shakes him nd hugs him

“Swara he has not lost yet we can go hospital “Laksh said touching his pulse but Swara doesn’t leave him

“SWARA……we need to go hospital….trusr me nothing will gonna happen him” Laksh said nd headed toward hospital


hope u will like it

Credit to: Sana

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