Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 25


I m sorry for making u emotional dont worry even I cant resist writing on our Swasan but exams are still on It ried to make it more longer
it countain some revelation hope u will enjoy this part to


“I need the proof as per ur promise I agreed ur demand now will u plz hand over me the proof” Sanskar asked

“Relax Mr Maheshwri….! I remember my promise but…..” Ram spoke from the other side of phone

“but….what” Sanskar asked

“Hmm…..! evey thing has its cost u see” Ram said

“Haven’t I gave u that cost” Sanskar asked angrily

“No it was just the first installment dude…if u want the proof give me second installment nd proof will be in ur hands” He said with devilish tone

“Nd whats the hell is ur second installment” Sanskar asked angrily

“50% shares of ur company “ He said

“No this is not going to happen….I will kill u Ram” Sanskar said anger evident in his voice

“Relax dude….! If u want ur would be brother in law nd ur late father in law stay in peace then do as I say…or else bear the circumstances after that” Ram said with smiling
Sanskar disconnects the call in anger not letting him say a word by then….Just then Swara enterd the room nd saw Sanskar throwing the phone on the bed

“Seems like someone is angry” Swara said suspiously…wanted to know what the matter but to her shock He talked rudely

“Any problem with u…u should be happy to see me in angry rite”

Swara can sense something fishy…his word countain tension rather than anger

Before she could say or ask something he quicly leaves the room grabing his key nd mobile

“Something is wrong with him” Swara says with worried tone

“Bhai….” Ragini called out him but he didn’t hear nd leaves

“Whats wrong with him” Ragini thought

Meanwhile her phone rings…she takes the call

“Ragini I want to meet u….can we “ Laksh asked from the other said of phone

“Of course…! Pick me from Maheshwri company okay” Ragini said with a smile

“But y from there any problem” Laksh asked

“Laksh ……I don’t know bhai was tensed in the morning he left without eating breakfast” Ragini explained

“Okay” laksh said showing no interst in that nd disconnects the call

After completing her work she headed towards the office


“Have u heared what Sanskar sir did” one of employee said while Ragini enterd nd heared this

“Yes…how can he do this…big boss is upset by this” other one said….While Ragini stared suspiously …..the employee saw her nd recognize as dp’s daughter

“Oh hello Mam” they greeted
She nodded with weird tone she walked further nd find an old man he was old employee in this company nd know dp’s family very much Ragini took blessing from him nd he asked

“How r u beta”

“I m fine”

“Uncle can I ask u something” Ragini asked


“I heared something while entering…….What Sanskar bhai” She hesitately ….while the old man understand

“Beta ur brother did something which shocked ur father nd the whole……he took decision of transferring 50% shares to Ram dhanraj who is our rival….I wonder what happen to him” He explained

Ragini was hell shocked nd rushed to his father’s cabin……She saw her father in tears……It was the fact that every time Ragini
shows that she belive her brother…nd yes she does always but she loves her father too he was in tears that too because of him She made her way straight to her brother’s cabin. It enough now she wants to know the truth. She entered his cabin nd found him standing near window

“What the hell are u doing bhai” She asked angrily

Sanskar looked her surprised because she never talked him like this before

“I asked something from u” She again repeated

“What r u doing here” He asked clamly

“Its not important….just answer me “ She said with even more anger tone


“Should I go in……..Oh god its been half n hour nd she has nt come outside yet” Laksh said to himself

He was sitting inside the car waiting for Ragini but she was taking time now
After debating to himself he decided to go in


“U said u wont ask me anything” Sansakr questioned

“Yes because that time I was sure u will share ur pain…but I guess u don’t want to” Ragini replied

“Ragini plz” He pleaded not to ask him

“I m not leaving without hearing the truth…..for the first time I have seen tears in my dad eye….If love u then I love my dad more than this….blurt out ur damn reason plz “ Ragini said angrily

This was the first time he can sense intense anger in her sister voice he was surprised nd shocked to see his sister behaving like this
Ragini hold his palm nd place it over her head

“Answer me now” Ragini said looking in his eyes
He jerks his hand nd shouts

“Just go away I m not answering u just leave”
It was first time he shouted on his sister who was his princess

“No I m not Mr. Maheshwri just answer me first” Ragini answered in the same tone wraping her arm against her chest

“Fine U wanna hear so…just hear the truth I m doing this because Laksh is illegitimate nd I m hiding this truth…….our rival got to know about this they first blackmailed Swara to come back nd take revenge from us nd when they failed they done the same thing to destroy both of us….Swara, uncle nd dad had hided this thing because they don’t want laksh to know about this “ He said the whole truth in one breath

“Means u married bhabhi because of this” Ragini asked

Sanskar now has to tell every thing nd he told everything to her..but there was someone else who heared them …….yes Laksh heared everything he was heart broken nd felt guilty that he talked so rudely to his sister

“bhai….” Saying that Ragini hugged her brother tightly

“I m sorry bhai” Ragini cried

“For what” Sanskar pating her hairs

“for being rude…….SORRY”

“Even I m sorry too” He said She pulled out from hug nd asked

“for what”

“for shouting on u…I shouldn’t have done that” He said looking down

“no bhai…I misbehaved with u..nd u r elder to me u have the fully rite I m sorry”She apologized again

“Oh my princess…” saying that he hug her

“I didn’t know my sister’s anger….OMG I thought I was gone” He teased her Ragini smiled but then her smile faded when she saw laksh with horrified expression through mirror

“Laksh….” She called out with shock
Sanskar relase her nd shocked to see him

“Laksh what….” Ragini was cut off between when Laksh signaled her by his hand

“Laksh when did u come” Sanskar asked clamly

“Don’t pretend to be normal I heared everything “ Laksh replied

Sanskar nd Ragini looked each other nd then Laksh who was looking angry, sad, heart broken many expressions were their in his face

“Is this truth that I m “Laksh asked his voice shiver to say that word

“Laksh plz first sit nd drink water” Ragini said trying to calm him nd handover galss of water but he refused…He asgian repeated his words….Sanskar took a deep bereath nd say

“Yes its truend what u heared that is true Laksh”
Laksh expression changed to sad one from aggression

“But the biggest truth is ur family loves u more than anything laksh” Sanskar said coming near him
Laksh raised his brows nd hugged him

“I don’t know what to say u…..I don’t know I behaved so rudely from u both “ He creid

Sanskar hug him back nd assure that “Its okay Laksh don’t worry everything will be alright plz “

Laksh pulled out nd start cursing himself

“I m a bad brother I talked rudely to Swara….I hurt her….she would be hating me”

“Laksh……! She has done everything for u how can she hate u if u wanna do something,,,,,,go to her nd hug her tightly she will be much relaxed believe me” Sanskar said

“Thank u but can I ask u something” Laksh said with a question look

“Go a head” Sansakr replied

“Did u do this because ur repenting?” Laksh asked

“No because I love ur sister…..I cant see her broken I know I have married her forcefully but I had no choice at that time that devil Ram didn’t leave an option to me” Sanskar replied

“But bhai will u really give shares to him….u know this company is dad’s pride “ Ragini asked tensedly

“Don’t worry…….I promised I wont let him to ruin my dad’s pride….I know I m a bad son but I m not that much bad as he think about me……I wont let him take this company…what he think only he can play the dirty”Sanskar assured Ragini

“I trust u bhai “ Ragini said with a smile

“Even I too” Laksh both hugged Sanskar

Sanskar so much relieved after a long time

“Oh god where is my watch “ Swara said to herself…she was finding her watch which was given by her dad….she finded everywhere then check almirah due to sudden shke her clothes alond with shekhar’s dairy fall on the ground. She noticed the dairy it was open now, she bent nd took the dairy in her hands nd start reading
She noticed the date it was before her marriage day with Sanskar . She reads

“Oh God…..! How can I tell this truth to my shone when I reached home shone hugged she was so happy from her marriage…How can I tell her that her would be husband will leave her on the day of marriage”

Swara eyes widened when she got to know that her father knew everything. She further reads now it was the day of marriage

“I can feel little pain in my chest from morning I don’t know I m getting the feeling that I wont survive. I don’t know when Shona will read it but I want to say something to her before dieing”

A tear rolled in her eyes…She reads further

“Hey Shona….! I don’t know when u will read this but I want to tell u something I got to know his truth after haldi ceremony….he was doing because of her sister I don’t know that reason but I can sense something in his eyes that he will surely retrun in ur life nd that too he will be repenting for his deeds”
Swara was shocked to read this part nd thought how can he believe him when he is betraying to her daughter
“I know u will be thinking that y I m supporting him…no I m not shone….I feel he will be back in ur life soon because he loves u…for now let him go to let him realize what is he doing….I m not asking u to forgive him at the first point no u have the rite to protest, to question him, to fight…….but when he does something which touch ur soul forgive him right a way”

She nodes in no…she reads further

“Shona…! I know u will be suffering from intense pain now but I know my daughter is too strong she can fight back but never forget that It is hard to get our true love….if he did something for u….give everything for u then don’t let him go “

She further reads

“Love makes us strong nd gave the strength to fight back…Remember that ur happiness nd peace lies in ur ture love if u recognize it then don’t let it go from ur life”
Tears followed from her eyes as she completed reading

She called her mom….nd Shomi picked the call

“Mom ….” She called out it was not hard to recognize that she was crying

“Shona what happen” Shomi asked in a worried tone

“Mom I read the dairy” swara replied

“Shona I guess u will stop cursing ur self” Shomi said
“But mom….dad” Swara said but she was cut in between

“Stop relating ur dad’s death to ur betyral…it was the destiny” Shomi said

“No mom I lost dad becaoz” Swara said but Shomi interpted nd said

“No it was not ur fault…..It was destiny ur dad’s death was written y cant u understand….he wont be happy watching u, cursing urself for his death” Shomi explained

“But mom….how dad can be sure of him….he came back but no he is not repenting….he is” Swara said without realizing what she was going to sayshe was about to blurt out her marriage truth but shomi understand nd decided to tell her

“Shona I want u to tell something “ Shomi said

“Yes mom” Swara said but she heared something outside nd call dropped

“Hello mom…” She called out but no reponse call was disconnected

Credit to: Sana

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