Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 24


I m sorry guyz really but thanks for ur over whelming support it gave me support to write
I litteraly thought to leave it incomplete but then I thought no stories should not be leaft incomplete
So enjoy the next part hope u like it

“What is this mess….is it my room” Sanskar thought while entering his room

The room was a mess every where Swara’s dresses wear scattered it was like cyclone came in his room nd done
this….being ocd patient it was difficult to see his room in mess…in this situation a patient who loves clean
nd tidy things….can just shout nd kill the person who just do that….but he calmed himself when he saw Swara
looking the dress with a confused look

“What…..r u doing Swara…..?” He asked with curiousity

“Cant u see…I m selecting a dress” Swara answered without looking him

“Like this….u messed the room” He exclaimed irritatedly

“So what….I have to wear something traditional as mom said it muh dikhi ritual….nd reception party
nd for messed room….be used to it…I mess my room when I m selecting a dress or finding something”
Swara said looking him

Seeing his irrtated face she was enjoying this…Although she knew her mother in law alredy suggested her a sarre to wear but
she thought to give him next torture…the way she planned…he has more irritated

“Oh thats Saree will be perfect to wear”Swara intentionally took the saree which ap gave her in evening she took the saree nd gone to bathroom

Sanskar looks whole room…nd decide to first cleans the room…or else he cant stand in his own room
He start to clean the just then ragini came in the room

“Bhai….r u” Ragini is shocked to see the room nd Sanskar cleaning

“Someone…gives lecture on cleaning”She teased him

Sanksar gives her angry look then

“Who dared to this big sin to ur room…I want to meet the person “She asked in teasing tone

“Thanx to ur bhabhi……I cant imagine this picture of my room” He said irritatedly

“Bhabhi…but was she finding something ”

“No she was selecting dress to wear ”

“Really but mom gave her a saree to wear in evening…wasnt she wearing that tonight” Ragini asked with

Sanskar understood that it was his second torture ….she planned to clean his room nd she won thats y she gave him a victory smile
He thought

“Bhai….plz get ready guest are there” Ragini asked

“Ragini I ll be ready first I have to clean this mess…nd this is a reception so bride nd groom will come together ” He said

While ragini nodded nd leave…after sometime Sanskar left the rom to get ready


“OMG…..is it the same room…I messed up intentionally” She whispered as her eyes becomes widened that every thing was on its place

“No bad….Mr. Maheshwri….u r fast in this imperssive” She smiled nd busy herself in putting jewellery

She was almost ready but the heavy pallu was difficult to handle she took a pin nd tried to tie it but she failing every time Just then Sanskar came in
nd was mesmerized to see his wife in blue Saree with heavy work on pallu….It was hard to take his eyes off but then Swara noticed his presence nd moved aside take her pallu
on shoulder…He looks away when he noticed her panic movement

“I…I came to see if u r redy…guest r waiting” Sanskar said hesitately looking away

“Its done but…can u call ragini….she will pin my pallu….it is falling” Swara replied

He nodded nd went to look for Ragini but she was downstair…busy with guest …..an idea struck in his mind nd he went in

Swara looked him through mirror with confused looked….He stepped in nd closed the door nd walked near her…all this was saw by her in the mirror she was holding her pallu
He came near her nd was looking in mirror their was an eye lock between the two
Swara could feel her breathing becomes faster as he came close to her……

“Where is Ragini…” She asked taking a deep breath

“She is downstair…nd…”

“nd…what” She asked curiously

“nd we have to go downstair together…so May I” He asked coming more close to her they kept staring each other through

“Swara….everyone is waiting so…”

Swara didnt replied him nd leave her pallu….he took as permission given he take the pin nd hold the pallu
For pining he hold one side of blouse nd closed his eyes…Swara sees this
He pins the pallu nd arrange it

“Y u always make it difficult to hate u….sometimes I feel that ur motive of this marriage is me for my bettterment or ”
Swara thought

He opens his eyes…..he looks Swara who was standing as statue

“Its done ” He uttered

“I m ready lets go” She said looking away


“Where is ur son n daughter in law…..Durgaparsad ji” One of the guest asked

“They r coming…….”He replied

Swara n Sanskar comes towards the stair….everyone attention’s is occpied by them…..The two cutest n beauitful couple of the
evening….Sanskar puts his hand on her waist….Swara looks him as what hes upto

“U messed my room….bear the punishment…” He whispered in her ear…with that he tighten his grip

They stepped down as king n Queen

“Smile Swara…..or else u have to explain y r u irritated” He whispered while coming down….She fakely smiled to all

Swara saw her mother but before she could go ap blocks her way nd maked her pallu to cover her face as muh dikhai will be conducted
Ap made her sit nd every lady came nd bless her…while the men engulfed in thier business talks

As the ritual is completed the guest started to leave, she puts her pallu aside..
nd goes towards her mother

“Mom….” Her choked when she called her ….she turned nd without wasting a moment Swara hugged her mother tightly but controlled her slef not to cry

“How r u my shona” Shomi asked pulled out from hug

“Dida n dadi didnt come” Swara asked

“Ur dadi n dida r gone to Banaras for attending some pooja”Shomi said with smile

“How can u be so calm Mom….scold me..blame me…slap me…..but dont give this silent torture” She thought nd looked her with pleading look

“Shona…I m not angry with u….If u have taken a decision…there would be a solid reason” Shomi said as she understand her daughter

Swara hugged her again bu not tigthly Shomi patted her hair

“Mom Laksh….” Swara asked

“Mom can we go now…we have to come nd show our presence rite” Laksh said coming from behind…When shomi turned he find her sister there

“Mom can we go now” He asked again looking Swara

“Haa Laksh wait” Shomi said

He turns to leave when Swara stoped him

“Wont u say a hello to ur sis”

“If my sister was standing I would have hugged her….but infront of me Mrs Sanskar Maheshwri is standing not my sister”Laksh said angrily

“I m ur sister…ur shona plz talk to me ” Swara comes near nd said

“Really then tell me the cause of ur marraige then” Laksh said while holding her hand nd placing on his head

“Now spit the truth….” Swara is shocked now she has no option but to tell the truth…All the family is watching this scenario silently

“Laksh lets go we r getting late….dont make a scene” Shomi scolded

“One minute maa plz….she has to tell me” Laksh said

“U have no Right to force her Laksh….” Sanskar shouted

“I have……u stay out of it…..it is none of ur buisiness” Laksh said angrily

“It is purely my buisiness” Sanskar came near nd freed swaras hand from Laksh

“how dare u “Laksh was about to raise his hand on Sanskar but Swara came between nd stopped Laksh

“Laksh….! He is my husband….. ” She shakes her head to stop nd not to do this

Swara however didnt want to do this because she wanted to deal with this matter alone…..nd doesnt want her brother’s life be effected
by it….as this will cause bad effect on laksh n Ragini relation

“Lets go mom……my Shona is lost again” Laksh said flatly….Shomi who was in tears goes with his son without looking Swara

Everyone was silent Ap stepped forward to console her daughter in law……Swara runs towards her room nd locked it she need to cry for sometime

“Sanskar….I wonder what happened to u……I thought u will learn form ur previous mistake but u commited again a mistake by doing this u r making ur nd Swara’s life
tough nd harder” Dp said while Sanskar looks down

“I know she havent married u on her own wish…..u must have force her…….It not new
for u to conspire something….Stop this look what have u done” DP continued while Sanskar looks up to his Dad
Dp leaves with ap

“I have done so much bad…that my dad thinks me as conspirator……I want to shout now…..tell every one that I m doing this for Swara nd her family” He said in her heart

“Bhai….r u okay” Ragini came forward nd placed her hand on his shoulder He turns

“Why u alway stands to console me when everyone is showing thier anger I have done many wrong deeds nd yet u dont hate me…Y” Sanskar asked her with frustation

“Bhai…because I know u more than urself….I know u have some solid reason for this deed….nd I m ur sister….when u can pick my lies…..see my inner grief….makes me smiles
cant I see ur inner pain…..ur unshed tears….ur fake smile which u think it satisfy me but is not satisfy me….this sibling love n bond” Ragini explained

“Really nd what was that we saw few minutes before” Sanskar asked

“Oh That he tried to know what bhabhi was hiding….what u think he will hate her no……by looking her face he got the idea….she wont tell truth but if he pushed her to say then he will
hear lies from which he didnt want” Ragini states

Sanskar hugged her tightly because in this world only his sister understood his pain n trust him that he is doing this for a reason

“U r the best sister…..”He said

“Well I know ” She said while releasing the hug

“Good night princess” He greeted nd left

“Good night ” she whispered


He opens the door which was now unlocked….he enterd the room nd saw Swara sleeping in her changed night dress

“Thank gos she is sleeping” He said in his mind

He slowly slowly goes to his wardrobe nd taked his night dress nd went to bathroom straihgt

He comes out nd sleeps on couch …..He felt strange that Swara slept without confronting him but he ignored the thought nd sleep

At about 2 am….He felt some soft hand on his body

“Mr.Maheshwri wake up” Swara shouted almost in panic

At once Sanskar got up

“Swara….u woke up at 2….is there any problem” He aske in panic

“No…..problem” She said calming her down

“Then what on earth made u wake me up at this time of night” He asked irritatedly

“I want to eat icecream” She stated


“I want to eat icecream”

“Swara plz have it tomorrow its night…go n sleep now”

“No I want it now” She demande as a child whose is desperate for demand

“What a woman she is…..few hours before her brother talked so rudly to her instaed of quarelling she is demanding Icecream in this time…isnt she having fever” his devil mind stated

He touched her forehead then neck…no she was perfectly fine

“But what if due to mental stress she is becoming…” his devil mind said but he shed all the thought nd aske her

“R u alright”

“Of course…I want my icecream”

“Swara where r u now”


“Just answer me”

“In Maheshwri Mansion my Sasural” She chuckled

“Who I m”

“Sanskar Maheshwri” She repled with wried look

“No her memory is fine…then a new torture….no not this time I m sleepy “He thought

“Mr. Maheshwri I want my icecream”

“No swara just go to sleep…or else u can loose somethnig” He threatened

“U didnt leave any thing to me to loose…..” She taunted

“Fine u dont wanna go I ll go all alone ” She continued nd pretends to leave

“Swara…” He calls her in sleepy tone

“plz have ur icecream tomorrow….nd at this time no shop will be open” He tries to make her understand as she was a child he is calming him to stop the demand

“No I want to have icecream…..I didnt beg u to go…I can go my self ” She arrogantly said

“Fine stop I ll go” Sanskar agreed nd leave while Swara smiled devilishly

“How can u sleep peacefully after making my family hate me” She said to her self


“Swara….ur ice….” Sanskar stepped in room nd shocked to see her sleeping….He went to buy icecream after a long struggle he got a shop opened which was about to be closed but
Sanskar bought ice cream from there

“What is this…..before an hour she was demanding for icecream as if she cant get she wont be able to survive nd now she is sleeping making me awake” He thought

Sanskar comes near the bed nd sit ,saw Swara closed her eyes tightly…He understood that she isnt sleeping nd a devil idea strike him to catch her lie

“Oh my god cocroach on the bed” He paniced

Swara at once opened her eyes nd hugged him

“No cocraoch where” She also paniced as she pulled out the hug….Sanskar smiles nd she understood the prank played on her

“these things will not give u benefit to know what u want” He said coming near her

“What I did” She pretended

“The sweet torture u r giving to me since morning wont let u free from me” He replied

“if I dont stop then…” She said with attitude

He came near her nd kissed her cheek leaving her shocked ……she pushed him back nd shouted

“How dare u…..u promised me that u wont”

“Yes I promised….I ll keep it…but every action has equal nd oposite reaction bossy…..remeber what I said love n hate relation
U giving torture because u hate nd I m bearing it because I love u….for every torture u ll have ur retrun gift” He said with a smirk

“I m not torturing u because of hatred…..I want to know the truth ” she said angrily

“Didnt I tell u last night”

“No that wasnt enough ” she said

“U r hiding something…..something big….just tell me y did u do this” She continued nd asked

Sanskar looked her for a while….He wanted to tell her but he know her ego will be hurt nd she will conclude that he is sympathizing her….that she cant bear nd leave him which will cause her
harm by that devil which he doesnt want so instaed telling truth he said

“OMG….! U started to trust me…not bad bossy”


“well for ur information I told u the truth lastnight if u dont wanna trust that choice is urs….dont forget I m the same Sanskar who left u at day of marriage nd u r trusting me impressive”
He said using her weak point to make her stop asking the question

“dont be in illusion Mr Maheshwri…….I havent forgotten any thing…..for trusting u…I wont repeat the same mistake again……thats y I m not trusting what u told me last night….U see time make us learn many
things……each story has two faces I want to see the second face of the story….nd dont worry I ll find it out”

Sanskar stares her…The maturity she got in passed four year..he went to his couch nd compared past Swara to present…He concluded that In she never cared about the hardships of life at that time….she was bubbly, adventurous who can cry on sill thing
but now the maturity she gained….the way she handles everyone…the way she is questioning nd wants to see another face of story is something he never expected from her….He never thought he can see mature Swara in his life

Credit to: Sana

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