Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 22

I m glad u liked my twist….for those who didnt liked it trust It was story demand I m sorry if I disappoint u
so here comes ur next epi hope u will like it


“Life is so complicated to deal with….the person who I didnt wish to meet again is now my husband ”
Swara said coming near to window…..

“It was horrible moment when dadi came forward to slap me……but the moment she raised her hand it was stopped by him…My so called husband stating
that no one has the rite to do this with my wife…my dadi jerks her hand from his grip nd gave me a disgusting look this was first time I saw anger in my dadi’s eye towards me…..I
was feeling like to die….I cant see this….then looked him giving me a supproting look….no actually he was showing that he won me in this battle….no he cant win me so easily”

“I m standing in his room which is now mine also…..was it not enough the pain I beared in the past…….today I cant eye my self in the
mirror……” She thought

She near to her luggage nd take his Dad’s dairy

“Mom gave me while going…..I wonder after what I did she gave me Dad’s dairy….now it is in my hand I cant open it……
I want to cry today……I again proved that I m a bad daughter…..I disappointed everyone……I m sorry dad….how can I face u now
but u know y I did this rite……”

A pair of tear droped from her eyes on the dairy she touched her tear droped nd said

“I m not strong enough dad…..today I want to cry but I cant be weak….no I have fight back….I need to know y this change in my life occured
I need my answers….”

“U have to answer me…..Sanskar Maheshwri” Swara said in determined tone

Just then she heared a knock at door….Swara opened it nd find Ragini standing

“What r u doing here Ragini….” Swara asked

“Well Swara…oopp sorry bhabhi….I wnat to talk to u may I come in” Ragini replied

“Yeah sure”

She closed the door behind her

“Bhabhi…..I want to know truth from u….of this sudden marraige”

Swara stared her nd said

“U should ask ur brother…..He can better answer u”

“He forced u…..or u did this by ur own”

“Ragini dont ask me this…….now there is no need to know consequence of our marraige because its done…now neither I nor any one can change this ground reality”

Ragini understand her state ask her to rest she knew neither Swara nor her brother done this on thier own thier is something fishy going on
She was about to leave when Swara asked

“Can u do me a favour”

“Anything for my bhabhi…..”

“Can u handle Laksh…..I know today he would be upset angry on me can u……”

“Dont worry…….I ll try to make him normal ”

“Thank u ”

Ragini left the room

“I need my answer today….” Swara said frimly


“I promised my self to not pain her more but I m the reason behind her every pain” Sanskar came sat on his chair in study room

“Everyone hate me….its not new to me……but what matter is I cant see anyone hating her, scolding her…….she might be thinking that I have become a physco patient..”

“but u did this for her u know” his inner voice first time take his side

He closes his eyes in pain tears were rolling from his eyes

past same day at morning

“No….these we didnt order these flower…white lilies”Sanskar was on call

“Sanskar have u picked the ring from jewellery shop” Ap asked

“Mom…it is on its way…dont worry….hurry up u r not ready” He said in paniced voice

“Okay…relax I m going…”Ap said with smile nd was about to tap on his shoulder….She realized nd moved back looked away

while Sanskar was smiling looking his mom….He thought there is a hope of everything back to normal….His phone rings He lifts the call nd get shocked

“Mom……I have an improtant work…I ll meet u all there directly”

She noded…He left


“How did u came out” Sanskar asked while reaching

“Relax…..Sanskar…..Take a breath” Ram said with a victory look

“Its not difficult to come out behind the bars for rich people….money can buy all ” He continued

“What the reason to call me” Sanskar asked

“Well my dear rival……I m enjoying this curiousity of urs on ur face”

“Just come on to the point directly…..I dont have time for ur crap talks”

“Relax Sanskar…..u r getting angry what will u do when I tell u the cause ”

“just spit the cause…its my sister engagment”

“I know….but u know….ur sister is marrying an illetimate man”

“Just shut up….Ram this is to much…I m leaving”

“Its true…..Sanskar”

“Character of a man is very important….I know he is a good person….that what I need for my sister…being illegtimate cant show the character of a man….some legtimate
doesnt possess good character…one example is atanding infront of me”

“OMG….! the person u hate in past….now u have become advocate of him…..double standard people”Ram moaked

“For this u have called me….I should not waste my time on u now….It was a mistake to come here”

“No……wait u didnt heared the whole…….the best part of the story is now from this I ll balckmail Swara to marry me forcefull”

Sanskar grabbed his collar

“U wont….or else I ll kill u” He shouted

“O relly then marry her…..U know y she agreed to come here because I have applied this formula before as well…nd she accept…poor girl can do any thing for her brother
nd dad”

“I thought our rivalry is professional only…..but u r disgusting”

“Of course it was professional but ur dad nd ur so called love made it personal….they make me go behind the bar…..can u imagine my reputation…I wont leave her
Marry her..I ll promise I wont show the proof publicly…If u dont agree..u will see her crying again….I’ll make her agree to marry me nd will show the proof publicly….Now choice is urs
I know each n every thing of ur tale….Its the best revenge she hates u nd when u will marry her she will hate u more nd
live in her hell life….”

“Whats the gurantee…u wont broke ur promise”

“Chillax untill u r making her life hell….I wont do anything”

He said nd continued “U have only 24 hr….marry her or else I marry her”

He left….Sanskar was confused helpless he knew if he didnt do this Swara’s life will become hell…….He just dropped every thought
nd call somebody

“Hello I m in trouble”


Present at night

He opened his eyes when he recieved a call

“Hello hows she” someone asked

“How could she be….must be cusring herself or me” Sanskar replied

“Sanskar hows everyones attitude”

“Aunty dont worry…..mom nd dad loves ur daughter more than me….they r normal to her” He replied

Yes it Sharmishtha whom he call that time nd told her what Ram is up to….she requested him to marry her daughter because she
know……marrying Ram will ruine her daughter’s life completely……but marrying Sanskar is not a bad choice she knew Swara will not be happy with him too but She was sure
would be safe….nd what a mother wants for a her child….that he or she would be safe…..nd live among the people who cares them

“Their attitude towards u”

“Its the same aunty dont worry about me….I have promise u I wont let anything happen to her………nd laskh will never come to know that he is….”

“I trust u sanskar….just take care of my daughter nd urself..becoz now..she will now give u torture….be ready for it”

“Dont worry aunty its human nature….when we want to know something we try hard to know it…I know….she will do several attmpts for this ”

They disconects the call…Just then Ragini came in study room…He stand near window nd she also came near to window stand besides him

“I wont answer any of ur question Ragini” He said looking out side the window

“I wont ask u anything bhai” She replied in same tone

“Then y u came….”

“Tell the cause of ur marraige to ur wife “SHe advised him

“What….” He pretended

“Bhai I can see that neither u nor she did this marraige on ur own wish”

“How can u say that”

“y r u not in ur room then if this marraige happened on ur own wish”

“I…..I…had important email to do….I thought she would take rest” He tried to think for a lie bu failed

“Bhai…..from when u started to lie to ur princess” She turned face him nd he look down

“Go nd tell her y u did this……before its too late….dont let her burn in hatred It will finish her”

“There are my reasons Ragini…..I ll tell everything to her but on right time” He said looking away from her

“I hope that rite time come soon” Saying that she left the room

“I hope for the same thing …….coz i also cant see her in pain”


“so U r here….thank god….u know how much worried I was” Ragini said

They were on the place where Ragini shared her past to Laksh….

“I want to stay alone Ragini” Laksh said flatly…sitting on the grass nd lookind the river flowing calmly

She sat beside him nd look in his direction

“I know……but staying wont cause u pleasure…..u can talk to me I m here” She said

“I dont want to talk plz go…..let me stay alone Its a request”

She didnt answered nd look inthe direction of rive flowing……There was utter silence between te two except the sound of waves
It was producing immense pain sound….but actually Laksh was feeling exhausted nd burst out to let go his pain in this cold air

“I m a bad brother….cant save my sister”he finally spoke

Ragini looked him…..but he didnt…He continued

“I m not only bad brother but also a bad son…..” Tears fell from both their eyes

“No….Laksh….u r not” Ragini consoled him

“I m…Ragini….u know I promised dad to potect Swara from everything….but see I cant protect her from Sanskar….I know she is lying
she has been forced to this”

Ragini looked down nd inhaled a deep breath on mentioning her brother’s name…..Laksh looked her act nd continued

“Go Ragini plz I dont wanna hurt u…plz”

“Its okay Laksh…..I know u hate my brother…but..” before she could complete Laksh says

“But what….do u think that in this ur brother has reasons ” He asked rudely

“Laksh….listen I know my brother…..His every deed hs a reason….nd in this ur sister is involved too….dont u think they have hided something”

“I agree with u…they r hiding something…but what is a big question…I know my sister she is very strong she cant be forced so easily”

“Yeah but u really think my brother forced her” Laksh looks her

“May be they both were forced to do”

Laksh was speechless….He thought that yes they can be forced but his mind was reminding past Sanskar’s doing…..he was not
fully convinced from this…they remain in silence thinking about the cause


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