Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 21

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“Look Swara…came” Aditiyr pointed out as Swasan came back completing the dare

“Oh god…..I was so worried” Laksh said woriedly

“Lucky look i m fine see……sometime u become mom” Swara joked

While everyone smiled as thier plan making swasan sent alone to some place….

“Oh god I m tired….lets sleep” Swara said

Everyone nodded in yes as it was tiring journey for them as well…boys went to thier tent nd girls towards them

At midd night Swara woke up she couldnt sleep because of windy noise an owl voice it made her woke she came out nd walked
to some mile she found a lake flowing smoothly nd calmly…She sat on the bench nd veiwed this naural beauty…It gave her immense pleasure
nd said

“How can u cover eveything in u nd flow so smoothly” she said…

while winds were cold she shrink her self in her shawl nd walked towards the lake…..She sat near it nd take some water in her palm nd pour it again suddenly she saw a snake
near the lake coming towards her she lost her balance standing nd fall in the lake……This lake was calm but as everything which seems calm have deep
depth in it

“Help……!!!” She shouted


“Oh….! god Y am I so restless…” Sansakr said irrtatedly

He woke in the midd nd trying harder to sleep but accepted his defeat nd came out of his tent wearing his blazer….He walked some miles nd felt like
someone is calling him He heared a week voice but it was loud enough to hear He rushed nd saw Swara in the lake

“SWARA…..” Sanskar shouted

He take off his blazer nd rushed to lake…..He swam in the lake nd take Swara in his arm…He came near to bench nd sat on grass
putting swara who fainted after her last shout

He tried to wake up but no use he thought that water has gone on in lung He started to press her belly in order to get water out after two attempt water came
out from her mouth nd she started coughing he immediately take her shawl which was on the grass wrap her body while she was staring him nd observing his act

“S.s.ss..Swara r u okay ?” He asked cupping her face

She didnt said a word but staring him

“Swara……” he shaked her

“Haan.. I..I m fine” She said looking away from him

She was feeling more cold….he saw that nd offer his balzer but she didnt take niether said nd looking him
He make her wear the blazer…she unknowingly felt the warmth nd calm her down…..While he went to tent back changd his shirt n take two
cups nd pour hot water nd made instant coffee….

In five minutes he came back Swara was sitting on grass resting her back by bench….He offered her coffe she took it without utering a word nd took a sip which gave her warmth
They sat for few minutes in silence

“How did u know that I need help….u all were sleeping rite” Swara asked as she get lil normal

“I dont know….I was feeling restless nd came out…I heared the noise in this direction so I came nd saw u in trouble” Sanskar replied sipping his coffe

“Oh..Thank.. I thought I will sunk in the depth of this late but I think God doesnt want me to come to him…..bad luck…” She said with a sad smile

“Shut up…..Swara….how can u manage to say these words so easily” Sanskar scolded

“Its ground reality….we have to one day…..”Before she could complete Sanskar placed finger on her lips

“I know……but Swara Gadodia never thought about this she used to live life at fullest” Sanskar said lowering his voice

The cold wind were flowing nd the coldness of night was increasing but the two soul didnt care about it thier heat in eyes were making a perfect combo
Swara realized nd moved back….while Sanksar was staring her lovingly

Swara was shivering from cold….He said to change her clothes but she refused as everyone will wake get upset seeing her like this
He dragged Swara to his chest thinking she might feel good

“Hey…what u r trying to do” She snapped at him while moving him back but his grip was tight

“U r shivering Swara…u will get cold if u didnt listened” He said with a smirk

“That cold wont kill me…if it is possible I wont be siiting besides u” She said sarcastically

“Shut up……cant u stop talking about this” Sanskar scolded

“If u dont wanna hear then leave me ” She said

“I have commited a sin by leaving u in past……but not this time I promise”He said

She just stare him with anger nd stoped resisting as his warmth was making her feel good…..actually her walls which she built
around her was slowly slowly melting…


“Oh god….! Who open the curtain ” She said in sleepy tonend buried her in her soft pillow…She opened her eyes saw a masculine chest
on which she was sleeping peacefully

She saw her in Sanskar arms resting thier back with the bench……Sanskar woke up with sudden movement nd saw his angel in his arms
They kept looking each other

“G….Good Morning” Sanksar finally spoke

“Yeah…..”She whisper nd get up

They walked up to thier tents but in between niether she nor he dare to speak…thier was utter silence between the two

Every one got ready to return to thier home the journey was not silent but two hearts were beating fastly which they could hear


“Hurry up Shomi….they would be coming here in any minutes” Dida shouted

It was the most awiated day in gadodia mansion as it was the engagement of thier son Laksh

“Mom where is my sherwani…..I want to get ready” Laksh said excitedly

“Wait….I m coming give me minute”Shomi said

“Where is shona” Dadi asked

“She said she will be coming….it a surrise for Raglak” Shomi said aranging her thal

“Namaste….Sharmistha jee” Anapurna greeted as they entered
The whole Maheshwri family was thier accept….Sanskar

While Ragini was looking gorgeous in her traditional lehenga…but looking nervous as it was her engagement

Laksh came downstair wearing his sherwani…..He took elders blessing

“Ur son is not here…..anapurna ji” One lady asked

“Yes he had some ……he might be coming” Ap replied

“Let start the engagement its the time” Priest said

“But mom shona is not where is she ” Laksh asked

“Laksh she said it will take thirty more minutes…..nd instructed me not to wait for her” Shomi said

“Aunty we can wait…bhai has not come yet” Ragini said

“Ragini beta I think WE should start it because then they will complain nd time will be gone” Shomi said trying to convince

“I think u r rite……we sould not waste the time”Ap said

With heavy heart Raglak also agree they were lil upset that thier sibling are not here on this very occasion of them
They start the ceremony nd they exchanged the rings….Everyone calped nd bless them
While they smiled to se EACH other

“I wont spare Shona for this….”Laksh whisper

“Mee too….how can bhai miss this” Ragini said

Just then they heared a familiar voice

“MOM…..” Swara entered alond with Sanskar….Everyone shocked to see them with each other hand in hand

The more shocking thing was that sindoor on her forehead nd mangalsutr….in Swara’s neck

Many question were cooking everyone’s mind…..this was not actually expected…It was hard for everyone to utter a word but Laksh came forward nd asked

“Shona….where were u…nd what is all this” He asked

Swara said “I m married….” she looked Sanskar who was looking her

“SWARA…..”Laksh shaked her

“To Sanskar……” Swara said closing her eyes


Before two hours

“Oh god…..this shopping is so timetaking….god plz make me reach fast….or else lucky will kill “Swara said walking on the road towards her car just then

Sanskar car came stopped infront of her…….She looked him curiously…He got dowm nd ordered her

“Get in….fast”

“But y…”

“Just get in all ur question will be answered”

She agreed as she can see tension with anger….she was sure he is up to something but what….these thoughts were running in her mind

They stopped near the mandir He got down nd opened her door…..She got down nd they started headed towards mandir
They reach upstiar all the time she was asking

“Y r we here….”

but he didnt reply nd each upstair….They went in but now he hold his hand nd asked him again

“Y r we here….there is engagment of our sibling…..we r getting late…..Ur silent answer me damn it”

Her curious was evident in her question…He stared her for a minute….She turned to leave but stoped by his voice

“To do some undone or I say incomplete work with u…..”

“What do u mean”

She asked suspiously

“I mean……U r Marrying me”

“Waht….nd who said this” She asked

“Well I m not asking u….I m telling u….we r getting married today nd that now” He snapped

“U r mad……I wont be tolerating ur madness so shut up lets go….we r not getting married” She said sternly

“Ys we r…..” He said garb her wrist nd pulled her to him

“Every time things will no go in ur favour…..not this time Sanskar Maheshwri” She said with anger

“It will….nd if u deny….the news will be publicly posted that ur brother is illegtimate” He said with same tone

“How did u know”

“that doesnt matter…what matters is that we r getting married or else ur brother would pay for it”

“He is ur would be brother in law how can u do this”

“I can do any thing,,,,on my one wish Ragini will break her marriage…..u can imagine ur brother’s broken condition….he is not as strong as u r Swara
think about it once” He balckmailed her

“U r using ur sister……dont u want her happiness”

“She is my sister…of course I want but if u dont act according to me……..U will ruin ur brother’s wedding as well as life”

“This is not far….u r balck mailing me”

“I dont care……just agree my demand or be ready to see broken Laksh”

She thought for a moment….in her worst nightmare she dont want his brother or any other to go through that pain which she beared nd still bearing
This will increase her pain if she denied….she cant let her brother suffer…..so finally she accepted her defeat

“I m ready” Swara said

“That like a good girl”

She stared him as if she will kill him by her anger….They sat nd get married

After two hours

“Shona…..answer us we r asking u something ” Laksh asked her shaking her

“I m married Laksh……to Sanskar cant u see this” sHE SAID RUDELY

“Shona just tell the turth he….he forced u rite” He asked

“Laksh…..this was purely my decision” She lied

because Sanskar had instructed her not to say about force marraige or else…..

“No u r lieing…..” Dadi said stepping forward

“No I m not ” SAID Swaralooking down

“Sanskar what is all this can u explain” ap asked

“We married with each other permsion” said Sanskar

“nd our permission…..?” Dp asked

“Plz I request u to not to ask further question”Swara said with a pleading tone she knew if she stand more longer….she will cry
her heart out……The strong Swara will again be lost

Everyone was shocked….it was hard to digest Swara married to Sanskar on her own wish

“If they hot married…..now we have no option to bless them happy life….”Shomi finally spoke

While Swara wants hug her mom nd cry but she cant loose her she had to fight back she controlled herself


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