Swasan I Hate To Love u ep 2

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Swara is sitting in her seat in plane. She closes her eyes and say in her mind

“After four year I m finally retruning to my country, my city, my home….where I
have spent my childhood and also where i lost the most precious person in my life MY DAD.
Although i dont wnated to comback but some undone work should be done”

After 6 to 8 hours flight her plane landed and a hostess announces

“We have safely landed to India”

“I m back………be ready to face me” swara whispers

Ragini’s room

Sanskar make her sit on the bed and sit besides. There is a silence in the room sanskar
kept on staring his sister as if convincing himself that she is fine. Ragini notice this break the ice
“Bhai……I m fine so relax (and now in fake anger) I have woke up from my sleep see u r not talking to me”
tires to give angry look

Sanskar smiles and says
“oh my princess u r not good at acting so plz dont give me that look ”

Ragini smiles and say
“Oh god…! bhai cant u pretend make me feel good huh? Idont know how u catch me so easily”

sanskar says proudly “Becoz I m ur elder brother ”

Just then Anapurna enter the room and says to Sanskar
“(in strict tone) ur dad has left for office. Will u not go office today ?”

Sanskar realizes that he is living as a stranger in this house for his sister
where as Ragini feels something fishy going on and thinks in her mind

“Mom never talked to bhai in this tone. What is going on ?”

Meanwhile Sanskar tries to smile and say “Princess getting late for office will meet u in evening till then bye and
take care” Ragini says “ok”

As sanskar turns to go he take the blessing of his mom nd say “bye mom” Ap smiles and replies “bye”
He realizes that it becoz of Ragini mom is pretending to be alright. But he feel relieves that after long time she smile
looking at him. he leaves for office.

Ragini who observes this thinks “(in her mind) Every thing is fine nd Ragini dont think to much”

AP and Ragini spent some quality time


“He cant be on time” Swara said sarcastically standing outside airport and countinues “Doesnt he knows that
I dont like to wait…This lucky cant change” swara said angrily. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice,
turns and him

“If I changed world will regret ” Laksh proudly says and hug her. She hug him back and say

“In ur dreams ” they broke the hug
she angrily complain “why r u late….dont u know i dont like to wait……wait let us reach home Ill complain to mom and

Laksh so calmly say “Shona….take a deep breath becoz of u they sent me here before
one hour but……..”
“But…?” swara says

“But u see ur bro is so handsome girls cant leave me for minute ” laksh winks at her

Swara gave her like seriously look Laksh says “Ok fine tyre got punctured ”
and Swara smile on her brother fondness towards himself She thinks in her mind

“Few years back she was also like him”

They both sit in the car and proceed to their mansion


Today was a good day for Sanskar, his sister woke up from a long sleep and that he was smiling
All the employees were astonished to see him like that. He ask the peon to take the packets
of sweet from car distribute to everyone. One of the employe whose name is Nisha dared to asked

“Sir…! any special ocassion…I mean….” She was interupted by Sanskar

“My sister Ragini gain her concious ”

Every one in the office congratulate him. He say thanku to every one and enter in his cabin
His manager Kabir knock the door ask “May i come in sir”

“Come in ” commanded Sanskar

“Sir there is good news for u…” his manager says. He raises his eye brow Kabir continues

“There is a invester whose intersted to in invest in our company and also want patner ship in
our company”

He smiles and anxious to know who is intersted to invest in his company. As he knows that the
company is facing looses and every one knows it so ever invest thier reputation will be at stake
He ask to Kabir

“Have u discussed this with dad ?”

Kabir replies

“Big boss said that if they r intersted in our company then welcome the with open armslet hear
whats their proposal is…….”

He asked “So when is the meeting fixed”

Kabir say “After two days……as the owner of that company has arrived India today”

He says curiosly

“So…..foreign client…hmm….intersting….ok u leave get back to ur work”
Kabir nodded in yes and leaves

He moves towards window and witness sun shine and say

“Now everything falling in right place…..I msurely gonna find u….SWARA”

He smiles


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  1. Jasvin J.Kaur

    Intersting and captiving storyline . Keep it up

  2. More suspence plz reveal it soon

  3. Superb…. A different story line is always welcomed…. Good going….

  4. Hey sana its the best story I lived it very mch I love this of stories but only in case of swasan revenge hate love story…..but reveal the truth fast what happen in their past I know that swara is the owner of company who is ready to invest in his company want to see sanskar reaction after seeing her but plz tell me that is sanskar love swara or not
    Nd plz post next part by today only nd longer

    1. Thank u soo much anu but the past will be reveal all i can say is to wait

  5. awesome. …

  6. Interesting
    plz update soon

  7. Its interesting …………. Waiting for next part .

  8. No its not boring at all i m impressed by u sana plz continue yar

  9. samanvitha murty

    Please make them meet in the next episode i am eagerly waiting for it

  10. oh thank u every one i didnt thought u all will be soo curious but the every thing will be reaveld so i can say just enjoy the beginning guyz sadhe twist pehle batadiye tu maza kharab hojaye ga

  11. nic epi… n ff too… not at all boring… keep writing…

  12. amazing

  13. awesome sana just loved it n I m curious to see sanskar ‘s reaction when he will know that the foreign client is swara….

  14. Intresting track..love your concepts <3

  15. Interesting to know swasan past

  16. Hayyyy..kya tha yeh…Swara laksh ki behem aur Ragini Sanskar ki behem?Different from other ff….good going…

  17. It is not at allllll boring . l just loved it something new n fresh …..
    Great start.looking forward wht ll happen

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