Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 19

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The sun rays fall in her room who was sleeping peacefully….woke up with a headache

“aaaaaahh…..!” swara exclaimed

She saw a lemon juice on her side table she start drinking nd tries to remeber lastnight

“Oh…! god this headache but wait…..I was drunk….does eveyone gets to know that I started drinking….no”
Swara said with fear

She tries to remeber but only one comes in her mind her blury conversation with Sanskar nd she was close to him
She got up nd start panic

“Did I plead him again…or something happen ….no this cant happen….no Swara Gadodia cant do this again”

Just then Shomi came in to room nd asked about her headache….She didnt respond but kept staring in giult
She gathered her all courage asked

“M..mom what I did in last night”

“Dont u remeber….” She asked in lil anger tone….She hugged her mom tightly

“Mom I…I m sorry I wont do this again..I embarced u…..I m sorry..plz forgive me” Swara apologised

Shomi hugged her back nd tapping her head to calm her down

“U didnt embarce me Shona……as a mom I failed to understand my daughter……it was horrible to imagine that u
tried to commit suiside” She was in tear

“Mom…..u know” Swara said in shock as if remebering did she really tell she was ending her life

“U told this to Sanskar……no one know anthing of last night except me nd……him” Shomi concluded

“what…..” Swara exclaimed..While shomi made her sit nd he sit infront of her

“Shona……many things are not in our control…..the time gone never comes back….we should forget nd move on….I know
its difficult for u to forget but atleast u can try not for ur self….not for us atleast for ur dad….U knw he loves ur smile
try to smile again…..nd believe when my shona smiles……the sky shines more bright” Shomi suggest her

Swara bends down nd leans her head on her mother lap

“Mom ur shona have forgotten her smile completely….I know u all want me to be happy but I guess happiness needs a reason ” She said

Swara looks up towards her mom…Shomi cup her face

“Really shona u r saying this….really u….who never find a reason to smile to be happy….happiness never needs reason….it needs a permission of ur heart
the giult in which u rliving just let go this…that was not ur fault” Shomi advised

She touches her hand nd say

“Mom….I promise u too try once for u n dad…but I cant say any thing else”

She wipes her mother tears….Just then Laksh enter the room nd see his mother n sister having some emotional conversation

“Hey mom……u have completely forgotten ur son…..she has taken u in ur team” He said with smile

“Why shouldnt after marraige when ur wife will come u will leave mom ” Swara teased

“No power on earth can make me leave my mom ” saying that he hugged her behind

“Okay….as u say” Swara said

“WEll what was going on…..any senti thing” Laksh asked

“Why should we tell u…privacy is something Mr. Laksh Gadodia” Swara said sarcasticlly

“Privacy huh……fine….pack ur stuff” Laksh ordered

“That so mean laksh u r throwing me out….mom look what is he saying” Swara said dramatically

Laksh looks her at like but in heart he was happy to see her dramatic sister back

“Yes Shona….exactly actually I m getting marriad so I dont need u to disturb our privacy” He said with same tone

“Laksh u….just wait what do u said” She start chasing her

They came out of the room Dida nd Dadi enjoying the scene of this tom n jerry Swara took the white flore plate on table nd came otu of
hall in lawn chasing her brother

Just then Ragini n Sanskar came thier home They got down out the car Sanskar saw Swara chasing Laksh nd felt goodhe came forward standing behind laksh who came
swara throw the flore on Laksh but accidently he bend nd all the flour came on Sanskar

Every one were stunned Swara was hell shocked…..There was a complete silence but one gigling sound broke the silence nd every one’s concentrtion divert to
an angel who was laughing with all her heart…Yes it Swara laughing after like centuries….Every one was looking her
Sanskar felt like his world has lit up now….he was mesmerized

Suddenly Swara realized that everyone was staring her with a smile..She stopped laughing nd went back ward but Laskh stopped her nd said

“Shona we are going for three days camp….”

“We means…” she asked while Sanskar kept staring her

“We means u nd me..Ragini..nd our gang ” Laksh said saying that her chilhood friends Nithi, Adityr, Danny, Vijay

Every one hugged her as they met after a long time Meanwhile Shomi came nd Said to Sanskar
he should this washroom….he left to clean it

“Laksh……y didnt u tell me this before” Swara asked

“This plan…..just came in mind last night…..I shared it with Ragini nd she said yes nd u know ur friend ready to go on any camps” Laksh
said excitedly

“Ragini’s brother will also be going with us” She asked

“Actually yes……when I took permision to Dp uncle he said he wont let Ragini alone….Sanskar will also go with her” Laksh said disappointedly

She thought for a second nd said Yes

“Shona u look good when u smile n laugh keep laughing……..u look Laksh sister” He teased to switch her mood

“Oh really…I dont know but I mfeeling lil light today….but wait what u said…….let meI teach u alesson” He start running nd start chasing her but in mean time Shomi come remind them that they have to leave

Swara packs her stuff nd get ready in pink color kurti with tides…….She came out see her jeep after a long time


“Dont think about it I ll drive it” LAKSH said tapping her back

“No way its my jeep when I m here no one has the rite to drive ” saying that she grabbs the key from his hands

“Shona……its long drive u will be tired….” Laksh said

“I dont care…….OMG……I missed u my jeep” She said while sitting in jeep

Her friends sit with her laksh came in another car with Ragini…….Swara sees Sanskar coming with his laptop She says

“Work is not allowed in this jeep….people must know” Swara said

“Dont worry my friend it wont enter in ur jeep” Sanskar said with his smile….Swara was higly irritated by the word Friend
Her friends were observing thier cold war….His one of the friend signed him to sit on front seat……She stared his friend Adityar
Actually her firends knew thier love tale so they wanted to unit themlike as Ragini

“Swara dont stare me like this…..u were a rash driver in past we dont want to die so soon…..I dont know about the present but looking excitment I can see the rashness of
urs so plz….spare us make him sit….” Adityr said with smirking

Swara was looking him like he is dead soon but control soon He sat besid her nd they headed towards thier destination


It was 5 hrs of constant driving…..they all were feeling hungry nd bit tired…They stopped near a dhabba

“Oye putr…..! what u will have” A punjabi man asked them..Laksh give the order nd they waited for it

“Hey Bossy how r u feeling now” Sanskar asked when Swara came out of the bathroom

“Dont call me that u get it……now i m not the boss” Swara said

After a pause She continues “Hey listen……I dont clearly remeber what happen last night….I didnt mean anything”

“Oh….! so u r sorry for that….” Sanskar teased her as if she is thinking something something happen between them

“Excuse me…….Mr. Maheshwri I m not Sorry of my any deed…I cant do that clear” Swara said hiding her emotion

“What u cant do bossy…..” He teased back with a smile which irrtated her alot

“Aaaah ” She exclaimed in irritedly

“Relax my dear friend….last night nothing happen…..u just shared ur pain with me” He said frimly….Swara who was walking away from him stoped in middle

She turned stared him for a minute did she really said everything……She was analyzing the situation….did she really said everything…no she didnt
all she concluded in her mind

“Whatever happened last night…..just dont take benefit of that” She threaten him

“Hmmmm….! then u have to call me by my name” Sanskar said

“I call u by ur name……Mr..” He cuts her

“U call me by my surname…….call me Sanskar…” He demanded

She was speechless as what she can answer better after a pause she said

“Arnt u taking benefit from that situation ” She asked

“Ohk fine call me whatever u want……..in friendship everything is fair” He said with his charming smile

“I m not ur friend…..dont u get this” She asked irritatedly

“No…..any problem” He asked

“Uhhh!” She exclaimed nd walks from there

“I know u r highly irritated but I have to provoke that Swara which u hide from the world” He said determinedly

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