Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 18 Part B

I m sorry guyz but kia karoon exams hain but still u love my ff it feels good thanx for ur support so here u go



“God…..where is she” Sanskar said while tapping his head in tension

He searches her in hall but dont find out but something stops her

“Shomi where is shona” Dida asked

“Maa….she said is going to washroom upstiar” shomi

Sanskar who was hearing them thinks “washroom…..”

He straightly goes upstiar to find her but to his surprise she was not in bathroom He suddenly
collided with a servant

“Soory sir” Waiter said

“Its ok…have u seen someone coming upstiar” He asked

“No…….but yes I saw someone in purple going towards terrace….when I called her she went nd I was called by someone else
waiter said

“Terrace…okay fine u leave nd dont tell any one downstiar is that clear” He said

Waiter nodded nd left


“Laksh what r u doing here” Ragini asked coming in lawn

“Nothing just missing dad……that y” Lakh said looking at the sky

She sit with him nd place her head on the shoulder

“If I ask u something will u answer me…..” Ragini asked

Laksh looks her nd nods in yes

“u hate my brother rite” She asked

“Ragini…..” He hesitates

“I want to hear truth Laksh ” Ragini said

“To be honest yes I hate him to the core of my heart” Laksh said looking away from her

She felt bad about this but she also know the circumtances

“U regret for loving me rite…..?” Ragini asked

He turns to her nd cups her face

“Ragini dont ever say that I love u to square of infinity….I know I reacted harsh at that time because of him
when ever I see him he reminds me the time when my sister lying lifeless her eyes were open but she niether speaks nor
cry to release the pain”

She hugs him nd say “I m sorry Laksh….I know u r worried for ur sister….u want her to be normal
Do I suggest u something”

Ragini relaese him nd hold his hand

“Laksh I know what I ll say u wont like it but trust me It can only work”

Laksh say “for my sister any thing….”

“Laksh I want bhai n Swara to be united once again” Hearing this from him he leaves her hand

“This is not possible…Ragini I know u love ur brother but plz not again ” Laksh stand while saying

“Laksh trust me this is the only thing we can do….they love each other” Ragini said

“They…? no Ragini not they only my sister madly loved him….he never loved her” Laksh said sternly

“At that time he didnt know his feeling…..he was in confusion” Ragini said

“Confusion….? u know what it done…..it ruined her life completly……nd ur saying he loves her” He hold her tightly

“U r hurting me laksh” Ragini said with pain he leaves her

“What about that pain which r u giving by ur words”Laksh said

“Laksh…..” He stops her by his hand nd say

“Ragini I love u…..but I love my sister as well at that time I spared ur brother…..but this time
If he done something I wont see that u r his sister I would kill him “Saying that he turns to leave
but stop in between ns say

“I m sorry for being rude…but u provoke me” Laksh said nd left

“Its okay Laksh I can understand…” She wipes her tear


Swara is standing on the edge of the terrace laughing vigourously shouting Dad…Suddenly she lost her balance but someone hold her
nd pulled towars him

“Swara…..what were u doing…..Something happened to u…u would be”Sanskar yelled

“Dead……dont worry I wasnt commiting suiside so relax…….something doesnt die so easily ” Swara said with a simle

“SWARA…….” Sanskar shouted

“Sssshhh…..! ” she placed finger on his mouth nd say

“How many time should I tell u lower down ur voice Mr. Maheshwri…..” She said

“Come lets go….u r not okay u have” Sanksar said holding her hand but she jerks

“I know I have drink alcohol…..nd this is not the first time I drank it ” Swara said with devilish smile

Sanskar looks her as she never liked the smell of it nd she

“Dont give me that stare u get that U heared it rite I have many time drink for releasing this pain but it didont work “She said with sad face
nd about to fall but assembles

“SWARA…watch out” Sanskar shouted

“Oh god…..! dont shout If I start shouting world will get to know my heart”Swara raised her voice

“Swara come lets go this terrace is not safe okay now come” Sanskar came near but she stepped back nd said

“No Dad would be coming to meet me here” Swara said childlishly

“What…..” Sanskar jerks at her sentence

“Yes u know…..let me tell u one but its secret okay” Swara said coming near to him lowering her voice

“After my second nervous breakdown I decided to end my life” Saying that she smiled nd giggled which pain pained him
His inner voice cursed him

She continued “I was standing on the edge like this btu someone hold my hand nd pulled me u know what who was he”
Sanskar looks her curious

“Dad…” She whisper

“He stopped me….he was angry with me nd dissappear” She said with a sad face

He realizes it was her imagination but he could nt digest the fact she was comiting suicide

“Swara…..” He tries to hold but she stepped back

“U know what…….from that time I didnt shed a tear all the pain I kept in my heart” Swara said looking in to hsi eyes

Yes she was rite she didnt shed a tear her eyes was tellling everything her pain her anger but something different he found in it
was it love he ingnored the thought

“But this pain is painning hard…..I cant control this….I want my inner peace back” She shouted as she want it badly

“Swara….I M sorry….its all my fault” He said with tears

“Is sorry enough to forget the pain….I loved u …u should have told me that Swara I m not here to love u….I m here to take revenge from ur
brother on u….I would happpily permit u to do that if my brother was at mistake……atleast I dont loose my dad” She said in anger

“Swara I understand ur pain” Sanskar says

“No…no no u dont …….u said that what it fells when someone u love suffering from pain……do u know how it feels someone u love
dieing infront u nd u cant do anything” She said

“Ur sister….was hlf alive but my dad he was dieing with pain infront of me I couldnt do anything but u know what that sight kills me hundred times when
I remembers it” She said

“U know what reminds me now when I see u…..my dads death face now tell me……should I forgive u……Actually It was not ur fault
it was my fault….I should be punished hard….my life’s biggest mistake to fall for u” With she start beating her

Sanskar hols her hand nd hugged her tightly…She rest her head unknowingly on his chest feeling peace in it

“Swara…..I know…….I commited a mistake I m ready to bear any punishment but plz dont pain ur self it pains me”
He said hugging her tightly

“All these years I….I” She faints in his arms

“Swara…..” He sees she fainted due to alcohol

Just then shomi comes on terrace she heared each word what her daughter said but she cant make any scene over there
She ask him to drop her home without any one gets to know

“Aunty…….dont worry I wont let any one know” Sanskar said

“Just do what I m saying drop me n shona home I ll text Lucky that I m not feeling well thats y leaving with shona”
Sanskar nodded in yes nd take her in to his arms
Shomi text lucky nd leaves


They reached gadodia mansion…..He took Swara to her room When he turns he find th ‘S’ pendant half burned hanginig on her mirorr table. He goes to that nd touches it
remember each n every moment of past thier first meeting thier cute moment Swara’s love confession then betrayl

“Swara burnt ur each n every memory…….she left this half burnt to remingd herself that she was betrayed”Shomi said sarcastically

“u hate me alot rite…..aunty” Sanskar asked

“No I love my daughter a lot” Shomi said sternly covering her daughter with blanket

with that they came out of room…he goes near Shekhar’s photo…Shomi stopped him

“Stop…! after what u did……u dont have rite to go infront of him”

“Aunty….uncle knew everything…..” Sanskar said in lower tone

“What did u said” She asked as if she heared it wrong or rite

“I dont know y i m telling but it is a mystery for me….after knowing all about on haldi ceremony y didnt he cursed or stopped me” He said while coming infront of him

“Stop saying lie Sanskar…….he loved his daughter he cant see tears in them no he cant do this” Shomi said frustratley

“I never told anyone about this…..because I myself was confused He said now he could give her daughter what she wants”He said folding his hand in front of him

“I get it thats y he was restless that night….he knew something will happen…..he didnt took his medicines in tension….thats y chest pain
but I mnot getting this y did he do this” Shomi concluded

“Dont worry just forget it….bye” With that he said bye nd leave

“U knew everything…..” Shomi said while coming in fornt of his photo

Suddenly she reminds something nd goes in room


“Celebrate ur victory Sanskar Maheshwri……..”His inner voice confronted him

He drove his car at high speed nd stoped with a bang…he came out

“Aaaaaaahh” He shouted with pain…Swara’s words coming in his mind….he couldnot bear this nd closed his eyes

He was near cliff a heavy waterfall was making the veiw beauitful… he opens his eyes walks towards the edge nd says

“I dont deserve to live now” He closes his eyes nd was about to jump stopped by a voice

“Sanskar Maheshwri…..arent u think giving ur life is easy punishment to bear” He turn nd find Swara

“Swara……” he whisper….but soon he realizes that it is his innervoice disgiuse in Swara

“I dont deserve to live….she beared alot of pain…….she almost went to commit suiside” He said

“Giving ur life will overcome her pain” voice said he looks at it

“Then what should I do coz of me she beared so much” He said falling on his knees

“Some pains are healed by those who gave that pain…….today she let out her anger which was suffocating her…u want that
rite……nd now after doing that u will give up so soon….this is not Sanskar” voice clamed down

“My love dont deserve her…..my presence is hurting her more” Sanksar said

“U know how to heal her….its up to u u want to see her happy or…..”Voice said

After pause he standsup nd sai determindley

“I ll heal her no matter what…..she likes it or not”


“What do u mean it will take five days….I want to get out of it now” Ram yelled at him

“Sir I m sorry but we dont have any choice” Lawyer replied

“I dont care what we can do or what not…just do as I say” He said angrily
Lawyer nodded in yes nd leaves

“Swara Gadodia lte me out of this then Ill see u for sure….be prepare for a hell” He smiled devilishly

I wanted the best confrontation but I dont know did I do justice just let me know plz

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