Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 17

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“Can we not become friend again……” He asked gathering his courage

She stared him…..she wanted to be friend…..she also doesnt want it on the other hand. It
hard choice to answer him because inside she was confused what she really wants
She immediately remmeber time nd ask

“Whats the time” She asked in a panic….She sees her mobile nd continues

“Its more than half n hour means the door can be opened…..the announcement” She paniced nd rushed
out from the room leaving Sanskar all alone confused

In reality she took that oppurnity as a benfit as she didnt want to reply him it….She rushed to hall
where every one was enjoying the party Shomi sees her tensed comes to her

“Shona where were u nd….what happen u r looking tensed ” shomi asked

“Nothing mom I was in washroom cleaning the stain…..where is lucky ” She asked avoiding this topic

“Ur brother is rite behind u ” Laksh said tapping her shoulder

She turned to him nd see his broad smile indicating he talked to Ragini She was relieved to see that
Just then Sanskar comes in hall nd Ragini nd goes to him

“Bhai….how was my gift” Ragini said teasingly He looked her like seriously

She understand ask what happen

“Nothing……many thing happen in past It will take time to sort out so u chill ” He replied

She nodded but she can not wait for this…..she wants to see her brother happy….

Mean time Swara went to centre og the hall nd seek everyone attention towards her

“I would like to have ur attention……As I have to announce something ver important”

Every one looked her curiously She continued

“I m sorry Mom dp uncle nd aunty……usually these announcement is made by elder but I really want to this
for my brother Laksh……Well My brother to marry Ragini ”

This announcement shocked everyone except shomi nd laksh they were happy but the Sanskar was more shocked he sees
her sister smile nd tears in it….He came near nd whsiper

“Do u love him princess…….?”

She nodded nd his eyes widened She looks that nd ask

“Bhai….dont u like him” She asked in fear

He was speechles what should he reply….He was the one who had thought him as betrayer nd hate him form the core of his
now his misunderstanding is clear……He observed his manners, his behaiviour, respecting his elder in past but at that time he hate
him…..He ignore every thought nd looked his sister face who wants a positive answerso he
nodded in yes……Getting this reply she overwhlmed nd said

“Thanx bhai”

While all elder becomes happy gives thier blessing to Raglak nd fix thier engagment after five days as a good day

Laksh who was so happy to see every one reaction was too much Sanskar came forward to congratulate him He coldly huged him for Ragini He whisper
in his ear

“Be fair in our relation……I hate u from hte core of heart but I also love Ragini from core of my heart ”

“I know but I m glad that she got a life partner like u” He said with a smile

Laksh annouces that on this ocasion his sister nd his love will sing a song for every one
Swara shocked to hear this nd drag him aside

“Lucky what is this…..u know I left singing long back still let Ragini sing alone”

“Shona plz…..dont be scared my sis….u can sing plz for me u have to” He said

“I mnot scared fine for u I can but what will I sing” She asked

“Just close ur eyes….what comes first in ur mind sing that u will be connected to melody” Laksh said
she nodded

She comes in centre nd closes her eyes……the first comes in her mind her love…….betrayal nd then her Dad’s death
She open her eyes nd start singing

Teri khushboo aur teri sansein……qatra qatra hum bhoolain gn

Silvatein jo tum ne chori hain……….dheere dheere sab mitayn gn

She lookes Sanskar who is continously staring her

Kaatine ko itni lambi umr agaye hai jaane kis ke peeche tu bewajah bhage hai

Ankh nam hoti hai hone do……..hoont lekn muskurayn gn

Us ki raaton se subah apni…….rafta rafta hum kheench layn gn

Ragini sings

Aisa koi dil nhi jo kabhi toota nhi…..kanch se umeed kia rkhna……

Swara looks her

Aisa koi dil nhi jo kabhe toota nhi……..kanch se umeed kia rakhna

Kaatine ko itni lambi umr agaye hai jaane kis ke peeche tu bewajah bhage hai

Ankh nam hoti hai hone do……..hoont lekn muskurayn gn

Us ki raaton se subah apni…….rafta rafta hum kheench layn gn

Everyone enjoying thier meladious voice nd mesmerized ignoring the thought these lyrics
countain intense pain…..only those can feel the pain who went through it

Sanskar was continously staring her as he heared every lyric It was like she is talking to him
She comes near to him while everyone were lost in their voice

Chal naye shurwat kr…bhool ke jo hogya….hath pe yn hath kia rkhna

She turns while Sanskar is now at her back

Chal naye shurwat kr…bhool ke jo hogya….hath pe yn hath kia rkhna

Kaatine ko itni lambi umr agaye hai jaane kis ke peeche tu bewajah bhage hai

Ankh nam hoti hai hone do……..hoont lekn muskurayn gn

Us ki raaton se subah apni…….rafta rafta hum kheench layn gn

The song ended nd every one were cheering for Swaragini nd praising them……while Swara nd Sanskar had an intense eye contact



“Good bye Swara….take care” Sanskar said

“Sanskar stop….I cant live without u” Swara calls him but he doesnt stop he walks out from her sight

Just then her eyes opens screaming “SANSKAR……”

She found herself in her room……She was sweating nd taking deep breaths……..she was calming her down that it was a dream

“Calm down Swara….it was a dream…….nd dreams have no reality” Swara said to her self with a smile

Just then Shomi entered the room nd surprised to Swara woke up early nd asked

“U wake up so early……..have u saw a dream Shona” she asked

“How do u know….?” Swara asked confusingly

“Nothing just trying to figure out but for ur excitment Morning dreams becomes ture” She said with a smile thingking her daughter might have seen a
happy dream

“NO…..” Swara shouted with fear…..Shomi comes to her tapping her shoulder

“Shona what happened…….” She asked

Swara immediately hugged her tightlynd cries nd Shomi tapps her assuring her mother is there with her

She release her mom…….while Shomi asked

“What happened……did u saw something bad”

“No….no….mom today is haldi thats y I ll go tomorrow far from u thats y got emotional u know me ” Swara said hiding
her tension nd fear

“Its okay……dont worry everything will be fine okay……now get ready we have to go MM for ur haldi”
She said with excitment

“But mom u said haldi rasm is done separately….sudden change in plan…..” She asked

“Ur in laws wants that they arranged separate rooms….but I think its ur would be husband plan” Shomi said teasingly

“Mom…….” Swara blushed

“okay now get ready” Shomi ordered

Swara get up nd rushed to bathroom


Every one was looking happy….Laksh was clicking photos of his sister who was in White anarkali dress with yellow border

Every one was applying haldi on her face hand nd legs…..then it was Laksh turn he took haldi nd applied on her whole face nd click her photo
He was teasing her….she was annoyed but happy as it was haldi nd after this tomorrow would be marriage She blushed thinking

On the other hand Haldi was also applied on his face hand nd legs his cousin sister were teasing him as his eyes were searching his bride He didnt knew the
fact y is he so desperate to see

After the ritual…….the birde nd groom was sent to separate room to change…..Swara was walking towards her room
Someone draged her to room…..she swa him he was SANSKAR

The first comes in her mind was the dream she saw in morning She hugged him tightly
While Sanskar feels she is disturbed nd tensed he hugged her back nd asked

“What happened….Swara something happened” She releases him nd he sees her teary eyes

For the first time he saw tears in her eyes…..He should be happy to see that as his plan was to make her cry but instead he was
not feeling good….He wiped her tears nd cups her face nd asked again

“What happened….Swara”

She narrated him whole dream….nd says

“I saw u were leaving me………U know what mom said morning dreams becomes reality….Sanskar I m scared of this
I cant loose u”

He was shocked, speechless…..how can he consol her he is really going to do this but he tries to calm her down nd say

“Calm down Swara….dreams are dreams…..jsut forget it okay”

She nodded but he wants to test her more so he joked

“Suppose If I ever leave u…..what will u gonna do?

“I would going to die………” Swara said with a serious tone which shocked Sanskar as he realized she loves him to much

His mind was giving him positive sign of victory on the otherside his heart was cursing him

“Sssshh…Swara dont ever say this again” He said

“Dont ever ask me again…….It is hard to imagine my life without u ” Swara said hugging him

He hugged her back this time he tightly hugged her

They both release each other

“Well u r looking so cute in hadi” Sanskar teased her

“Really but I think u r looking more cute than me” She said smiling

“No I m not cute…..dont say that again” He said with annoyed face

“But U r really cute…….cute cute ………my cutie pie” She teases nd hold his cheek

He pulled her more closer nd asked in husky tone

“Am I cute……” She nodded in yes He pulled more closer nd than asked

“Now Am i cute ” She blushed nd tese him back by nodded in yes He pins her to wall nd move close to her lips

“Now……” He asked by his eyes

She was speechless as he was so close to her Just then his mom called out from outside

“SANSKAR…….” Ap said coming to his room They immediately moved back nd Ap entered nd sawthem together

“Swara….what r u doing here….dont u know u cant meet after haldi ” She said

“But mom didnt tell me this” Swara asked confusingly

“Okay I m telling u now go nd change beta” She said with a smile

“Sanskar I want keys of the locker where it is” Ap asked

Sanskar gives her keys nd she leaves smiling leaving Swasan Swara was about to go but Sanskar stoped
her nd made her stand infront of mirror

“Close ur eyes Swara …….” He said

“But why Sanskar….I have to go….havent u heared what aunty said” Swara turning towards him

He shuts her mouth by his finger nd make her eyes close by his hand…..He takes out “S” pendant from drawer nd makes her hair aside nd make her wear
it nd hug her behind nd says “Open ur eyes ”

She opens it find the pendant She was happy excited to see the gift she cant express her feeling seeing her reaction he becomes
happy nd asked

“U like it”

“No……I love it……thank u so much” She said excitedly

“If u ever felt lonely…..just hold it tight u will feel me near u” he said hugging her more tight

Swara feels something fishy nd turns to him

“Why r u saying this…….we will be with each other forever rite….?” She asked in fear

Sanskar notice her expression nd realizes what he said……after a pause he said

“Nothing Swara……it just I ll be in office u will be here in house….so u will miss me rite so when u will miss me
just hold it tight I ll be there ” He said

Swara was not fully satisfied but nodded in yes She turns to leaves but he hugged her tightly
She hugg him too nd asked

“What happened……Sanskar”

“Its last time I m hugging u” Sanskar said without realizing she immediately release her asked him

“hUH…..! last time means”

“Ummmm….! Swara last time means now I ll see u after almost 29 hr 30 minutes 45 seconds so thats y” He said hiding his expression

“Sanskar u almost scared me by ur words okay now if u r done should I go” She said with a smile

He nodded nd she left

“This is the last time u r smiling Swara………I know u wont forgive me what I will be going to do……I ll pray every happiness for u for future” He
said to himself



“I would like to have an orange juice” She said to waiter in bar counter

“Maam wait” Waiter said…..just then Sanskar comes near to her

“I must say u still have meladious voice……” He said with a smile

“Thanx for compliment…may I have a seat next to u” Sanskar asked giving a sign to waiter to make his drink

“I m sorry I dont allow stranger……to sit with me” Swara said looking away from him

“Strangers……we r friend rite” He asked curiously

“Friends……when that happen” She asked

“Well few moment before I asked u nd u……..” Before he could complete Swara interpts him

“I didnt said yes by the way”

“Exactly……u didnt said anything as I know u r confused” He said firmly She was shocked how did he knew her feeling

“Nd someone has said me…….girl’s silence means yes…..so” He contiuned

“So what……..U will conclude what ever u want “She asked with annoyed face

“Yes…..” he replied

She without looking took the glass nd drank in one gulp…..She felt it bitter but she ignored nd leaves angrily
While Sanskar smiles looking her reaction nd whisper


Swara felt he called her turned to him nd then left the hall…..He take the glass nd sip……He jerks the glass

“Where is my drink….I said to make u this orange juice” He said

“I m sorry sir Maam ordered orange juice….it was for her” waiter said

“I m not asking…..about that I m asking my drink did u make it or not ” He said

“Yes sir I did but I guess…….she drink it” Waiter said

“No…..she cant drink it……It was……” He said with disappointingly


Think guyz what she drank
think think…………
I guess u will guess rite

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