Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 16

I m sorry for this late update actually my exams are starting so I would be updating late now sorry I know u wait for my ff….please understands my situation


“Its 7pm…..I ll make announcement at 9 sharp okay” Swara said in determined tone

Laksh knew his sister……if she has said, she will mean it…….but the problem for him to talk Ragini
He said so much to her that day…..that now he was in dilemme will she talk to him

Just then He saw her…….she was in white gown netted with black…..he forgor all his worries nd lost in her It was hard to take his eyes off from her
Jsut then she looks him nd her expression change she was happy sad nd heart broken as well as he said its over his words were ringing in her ear
She immediately looked away nd meet sharmishtha took blessing of elder nd comes to Swara

“I m sorry..I was rude that day ” Ragini said softly

“Its ok…Ragini Hmm well must U looking beauitful today” Swara complimented her

“Well thanku but u r looking gorgeous” Ragini complimented with a smile

Swara was wearing purple gowm…….Just then Sanskar came He was hesitate to take blessing from Swara’s family but then he came forward nd bend for blessing Dadi nd Dida stepped
back while Sarmishtha give him clod expression nd lookes away He saw Laksh standing nd then Swara talking with Ragini

He left from there as he felt no one liking his presence…..Ragini swa this nd felt disappointed She thought an idea from which Swara nd Sanskar get the chance to talk
The waiter was coming from front she goes nd bends her leg the waiter fall a bit but the drink fall on Swara’s dress It was all wet Swara looks the waiter

“I m so sorry Maam ” Waiter apologised

“Its okay….u go ” Swara said tries to calm

Ragini moves near to her nd say I ll show u the bathroom come…..She takes her to in front of Sanskar room but Swara resistedto go in as she knew the every bit of this house

“Ragini…..I ll go in guest room’s washroom”

“Swara I know y r u saying that but guest rooms, my room nd mom dad’s room are locked because of party but bhai kept it open because he doesnt like parties he usually work in his room
after meeting everyone…….nd bhai is not in his room so u can use it go I m here”

Swara thought for a moment then agreed nd stepped in his room…….She looked the room his pics nd she closes her eyes tkae a depp breath nd open it
She straightly goes to bathroom


“Bhai……what r u doing here” Ragini asked coming to lawn He was standing there thinking how to talk to Swara after what happen in few days

“Nothing princess……u here need something” He asked with a small smile

“Bhai…..! u r nt looking in this siut go nd change it” Ragini said with an annoyed face

“What wrong in this M I not looking good in this” He asked

“My brother is the handsome……..but this outfit is so boring go change in room” Ragini said

“Ragini……no this is good I mnot changing…..for changinig I have to see my wardrobe no it will take time” Sanksar said

“Bhai…..! I kept a gift for u plz change in that plzz” Ragini said pleadingly

Sanskar cant say no to his sister so he agreed went to his room…….Ragini smiled nd comes back to hall butsomeone hold her hand nd take her to the dark room

“Who is this” Ragini said but just then she smell a familiar perfume she whisper


“Oh so u can recognise me in dark as well” Laksh said lighting the lighter He saw ragini with that light she was looking more beauitful
He kept on staring her with love

“Its beacause u use the same scent everyday that why” Ragini said looking away from him

“Ragini look at me ” Laksh said with authority but she doesnt respond He says again but same no response
He moves his another hand to her chin lifts her up nd he sees tears in them he could nt control nd hugg her

“I m sorry…….Ragini for hurting u………It was not ur fault I should have thought for a second I m sorry….plz I cant bear ur bear silence punish me but dont leave me
I m incomplelet without u”

Ragini could nt control her self after hearing his confession nd hug her back

“I love u Laksh…….” She whispers

“I love u too Ragini ……” Laksh said smiling

They broke the hug nd he she punched him “Auuuo….Ragini” Lakh exclaimed

“U hurt me……nd u urself demanded a punishment” she said teasingly nd runs

He smiles nd follows her


“Thank God……..its done ” Swara said coming out from bathroom

Just then Sanskar came in nd locked the room without knowing Swara’s presence She sees nd becomes tansed but hide her expression

“What r u doing …..nd y u r” Swara said hesitately Sanksar turned nd shocked to see swara there

“What r u doing in my room ” He asked

“Actually….my drink fell on my dress Ragini took me here I said I ll use guest room ‘s washroom but she said its locked” Swara said looking away

Sanskar realizes its Ragini’s plan to make him talk He sees Swara uncomfortabe nd he said

“I came here to…..work” He lied

Swara nods nd walks to the door she tries to opens it but it get stuck (Ragini’s plan guyz) She again tires but no result

“Why this door is not opening ” Swara said with annoyed tone

“Let me try this ” Sanskar said He came forward she stepped back He tries but stil no result

“I think its stuck……” Sanskar said while trying

“What….now” Swara paniced

“Relax Swara…….its stuck for half n hour it computrized……when it is closed fastly it stucks for thirty minutes so…” Sanskar said

Swara looks him with anger nd asked ” SO…..”

“We have to wait for thiry minutes now…..actually not me u” Sanskar said

“No I m calling Ragini she will open it from outside I also knew these locks ” Swara takes her phone but remeber that she didnt had her number she asked him

“Give me ur phone I dont have Ragini’s number”

He sees in the pocket ut he dont has his mobile he remeber he left the mobile in Lawn

“I guess I have forgotten it in lawn” Sanksar said

Swara looks him with a disbleiving looks nd say

“U still forget to keep ur thing……”

“Its not my fault……I didnt knew that I ll stuck in this ” He said

“U always do this not accepting ur mistake nd scolding me “Swara said

“No u r forgetting Swara u always do that ” Sanskar said coming near to her

“U wont accpt ur mistake rite” She comes close to him

He moves more close to her with a challenginig tone he say “Yeah now what”

“U…..” She points finger on him nd then realize she is standing close to him nd moved back with out looking him

She closes her eyes in disgust nd open nd sat on couch There was utter silence between two…………she tries to call on phone but due to the loud musics no one picked her call

“Oh God……! no one is lifting the call ” She said in disgust He sat infront on his bed nd said

“I guess music is loud downstair” Swara looked him like she knows it

“I shouldnt have come here” She whispered which he heared…….He said

“Well y r u reacting like this….u love loud musics nd formal parties rite” She looks him nd said

“Times changes everyone……” Swara said sarcastically She stands up nd again sees the it only 15 minutes passed still 15 to go

Sanskar smiles on her desperate behaiviour nd replies

“Time not changes everyone It may change ur habbit but not nature”

“Whats the difference our nature is connected to our habbits”Swara said without turning to him

“Nop….our habbits are connected to our nature……We make habbits thats y they r temporary but our nature occur from when we take birth that y we cant change it
people sometimes tires to hide but nature cant be hide by anyone” Sanskar said

Swara was touched by his word but didnt showed her reaction She continued to see outside the window He began to go close to her
He whisper in her ear

“Swara……I wanna talk to u” She immediately turned nd find him so close She moves back

“Swara I….I m sorry for” He continued but he Swara interputed

“Its okay……I know u were protecting ur company thats y bahaved like that” Swara said moves away nd walks to door but he holds her hand nd pull her closer to him
nd said

“Sorry for not this but for……..what happened in past” an immense guilt was visible in his eyes She pushed him nd said

“U did that for ur sister I can forgive u ” Listenning he take a step forward towards her but she stop from her index finger

“Stop rite there……..I said I can forgive u but cant forget what happened in my life after u went……I know u r guilty……dont be move on ur life nd be sincere next time”
She said her voice countained softness, anger but more than this it countained pain

He was speechless how should he tell that what happen after he left her….

His life was also not bed of rosses in past four years he suffered the pain of guilt…….bear the hatred of the people who love him in the past……fought his inner voice every second of
his life……..They both suffered from pain yet thier pains were different but one thing was common they were LONELY in thier lives without each other

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