Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 15

tHANX FOR UR PRECIOUS COMMENT ………..manyof u confused in Bangalore …….be honnest I didnr knew I msorry but then I thought Its fictional world we can write any country place rite



“Sanskar…….I m confused” Swara asked

they r in shopping mall…buying thier engagment ring nd dress

“Confusion……y ?”Sanskar asked

Swara show him two dresses one is pink lehega nd other is whit lehenga with balack border

“Swara….u look beauitful in every outfit so plz select fast…….I m hungry we r here for five hr still we havent bought anything”
Sanskar said making a serious look

“oww! Sanskar its my engagment……I want to look beauitful tomorrow”

“If u see from my side u r the most beauitful girl trust me” He said coming near to her

She blushes nd say “I know but still…..I m confused in this so select it for me”

He sees both the dress nd choose pink lehenga

“I guess this will be best” Sanskar said

“Hmm……okay as u say” Swara said

“Wont u try this on u” Sanskar asked

“No u said it be best then it will have to be” Swara said proudly

“Dont trust someone so blindly it will hurt u one day” Sanskar said in lower tone which Swara heared nd said

“I m not trusting a person who I dont know……I m trusting the person whom I love…..I trust him more than anyone” Swara said frimly

Sanskar felt lil guilt as he will break her trust but soon overcome his guilt nd changed the topic

They bought dresses nd ring for thier engagment ceremony


Every one were gather to cheer for engagment ceremony for Swara nd Sanskar All the family member were there Swara entered the hall wearing the
same dress which Sanksar suggested her He was totally lost in her beauty She blushed when she saw Sansakr staring her She sit beside him nd say

“Dont stare me soo much ” Swara said lowering her tone

“Then u have to stop looking so beauitful everyday” Sanskar said in same tone

“Well thanx for compliment u r also looking handsome ” Swara said

“Oh really!……thanx God I have this compliment today from anyone” Sanksar said teasingly They both laugh

“This is not done……..Engagmentis going on without me…….Shona I wont spare u for this ” Some one said from entrance
Every one looked at entrance nd Swara shouted

“Laksh……..” Saying that she runs to hug him

“How can it will happen without u” She said nd he hug her back

“I know thats y came ” He smile Everyone smiles nd he took blessing from all the elder nd came infront of Sanskar. Sanksar looked him angrily but ddint showed him
He remeber his sister’s condition Laksh came nd hug him

Sanskar looks Swara who is smiling…He tries to smile nd hug him back

“I wished to meet u first……..as wanted to see my siser’s choice” Laksh said teasingly looking Swara

“Really I also wanted to meet u……..beacause (he paused nd hide his anger) Swara told about u so much” Sanskar said looking Swara

“Really my sister also remebered me……my God this a dream come true” Laksh said dramatically

Swara comes nd hit him lightly

“shut up…..Laksh” Swara said smiling

Sanskar observes siblings bond nd reminces Ragini…..He felt sad nd emptiness
Soon the ring ceremony conducted both make each other wear the rings nd everbody cheer for them



“Swara….beta we r throwing a party in Maheshwri Mansion…….U r not owner now but u r invester of ur company…So will u come ” Dp aksed on the call

“Uncle…..no need to ask uncle…….just order what u want…..u r my dad’s best friend u said once said me ur daughter so no need to feel awkward please” Swara said

Dp felt good by her words she respects him the same as she did

“Okay so be on time” Dp said with authority tone She smiled nd say


She disconnects the call nd goes to Shekhar photo frame nd say

“Did I make u happy today…….I promised I wont let Laksh know anything ” Swara said

“I didnt let ur name riuned………” Swara continued nd a tear rolled in her eyes but she wiped immediately

Shomi entered see her standing nd say

“I m proud on u……ur dad also be proud on u” Shomi said

“Mom….really” She hugged her with a broad smile

“Mom dp uncle invited us for a party…….will we go there rite” Swara said breaking hug

Shomi shocked to hear that nd she said with sternly

“We wont go there…….they helped u I m thankful to them but no more than that please….I ll suggest u to stay away from them specially from him

“Mom he’s dad friend……nd they didnt do any thing…….u told us never give someone’s punishment to someone else
We should now move on….Dad also want this ” Swara said

“Have u forgiven him…….” Shomi asked in stern voice

Swara remain silent Shomi asked again nd again

She said “Mom…..dont ask this I want every one to be happy nd good relation with them because Laksh loves Ragini”

Shomi again shocked as she never thought Laksh will fall for Ragini

Swara narrated her the story After listenning the whole story She said

“Okay……I ll try to be soft but cant promise to u ” Shomi said

Sharmishtha was not a person who keep hatred in her heart but this time her daughter was getting pain
nd she cant let this happen…….She knew Ragini has no fault in this nd Laksh loves her but Swara she will have to see his face which dont want to
She becomes tensed thinking this


“Bhai I heared what Swara did today…..have u talked her” Ragini asked with excitment

“No……I tried but her brother came in between nd he didnt let me talk to her” Sanskar said disappointedly

“Dont worry bhai…..u will get chance today…” Ragini said

“Today….how ” He looked her in confused state

“Bhai…..! Dad is throwing party today nd Gadodia r invited” Ragini said with excitment

“Really……..but will she talk to me….I ahve behaved rudely to her from few days” Sanskar said

“Give it a try….ask forgiveness nd then talk ” Ragini said while sitting on her couch

“His brother wont let me talk to her” He said while sitting on bed

“Dont worry…I ll handle him…u just focus my bhahbi” Ragini said teasingly

“Bhabhi…” he asked confusingly

“Swara bhabhi…….bhai”Ragini said touching her head They both smile get ready for evening


“Will u talk to Ragini today ” Swara asked while entering Maheshwri Mansion with Shomi, dida, Dadi

“I ll try but if she didnt tlked to me then…..” Laksh asked back

“Just talk before my announcement” Swara said

“Anouncement…..?” He asked

“Its surprise but talk to her or else I ll talk to her ” Swara said with a determined tone entering towards hall

Ap nd Dp welcomes them Laksh nd Swara take blessing from elders nd came a side

“Where is she” Swara asked desperately

“My dear shona…..I ll talk to her please calm dowm what others will say about my sister” Laksh said teasingly

“Swara Gadodia doesnt care about it…….just remeber if u not talked before my announcement then dont blame me okay”
Swara said

“Ur annoucement…..u r scaring me…..if any mischeif thing is there so plaese spare me here” Laksh said dramtically

“Dont it will benfit u…….” Swara said in determine tone

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