Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 14

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“Ragini……please open the door ” AP said knocking the door

“Please leave me alone I only want to talk bhai rite now” Ragini replied

She was angry confused heart broken nd upset She never thought her brother can ruin someone life but then she thinks that it was because of
her……Many question were cooking in her mind She want her answer which Sanskar can answer She was desperately waiting for him

Just then Sanskar came home nd he noticed his mom continously knocking Ragini’s room nd she is not responding….He became tensed as she was happy when she won but now
He came nd asked

“Mom what happen…….Ragini didnt had her dinner”

“She has locked herself since she came nd demanding that she only wants to talk to u……u were not picking up the call….Now handle her” She gives him tray nd leaves

Sanskar knocks the door nd say

“Princess please open the door….look I m here ”

She opened the door He entered He can clearly see her tensed nd disturbed He put the tray nd Suddenly she hugged him

“Bhai….! tell me they r telling lie My brother cant do this rite”

Sanskar was confused he break the hug nd make her sit nd asked

“Calm down…..! now tell what happen ”

“Laksh told me what u did…..no they r lieing…U….u cant do this”

Sanskar was shocked hearing this nd feeling guilt cursing him badly that what he did . He remained silent lost in his thought
Ragini shaked him

“Bhai…..! they r telling lie rite….?” Ragini asked hoping she get a positive answer but to her shocked Sanskar nodded in no

She leaves his hand nd stands Sanskar asked her

“Why did u meet Laksh….is he again disturbing u”

Ragini looked him thinking what laksh told him that he think him Lucky She softly says

“Bhai…….! He was Lucky Agrwal not Laksh Gadodia”

Sanskar taken aback by her words She continued

“I nd Laksh met few days back in my friend s wedding…..we became friend at that we didnt knew each other He got to know today that I m ur siter”

Sanskar didnt know how to react an immense guilt arises in his heart He was cursing his himself for ruining someone life

He moved to window tears were flowing from his eyes remebering Swara’s teary eyes Ragini taps his shoulder

“U will also hate me like other do ” Sanksar asked softly

“U beared so much hate….will my hatred effect” Ragini said

“All these years I dont want u to get to know as I cant bear ur hatred ” He said clearing his throat

“U know what she also said me the same” Ragini said with a small smile

“She….?” Sanksar looked her confused

“I met Swara today….I came office today to talk but u were not there ” Ragini said

Sanskar looks her confused

“What did sahe said……she would have blamed me rite?” He asked

“She didnt said a word against u bhai…..!” Sanskar looks her surprised

“Really……! but I did so much….” Sanskar said

“Bhai….! when we love someone by whole heart…..we cant curse them because it pains ”
Ragini said in frim tone

“What should I do….she…?” Sanskar wants help but can not able to ask but Ragin understand nd say

“Bhai….! some pains can be healed by one who give that pain…..only u can heal her”

Sanskar asked

“She hates me……she never confronted me….I thought she will say something to me but no she came back with her revenge”

Ragini said

“Ask for forgiveness ”

“Is Sorry would be enough to overcome her pain……..she hates me she wont forgive me all these years I was finding her to ask forgiveness but when she came infront of me I
didnt knew how to say” Sanskar said

“Bhai….! she loves u….when we love someone dearly we cant hate them nd….I guess u also love her”
Sanskar boggles to hears her nd say

“No I cant….I have done wrong to her this is not rite”

“First be honest to ur self put ur hand on ur chest close ur nd see who it is”

Sanskar does what his sister insturcted him nd closes his eyes. He sees Swara’s face

“Swara……” He whisper

“See I told u……Now make her what she was nd then propose her”
Ragini said with excitment…..He smiled

They had dinner together nd Sanskar retruns to his room smiling nd goes near to his side drawer He takes Swara’s photo in hand nd say

“I Love u Swara…..I know I have hurt u but now on wards I ll make u what u were……. just like My swara” Saying that he kissed the photo
nd smiles


Laksh was standing near window in his room He remeber his cute moments with Ragini nd that love confession nd then Ragini hugging Sanskar
It was painning him Just then Swara came with a mischeivious manner. Laksh ignored her as she was not telling him anything so he continued to see outside the widow

“I have heared someone is in love” Swara said teasingly Laksh shocked to hear. He turned nd asked in stren voice

“How do u know?”

“Well I met the girl while I must say someone has good choice” Swara said making him feel good

“Swara I m not in the mood please go….It was but now its over I got to know….” He said but stopped in middle not to take his name

“She is his brother rite” Swara completed Laksh looks surprised

“U r not upset I fallen in love with the girl because her ur life got ruined” Laksh said

“Be mature Laksh use ur common sense….She was not the one okay….nd I m fed up of this word ruined..” Swara said with a disgusting look

“I agree but she his sister….How can I love her” Laksh said

“Ur doing the same thing which her brother did………giving someone’s punishment to someone else”

Laksh looks her shocked nd was speechless now He thought for a minute nd again argued

“But after knowing her brother’s deed……she didnt let me say a word against her brother……she supported him”

“May be She dont want other to point finger on him….think for a while I have commited a big mistake….so u will starting hate me nd sit with other to curse me ”
Swara said

“Of course not I would have killed that person who use bad words for u” Laksh said

“Exactly she is also doing that ” Swara said

“Why r u taking her side ………? ” He asked suspiously

“I m not taking any one’s side…….I m telling her situation to u “Swara said

“U r looking hapy today any ocasion ” Laksh asked

“Yes…but if u want to know come tomorrow…….Maheshwri company everything will be crystal nd clear ” Swara said with determined tone

“Hmmm…..if u say so….” Laksh said

“Good night…..”

“Good night”

They both smiled nd Swara return to her room

“Finally Tomorrow I ll shed this mask on my face…….I ll free” She smile nd said



Its been three weeks Swara’s exams were over During this Sanskar helped her in her studies nd they become more close
Now three days were left to staythier as Shekhar nd Shomi were coming back Swara was eagerly waiting to tell her feelings to him but waiting for him to say first
Whereas Sanskar plan was to make her confess nd then he will break her heart….but it was becoming lil difficult to resist from her when she is aroung

On fine evening Now swara’s patience were burst she wanted to tell her feeling so decided to propose him no matter what. According to her He also has feeling but not expressing
She messaged to him to come on terrace…….Sanskar smirks as his plan was working He goes to terace it was dark

“Swara…….” He calls her as it was dark

Lights on he see terace well decorated with red roses as it was his favourite flowers Sanskar was surprised to see the decoration

He sees Swara wearing red gown with black borders. She comes near to him kneel down nd say

“I know…I m not the one who u have thought in ur mind…..we r opposite but u see opposite attracts….I dont know how…when…where
I started to feel soo strange…I dont know why I smile to see ur face everytime……U r the one who tolerated my craziness….even when I made u angry
u didnt scolded me……..I think it is getting boring okay fine…..Mr Sanskar Maheshwri………I love u ”

He smiled he felt soo much happy

She shouts “I love u Sanskar……”

He makes her stand nd say “I love u too” nd hugged her

Then reality stucks him he remeber his plan nd breaks the hug nd was about to say something He hear his parents cheering for them
Swara becomes shy nd Sanskar becomes shocked as this was expected


Ap holds his ear nd say “Y did u not say her made my Daughter in law wait”

“But how did u know…..I mean” Sanskar asked

“We r ur parents we know our childrens’s heart….I m so happy for u Sanskar u made me so happy today”
Ap said nd hugged him He continously looking Swara nd tries to smile ashis plan flopped

Dp taps his shoulder nd say

“We r happy from ur decision” Ap comes toward Swara says

“We will talk to Shekhar nd Shomi as soon as poosible….because I want my Daughter in law to come ” She hugged her nd runs to her room

Where as Sanskar looks both of them happy nd curses himself


“What…..u r getting married that to Swara u dont love her rite” Veiren yelled at Sanskar

“I didnt know she would have told Mom dad…..this God Where m I now….everything was perfect she confessed nd was about to say something Mom dad came
u know what they r going to talk Shekhar uncle nd Shomi aunty….this was not I planned what to do now”

“Being a friend I would suggest u……marry her” Verin said Sanskar looks him

“Beleive me she is perfect for u….she is the who can handle u every time…..think about it destiny also giving its signal ” Verin said

“I agree she is perfect but I cant deny the fact I wanted to take revenge from her brother………but I dont want her to suffer with me”

“Okay fine Now what how will u stop this….now ur parents nd her parents are involved” Verin asked

Sanskar thought for a minute nd say

“I ll take revenge……leave her on the day of maraige because I want to her brother in that pain which my sister is suffering” Sanskar said

“But……” Verin tried to argued but Sanskar phone rings nd He left

“How can I stop……u r not doing this rite” Verin said



“Maam…….U have called us ” Every one came in the cabin Dp nd Sanskar were there

“Yes…….Good morning everyone every body is here rite” Swara said
Sanksar looks her confused

“Kabir…..how much time have u been here” Swar asked

“TWO year……but y r u asking this Swara” Sanskar asked as Kabir was a trustworthy man nd she was asking like he has committed something bad

“Mr. Maheshwri…..please will u remain silent…….ur question will be anwsered” Swara said sternly

Police came in nd Swara said them

“Arrest him ”

Kabir in fearing tone asked “Maam….but….what did I do”

“Mr dhanraj….Do u know him”Swara asked coming near He remain silent nd she shouts

“I have asked u something damn it……..werent u spying this company for him”

“Stop it Swara he cant do this……so stop this nd what u have prove” Sankar said angrily

She handed over him detective file Kabir current calls his routine work he worked for Ram for this he was
giving hin ten lakhs

“See this is ur boss who is taknig ur saide speak up….we have the prove u ll be in prison for five yrs but if u say turth u will be spared I know
ur sister is getting married after a week……u want to stop that”

Kabir noded in no nd say

“Yes I was working for him he gave me ten lakhs per month not only to spy but to make ur deals fail ”

Sanskar gives atight puch to him for betraying nd say

” u *** how could u do this we trusted u nd u…..”

“Sometime what we see is not ture…..Mr. Maheshwri…we ahve to be sensible to figure out ” Swara said

Police arrestted Kabir to make write his confession nd on the other hand Ram also got arrested

After they leave Swara handed Dp a file of thier contract in which she returned all the shares of Maheshwri company

“Uncle…the thing for which I come….its done my dad would be proud on me naa?”

Sanskar looks her confused

“He must be proud on u….he is so lucky to have a daughter like u” Dp sai tapping her shoulder

“No I m Lucky to have him my dad….now I can go back Bangalore without tension” Swara said smiling

“So u came to India for this” Sanskar asked in between

“Yes I came here for this not for that……” Swara said sternly

“Then y did u behave like that” He asked agian

“It was a plan” Swara said in same tone

Dp narrated him the story which laskh heared

He hugged his sister nd say “Shona y didnt u tell me……I behaved so rudely to u nd that Ram how dare he thearten u ”

“Laksh calm dowm…..he is now in jail……he thought to ruin my dad’s reputation but now his reputation is at stake ”

Sanskar looked her as he thought wrong about her cursed himself to think like that he wanted to say thank u sorry but
word were not thier to express his feeling rite now he sees them leaving


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