Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 13

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“ummm..Mr…..Maheshwri” Swara hesitated Sanskar who was talking to a man turns to her

“Yes…bossy ” Sanskar said with smile while swara looks away nd say

“What u did few minutes back thanku ”

Before Sanskar could say Ram disturbs them nd taps Swara’s shoulder She felt uncomfortable while Sanskar fumes in anger
He say

“R u enjoying the party Swara….?”

“Miss Gadodia call me that……..Mr. dhanraj…..nd I think We should take a leave as it is late ” Swara said moving away from him

Sanskar felt relieved but Ram fumes in anger by Swara behaiviour

“Sure Miss Gadodia….as u wish ”

Swara n Sanskar headed towards car nd drove to Gadodia Mansion. There was utter silence between too They reached Gadodia mansion as swara about get out
from the Sanskar said

“Can I say u something Swara” Swara stopped nd he continued with out looking her

“This revenge wont give u peace……trust me stop this”

“U r scard of my revenge” Swara asked with out looking him

“No……sharing my experience it only gives hatred from ur loved ones….today ur brother didnt talk u properly ….
ur family might hate u if u continues this….nd that u cant bear ” Sanskar suggested

“Thanx for the concern Mr. Maheshwri…….but Swara Gadodia beared the two dreadful tragedy of her life in one day……her Love’s betrayal
nd lost the precious person….Dad…..When she can bear that she can any thing without shedding a tear….”

Saying that Swara opened the door stepped out nd walks away leaving Sanskar all shocked speechless He said

“This is not u Swara……I know my Swara she neverlet anything hidden in her heart because it suffocate u….now u have hidden so much anger pain
please let it flow this will help …..at least fight with me confront me blame me but do something…..I dont like to see u burning in this….My Swara was never like this”

“My Swara……really” his inner voice debated He closed his eyes nd ignored his inner voice nd headed towards his house


As the days passing Ragini got selected in every round where as Laksh nd Ragini got more close nd knew each
but something was still hidden Ragini’s identity. It was final round Now Laksh had realized his Love depth for her He decided to propose before her
final round Laksh called Ragini

“Hey….Ragini ”

“Hi Laksh….is every thing ok ” Ragini said

“No I was thinking if u can come XYZ place then we ll go together for ur final ” Laksh said hesitating

“I m sorry Laksh but today Bhai said he will come with I was about to call u to inform that today I m going with bhai” Ragini said

“But Ragini come for only five minutes plz……”Laksh said

“Laksh is every thing fine………u sound tensed……is there a problem”Ragini asked tensdly

“No Ragini nothing if u cant come I wont force leave it” Laksh said disappointedly

“Okay Laksh I ll come but only for five minutes I ll tell bhai to come rite at location….okay with u” Ragini said

“Okay its best thank u so much Ragini I ll wait okay “Laksh said excitedly nd disconnect while ragini said to herself

“Why was he acting wired…….strange” She smiled


Ragini reached the venue which Laksh told It was dark room but as she steeped in light on nd a buch of roses fall on her. She smiles nd say

“Laksh where r u”

A screen comes in front nd a picture open of thier first meeting She smiles she hear him

“I met a girl…..beauitful felt that I m connected to her”

Then a new picture flashes of thier friendship beginning

“We became firend ”

Then a set of random pics opens showing their friendship bond

“We became best friends….dont know I felt imense joy when she is around…”

She smiled nd say “Laksh……”

A picture open when her tear was about to drop She looks surprised

“I dont want tears in her eyes…….Dont know y it pains me ”

Her eyes get moist

“I want to make her happy……I want to surprise her…….I want to lost in her laugh…..I want her to shine my morning
I want to her in my dark nights….I want to live with her…..I love her”

Ragini feels some one hold her hand she turns nd find laksh kneel down on his kness

“Will u give rite to love u….to make u happy …….to make u feels that ur the most special person in this world……”

He shouts

“Ragini I love u………Will u marry me ”

Ragini was speechless she was so happy Her happiness was beyond this world She could not utter a word

“Ragini my knees are paining will u say something ur five minutes are over….” Laksh said teasingly

“Yes….I..I love u laksh ” sayinig that he hugged hershe hugged him with full passion

“I love u Ragini ”

“I love u too Laksh…..”

The love birds headed towards competiton hand in hand They both were so much happy
Happiness can be cleared on thier faces


The reached the place where singing competition is conducted…….Sanskar also reched but was far away from crowd as Lakshwas in front to see Ragini performing
Ragini sees Sanskar nd he signs her “All the best”

She performs on Aj mood Ishq holic hai. whole crowd enjoyed the performance nd the time came to announce the winner

“nd the winner is…….Ragini”

The whole crowd cheered for Ragini’s Sucess, Sanskar feels proud on her but he controlled he knew his sister has not told who is she For world she is Ragini not Ragini Maheshwri

She reached to gate nd Laksh hugged her Sanskar was outside busy in his call so couldnt see the gate scene

“Congrtz…..Ragini” Laksh shouted

“Thank u Laksh ” Ragini said happily

They broke the hug walks outside where as Ragini eyes finding his brother to share her happiness MeanwhileLaksh got a call nd he excused came ta a side

“Some one has forgotten her brother huh…?” Ragini heared nd turned to him find Sanskar smiling

“Bhai…” saying that she hugged him nd he hugged him back

“Congratz my princess…” Sanskar said they broke the hug nd Sanskar teases her

“Oh my god……..now u r a singer…..will u meet us ”

“Bhai…..! stop ur teasing……….did u heared me”Ragini asked

“Yes of course how can I miss my princess performance…..lets go mom will be waiting to hear this news” Sanskar said

“Bhai….actually….I m with my friend…..can I come afterward but dont tell mom about it I ll break it okay….”
Ragini said

“Hmm okay….bye……come on time okay” Sanskar hugged her nd left in car

While Laksh who was coming shocked to see Ragini hugging Sanskar. He was froze nd cannot analyze what is happening He came to Ragini nd asked

“Who was he……..” Ragini felt that he is disturbed nd replied

“He is my brother”

“U mean u r Ragini Maheshwri…….Sanskar Maheshwri’s sister rite” Laksh asked tensdly

“Yes but how do u know my brother…..Oh I got it u met him in any business seminar rite” Ragini asked excitedly

“No…….do u know what happened ur back…..what ur brother did” Laksh askd with anger. She noticed his anger nd got scared nd asked

“What…..Laksh I want to know what happened at my back” Ragini asked tensedly

He narrated the whole story which made Ragini shocked nd speechless

“Now what will u say……ur brother ruined my sister life” Laksh asked

“I ll talk to bhai I know he must have had his side story ” Ragini said

“Really…..Ragini so hear his side story….it was u because u damn he used ur name to ruin my sister’s life
because he thought I m the one who betrayed u…….ur brother is…..” As he could complete Raginisaid angrily

“Stop it…….Laksh just stop rite there……before I talked to my brother I wont let u say any thing to my brother
I know he is not like this……..I know he has something to say…..I want to hear him first”

“Fine hear ur bhai then….u dont trust then this relationship doesnt have meaninig…..It over between us Good bye”
Laksh said angrily nd walks away

“Laksh…….” She said nd see him going tear were flowing from both of thier eyes


“Bhai I want to……..” Ragini said while entering in his cabin but stopped when he saw Swara

“Who r u …….?” Ragini asked

“I m Swara…Swara Gadodia….new contorler of ur company but If I m not wrong u r Ragini…..Ragini Maheshwri rite”
Ragini shocked to see her nd think for a moment Swara Gadodia means Laksh’s sister She immediately asked her

“Means u r laksh’sister rite…”Swara was shocked to hear Laksh name from her mouth

“Yes but how do u know him…..?” Swara asked

“We met few days back in my friend’s wedding…..we became friend but now…..” She stopped as she remeber what Laksh said

Swara understand nd asked her

“But now u love each other”

“No we didnt knew each other Laksh got to know today that who I m nd I didnt knew any thing as I was…..” Ragini said

“As U was in coma U didnt know anything…nd now u know everything as I know my brother’s anger….he must have told u rite”
Swara completed her

Ragini looks her suspiciously

“Did my brother do something……” Ragini asked

Swara moved to window nd nd without looking her she says

“Unfortunately what my brother told u is true”

“So u r here to take revenge then….” She asked frim tone Swara remained silent on this question

“What make difference then by doing this” Ragini questioned

“By doing this I ll get my peace” Swara relied with a dtermined tone Ragini looked her confused

She turns to leave but stopped by Swara’s voice

“Ragini……Can I suggest u something” Ragini turned nd say


“Dont hate ur brother…..He has done this for u…….” Swara said

“Have u forgiven my brother…?” Ragini asked

“Have u forgiven Lucky…….? ” Swara asked back nd looks her Ragini was shocked looking her

“I think u got ur reply……Bye nice to meet u” Swara said while Ragini looks her nd understand nd left from there

“Oh my brother is in love” Swara whisper nd smiled as something is cooking in her mind

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