Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 12

I m sorry for late update nd thank u all silent reader who wait for my ff I m really thank ful to so here u go


“Princess….! Where were u…?” Sanskar asked ashe entered in Ragini’ room

“Bhai….! I was angry u know what mom said?” Ragini complainet

“What….” Sanskar asked

“Mom said she will look good allaince for my maraige ” Ragini answered. Sanskar understood his sister but pretended to know exactly what she is thinking

“So….whats bad in it….u have to get maraige one day” Sanskar said

“Bhai u also…..I dont wanna talk nd say to mom dont do that becoz I m not going to marry now” Ragini said

“May I know the reason….? “Sanskar asked

“Bhai U know then u r asking….” Ragini complaint

“I know………but cant u forget that incident start new beginning” Sanskar suggested
Ragin looked him nd said

“Bhai I have forgotten….but u know what these memories cant be removed from our minds….nd for beginning I have started my singing
I want to practice that first then any thing else ” Ragini said

As Ragini completed Sanskar lost in his world realizing each n every word which portrayed him Swara’s situation…Ragini shaked him

“Bhai…! where r u?”

“Yeah I m fine….. u take rest nd dont worry no one will force u to maraige untill u r agree okay”
Sanskar said

“okay ” saying that he hugged her nd she hugged him back


The next morning

“Good Morning Bossy” as he stepped in Swara’s cabin Sanskar said

“Knock before u come……dont u have manners Mr. Maheshwri” Swara said sternly

“Well….I m not sorry for this bossy….Its my cabin u can see the name plate ” saying that he sat on the couch Swara
asked him

“What r u doing go to ur desk” swara said

“No I wont….because its my cabin If u want ucan leave” Sanskar said with attitude

“I think u have forgotten about our deal ” She said angrily nd get up from her seat nd goes near to his couch
He stands come near to her nd say calmly

“Nd I think U have forgotten what I told u day before yesterday…….I will sit here nd my eyes are on u…..U r here to destroy
I wont let this happen….I will make u what u were ” Sanskar said coming closer to her

“Nd what I was…….a fool who came in ur trap of revenge” Swara said sarcastically. Sanskar stopped hold her by her waist nd whisper in her

“No who knew to love not revenge others” Swara eyes widened nd thier was intense eye lock between the love birds Suddenly they heared
a knock nd they both came back in thier senses nd apart each other

Kabir stepped in said

“Mam Mr. dhanraj sent an official invitation for todays party….”

“Okay…..put it on table nd go ” Swara said while turning not facing anyone

“Sir….! U r here….wont u come on desk” Kabir asked
Sanskar stared him nd he realized nd say “okay ” by his eyes movement nd left

“I m not used to work in anyone presence better to leave” She said softly

“I m sorry I mnot leaving nd u will work here” He said

She turned nd came close to him

“Dont think every thing will happen according to u everytime…..no…….this Swara Gadodia know how to take control on things”Swara said Her anger
was visible in her eyes

“Go a head….I m here bossy” He said calmly which made her more furious

“but wait what will u do Bossy…….umm lets think…..because in contract its noy written that u will occupy my cabin as well” He continued

Swara was speechless nd now she had no option but to accept her defeat. She was irrtated but more than that she was worried because in his presence she cant focus on her plan
She sat on her seat back stared him who was busy in his laptop

in her mind she said

“Cant u leave me alone……..I wont accept my defeat so easily” she quickly texted Dp who was busy in his cabin he texted her

“Dont worry…! If u will force him he will doubt u that ur upto something….let him do it ”

Swara got his text nd get disapointed nd think

“I wont let u come close to me again…mistake are done for once….” She busy her self in her work

Suddenly wind blows in her no thier cabin He saw Swara disturbed with her hair because they were coming on her face covering her beauitful
face….He got up walked near her table nd comes near to her seat….She looks him confused. He bends down nd gently removes her hair from her face

Swara says “SANSKAR…..”

“Sssshhh….” sanskar placed a finger on her mouth nd come closer to her nd she closed her lips
He too……But then he opens his eyes nd find himself on sofa. He realized it was a dream. He smiles to think about it
while Swara sees him smiling nd wonder what happened to him

“Crazy man…..” swara said her in mind



“Beta have ur breakfast……..It is not good if u dont have ur breakfast” Anapurna insisted Swara

Swara quickly comes make a roll of paratha nd took thier blessing

“Aunty I ll have in car….oops my jeep…bye” Swara said

“Ur jeep but its gone for service rite u told me…” Sanskar came wearing his official suit

“Noooo I have forgotten……crab ” She said tensedly

“Sanskar u drop her ” Dp said

“Hmmm okay dad….lets go” Sanskar said. Swasan headed towards car sat in to car

In between thier journey Swara was getting impatient she was getting late for exam nd more importantly she drove her jeep on full speed
but Sanskar was going usual speed….Now Swara lost her patience nd but calm her nd tries to spoke gently

“Sanskar will uplz drive fast…U know I have exams today”

Sanskar said calmly

“Relax Swara u r just tensed thats it ”

Now Swara lost her patience nd bursted out

“Sanskar……..! stop the car now ” She almost shouted

“Swara….! what happen why r u shouting at me ” He stopped nd asked her

“Get down from the car rite now” Swara said angrily nd got down

“SWARA……” he got down nd yelled at her

She quickly got driving seat nd signalled him to sit next to her He was angry this as this his car nd she was
behaving as if she somthing else
He got in the car nd start scolding her

“What is this….its ur exams nd u r…..”

Swara started the car in full speed nd said

“Exactly today is my exam………..not next year u were driving slow I want to be at time…..I dont like to be late soo plz be quit”
Swara said looking front

They reach the university nd Swara got up nd starts to walk but stopped in her….while Sanskar expected she will say something
She turned nd come near to the car nd said in a frim tone

“Dont think I ll say sorry to u for this………..No I m not sorry for this but yes thank u to offer me to drop me here..”

She continued

“Now wish me luck……”

“hUH….” Sanskar exclaimed

“Okay thank u bye” Swara said nd ran for exams While Sanskar smile nd said

“Good luck……..”



“Should I go in? ” Sanskar said whle standing outside Gadodia Mansion

“Can u face them all at the same time” His inner voice debated

“But I m here to pick her…..so” Sanskar said. Saying he went in nd entered in hall

“Every thing is same as it was before….” Sanskar said to himself

“But the people are changed” he heared voice nd turned to see It was Laksh

“I thought U wont dare to come here after what happened” Laksh said sarcastically

“nd I thought u wont face me after what happened because of u…….my sister’s life was at stake” Sanskar said
with full atittude

“I said u at that day I was not person but seems like some body does nt have self respect “Laksh said smiling which made him furious

“LAKSH……..” He almost shouted

“Stop it u too……” Swara shouted when she entered in the hall. She was wearing blue sleevless gown with front colar
nd silver stone border was making that gown even more beauitful. As Sanskar saw he was mesmerized by her
look Every thing was complimenting her nd it was hard to take his eyes from her….There was silence then laksh speaks

“Are u going somewhere Shona…….?”

“Yes going to attend a business party….I ll be late just tell mom to sleep on time she is not feeling well from few days” Swara said coming near
to Laksh

“R u going with him……..?” Laksh asked

“I m waiting for u come fast” Sanskar said nd he went out

“Shona…..u said not to ask u anything I agreed but this is…..” Laksh said with a disbleiving look

“LAKSH……..Listen” She calls him but he left the room without listenning to her She said

“I m doing this for u nd Dad…..I m sorry for hurting u” Swara said disappointedly nd come outside

“Who said u to come here to pick me” Swara asked as he come near to Sanskar who was standing with the car

“I thought we will go together” Sanskar said nd turning to get in the car

“Together….seriously” swara taunted Sanskar heared but pretended he didnot hear

they both get in nd headed towards the venue


“Oh……I was desperately waiting for u Swara……..I must tell u r looking gorgeous today” Ram flirted with him

“Well Thank u Mr. Dhanraj ” She said smile. Meanwhile Sanskar observing this burning in jealousy

They entered the venue Ever one congratulate Swara for collaboration with Karma while Sanskar was sitting in bar
Ram came nd while looking Swara he asked

“What made u leave such a beauty….”

“What” Sanskar was not looking at him that y didnt understand his word he turned to him nd saw Ram staring Swara who was talking to other people

“I m talking about her…….” Ram said

“Dont u dare to……”Sanskar stopped while Ram got the chance to make him angry more

“Dont dare to what……Sanskar I m thinking to Dance with her tonight “Ram said with a broad smile nd wlks near to her but
Sanskar quickly got up nd went to Swara. He hold her hand nd drag her Dance floor

She resisted her self from his grip but he held her by her wiast nd pulled her to him . They looking in each other eyes
There was passion of hatred, anger, love in thier eyes
The song started Yeh fitoor

They both started dance with agresion mixed in it He pulled her more closer. She moves awy but he turn her nd lift her
He again turned her both were looking each other he held her waist she put her hand on his shoulder They both were close to each other
ready to kiss but song ended They heared loud aplaud nd came back to senses Thay moved away nd look each other as what can be happened few seconds back

Swara left the Dance floor nd went to bathroom she washed her face nd look her reflection nd reminces thier Dance she closed eyes to forget. After sometimes she was going
outside but was stuck due to a nail at wall she pulled her slf but her zip stared to open slowly.She was not aware of this she went out

On the other side Sanskar smile remincing thier dance but confused whay he is happy when she is around her what is going on
He saw Swara coming she stopped by a lady she started their chatting. Sanskar observed a man continously staring Swara’s back he came near to them but he swa swaras back from mirror
Swara’s bare back was visible. HIs anger was now become a volcano any time to burst He stand s infront of man who was staring her The man swa his anger nd gone
The lady left Swara when she turn she found Sanskar standing She asked with atitude

“What r u doing ”

He ignored her word nd dragged to back of the pillar where no one is there to see them Swara was shocked he was holding her by her waist
She was angry resisting from his grip but he tightens his grip they were eyeing ecah other in an angry look

“What the hell is this….Leave me It wont be good for u” Swara ordered him

He pulled her more closer nd his hand were raising to her zip nd he zip it……She realized nd shocked

“I dont love to touch get this….its u who cnt carry her outfit u know how that man was staring ur…..” He said looking away nd leave her with full power nd walks away

Swara left speechless but from inner side she wants to say Thank u

“Thank u…….Sanskar” Swara whispered

He turned to her conveying as he heared….She looked away

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