Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 11

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Its been on week Swara staying in Maheshwri mansion, Anapurna nd Durga prasad were getting
closer to her, while Sanskar had an strange feeling when he was with Swara, but can not figure out what
He totally ignore his newly built feelings of his heart towards Swara. On one evening, Swara
didnot come for lunch on that day when Anapurna asked her She refused to eat as her exams was starting after two days
She was studying hard for it, so in evening she didnt even come for dinner. All had thier dinner peacefully but were worried for Swara
Ap sent glass of milk to her as she didnt had her dinner….Suddenly waiter came fast nd told them swara is lying on the
floor. Every one got worried nd rushed to her room. Sanskar lifts her to bed nd Dp called the doctor. As Dr came he checks her nd Sanskar says

“Is everything ok na Dr…..we have to admit her in hospital…will she be fine…..What happen to her plz tell”

Dr informed them

“Relax……! Mr. Maheshwri…..Calm down……it happen when someone is in stress. She is fine but let her eat something so that she will
be fine I have given these medicines plz give her on time ”

Sanskar worriedly said

“Dont worry dr. I ll take care of her….give it to me”

Ap n dp were amazed by his sudden behaiviour as he never showed this much care to someone nd that too a girl except his sister
They find something fishy in thier son nd smiled as they understand thier son’s care. They were happy because they know Swara nd she ll be good bahu
nd best for Sanskar wife.

As dr left….ap asked him

“Sanskar dont worry….I m here u go in ur room go……take rest ”

Sanskar didnot wanted to go but he said with a heavy heart

“Okay Mom as u say but if she need something call me”

Dp noticed his expression nd signs his wife to stop pulling his leg nd she siad

“Dont worry…..U wnna stay here na to look after her…stay here….we r going”

She cups his face nd give her blessing while Sanskar doesnot utter a word. He wonder y he is so concerned for her
Dp n ap leaves the room nd orders the servant to give dinner when Swara wakes

Sanskar sits beside her caresses her hair nd stare her with care. Meanwhile after 1 hr Swara wakes nd slowly opens her eyes, she see Sanskar
staring her Thay stare each other….lost in each other after a while Swara realizes nd remeber her exams
hold his hand to see the time nd start panic

“Oh my god I slpt for much time…..I had to study…..my books where r they” She gets up nd start roaming
here there. Sanskar tries to calm her

“Swara relax……u have two days calm down have ur dinner first”

“No Sanskar……its physics u dont know its my weak subject………plz I have to study dont have the to eat plz go…..take rest”
Swara agian start finding her books nd panics. While Sanskar tries to make her eat but all his techniques was going in vain He lost his
patience……holds nd angrily say

“SWARA……..listen me first…….eat ur dinner…….I know u r worried I ll help u but first eat because few hrs back she felt unconcious…so eat ”

Swara was shocked to see his anger for the first time nd realizes that she is weak too so say to calm him down

“Really I fell on floor…..but look u r holding me…..is this a way to talk to the patience”

Sanskar ealizes nd looses his grip nd smile nd say

“If patience r like u……then they should be like this…..” he said in sarcastic tone nd say

“Lets have ur dinner nd then……milk”

“Milk……! me I ll have my dinner but not milk dont become my mother…ok” Swara exclaimed

“First have ur dinner” sanskar said. Swara had her dinner peacefully while sanskar thinking about her childish
behaiviour nd smiling. Now she was done with dinner, Sanskar handed her the glass of milk

“I said I wont plz…..Sanskar…..I dont like to drink….I thought after mom dad going to London I would be free from this
nd u r……..” Swara said dramatically

“Swara…..stop ur childish behaiviour” Sanskar said giving her a strong look

“childish…..! me……now see what a child Swara does” Swara said nd start running in the room while putting the milk glass a side

“Swara…..plz drink ur milk……otherwise I m calling to Sharmishta aunty U know then what will happen afterwards….” Sanskar said while running nd stop

“U cant threaten…..Swara Gadodia….I m not scared of anyone” Swarasaid with atittude

“Really challenge now see what Sanskar maheshwri do” Sanskar said while taking out his moblie nd dailing some no. which made Swara tensed nd tries to take
mobile from him but he jerks….she said accepting her defeat

“Okay fine I m drinking dont call mom” Swara said with an angry look. She drank a whole glass while he was smirking looking her
After she had finish He said

“Swara I should confess something…..I didnt had Sharmishta auntys number”
Swara was shocked nd start running behind him. They fall on bed. Swara was top on Sanskar, her hairs were covering her hair. He takes her hair
aside nd move closer to her They were inches apart, when Sanskar realize what he is doing. While notice his expression nd get up. both were nervous confused as what
happened few seconds back.

Swara get up from bed nd thinks about her exams nd start panic

“Oh god….! help me I have to study……these exam…”

Sansakr starts laughing teased her

“I didnt know u r scared of exams…” Swara gave her an angry look nd said

“I m not scared of exams….its physics nt u know what its my weak subject….but this time I want to get marks in this at any cost”

“Only in Physics……?” Sanskar asked

“Yes because…..I want to show lucky that I can score good in physics” Swara said, while on hearing lucky word he got furious nd silent

Swara shakes him nd asked him “What happen…..?”

Sanskar hides his anger nd say “Dont worry this time u will score highest mark for sure”

Swara look him confused nd ask “Highest marks…..that too in physics…really? how?”

sanskar say holding her hand “Dont worry……I m there I ll help u……I was good in physics ”
Swara happily said

“Really….thanku soo much sanskar” saying this she huged him nd he too hug her back

after breaking hug she asked him

“Promise me that U wont sold me” Sanskar looked her confusingly

“Y should I scold u” he asked

“Because I m a stubborn student…..u r helping me in physics….which is a worst subject to me….
Usually when Lucky help me….he gave up saying this is not my cup of tea so thats y think again….I
CANT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING AT ONCE………i take time to understand okay with u”

Sanskar looks her cute face which has honesty simply smile says

“Dont worry….even I m stubborn too so lets start it”

They had cute moments nd Swara started to fall for Sanskar. His care, his anger, his stubborn atitude
arrogant style every thing was admired by her



“Mom I have been selected in first round” shouted Ragini as she entered in the house

“Congratz….! Ragini I knew my daughter have meladious voice ” Ap said

A lady was ther she was friend of Anapurna also congratulate her but then said

“Ap u should find someone for Ragini….Its her age of getting marry”

“Aunty plz thanks for ur concern…….but for now I m not intersted” Ragini said with a fake smile

“For now u r not intersted but…….after some time no one would be intersted in u” She said in
sarcastic tone

“Dont worry aunty I promise u one think……..whether someon intersted me or not…..I would be happy with my family” Ragini argued

“Stop it Ragini……what wrong aunty is saying….just go in ur room….this is not the way to talk to ur elder ” Ap said in bit angry tone

Ragini felt dis hearted nd went to outside in anger with the key this was not noticed by ap as she thought she would going in
garden to take her frustation out. she said to the lady

“I m sorry for her behaiviour” saying that they started thier women type conversaation


Ragini was not angry from her mom….She was heart broken she start remincing her love,…….betrayal nd her accident
She stopped her car near a lake. It was peaceful place she sat down on the grass nd were in teary eyed
She suddenly realizes someone tapps her shoulder. She turns nd finds Laksh

He gets tensed on seeing her in teary eyes nd asked her

“What Happen……r u okay ragini”

“Laksh….! how come u here ” Ragini asked while looking away nd wiping her tears

“I come every evening…..u see there is peace in this air…….but I also asked u something answer me” Laksh said while sitting on

“Nothing…..! Just having fresh air” Ragini said not looking him

“Really…….If u can u can share with me ur problems….I may help u in that” Ragini looked him. His eyes were telling her belive him

She said

“Sit beside me silently….” Laksh nodded in yes while both were looking the lake flowing smoothly. There was utter silence between the two
The fresh air conveys his feeling to her that he is with her by her side for sure. After a while Ragini starts

“Laksh u know y…..I dont call u lucky” Laksh looks at her Ragini says

“HOw fool I m…..how would u know……..U know I love someone his name was lucky ” Laksh looks her astonishingly
She continues while looking at same direction

“We loved…….no I loved him alot….but for him I was a bet…….We lived in London for years….but dad came here as he loves India alot
but I stayed here because of study…my family shifted to India……He was two years senior…we met in freshers party he was sweet, handsome, caring
…….but who knows some one act so smoothly….I fell in love with him…..his bet was to make me confess my feeling…..nd look I the fool confess
my feeling…….u know what he did laksh”

Ragini looks at him nd continues

“He…he broke my heart….he made fun of me…..insulted my love…..I was heart broken at that day I remeber
that time I drunk for the first time……..this thing I never tolg to any one not even bhai
the car was on full speed ……I lost control……met an accident…..U know Laksh when did I open my eyes
……..few days back……I was in coma for 5yrs…..”
Her tears were flowing from her eyes. He didnt understand that how to consol her…he hugged her nd said

“I can understand ur pain….calm down Ragini…..I have seen my own sister in this pain”

Ragini breaks hugs nd looks in his eyes. He wipes her tear nd say

“Yes my sister….she also went through this pain ns still going through….”

Before she could ask him about the matter her phone vibrates nd sees Sanskar calling
She pick the call

“Ragini where r u….?” she could feel tension in his voice she knew he was worried for her as she didnt inform any one leaving
so she replied

“I m coming Bhai…..?” saying that she disconnected

“I have to leave…..laksh….everyone is waiting bye” Ragini said getting up. Laksh holds her hand nd asked

“R u okay Ragini….?”

“I m fine thank u for listenning me peacefully…bye ”

laksh said “If u need a friend…I m always there for u….bye” they both smile while looking each other

No doubt they were falling for each other in this peaceful air. Its just both the love birds are unaware of the fact


“So u r here ?” Swara said. An old man get out of his car nd stand infront of her

“How was the meeting……? ” He asked

“it was great uncle…….he is trusting me…….he thinking his plan is working which is good for him” The old man smiled

“Good….very good……Mr. dhanraj u should not make it personal now uhave to bear it” He said

“Yeah exactly…….he threatened me If I wont destroy U….he will ruin my father’s reputation….dp uncle” She said

“Dont I wont let him ruin my firends name………it was clever plan Imust say nd u rgreat actress ” he compliment

“It was not difficult for me to be harsh with u nd ur son u know y……?” Swara said sarcastically A slight of guilt showed in his eyes
she said

“It was important for ur son to think I m here to destroy him…..his anger will asure ram that I hate him……nd with him” Swara said

“I know…….Ram knows each nd every thing of our lives……..I wonder how ” Dp asked

“There is some one in office who is reporting him…we have to find out because he knew Sanskar made the presentation ”
Swara said

“Really but who” dp asked in astonishment

“We have to find that person………I have inform the detective they r on thier job…..but……” Swara said but stoped


“Their is a problem ” Swara said

“problem…..?” dp asked

“Ur son….he becoming hurdles in my way” Swara said

“Dont worry I ll handle but u focus on ur plan okay……” Saying this he leaves

Swara says

“If my dad’s reputation was not at stake…..I wouldnt had come back”


This was before two yrs back….Swara was settled her business…..One day she recieved a buiseness offer from Ram dhanraj
She accepted his offer nd meet her. He offered her destroying Maheshwri. She denied him but to her shock
He knew her personal life soo much deeply. He knew she was heart broken so he said

“Miss Gadodia…he ruined ur life for no reason nd the reason which he gave was a stupid one join me We will ruin Sanskar Maheshwri ”

“Get lost…from here its not ur matter i ll handle just leave nd come back” Swara shouted him

“Relax Miss Gadodia……think for a second if I know about u so much then I would know about ur Dad’s illegitimate relation” He threaten her

“What r u saying….say it clearly” Swara pretended

“okay as u say….I know Laksh is not ur legal brother……..what if this news breaks…..u know what will happen” he said smirking

“Dont u dare to that….it wont be good for u ” Swara said

“Good for me plz…..Miss Gadodia threaten those who can be threatened by u not me …..think about it I give u two days as I m here
for two days” Saying that he left

She was tensed. She didnt knew whom to talk she unintensionally dailed Durga prasad number. He picked the call nd ask her what happen

“Uncle…….Dad…name ram ” Swara was shivering

“Swara what happen is there some problem ” Dp asked

“Uncle I need u can u come here Bangalore nd dont tell ur son about this plz its a request” Swara said at once

“Swara okay calm down…. Ill come ” dp asid asuring her

The next day he reached Bangalore telling everyone that he is going for a meeting. He reached Swaras house….she narrated him the story

“Uncle I cant let Laksh know about this u know how sensitive he is…..dad’s name no?”

“Swara relaxe…..I wont Shekhar’ name down…say yes to him” Dp suggested her

“Are u saying to take revenge from u nd……” she stopped

“Swara we will make him understand that everything is going according to him….U will behave as rudely as u can”
Dp said

“but uncle I have to behave cruel towards u….no I cant do that plz solve it with another idea” Swara said

“Swara for ur dad…..dont worry u r not taking revenge u r helping us nd helping urself” Dp consoled her nd Swara looked
him confused

“urself……” swara asked

“because after destroying us he will defintely ruin Shekahr because the leading companies of kolkata is us Maheshwri n Gadodia ”
Dp said

“hmm okay…I m in but for my dad…..nd for him ” she said looking away

“I know….okay Ill go….but dont start the plan now ur buissness is not stable yet make it stable nd the strongest first”

“Will he give me this much time to get stable……” swara asked

“Just say that u will going to occupy Maheshwri nd capture it….” Dp said


He left to India while She agreed Rams demand

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