Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 10

Thank u for ur support…..So here u go with some new twist nd turns hope u like it


“Do u know what she is doing Dad” Sanskar said while entering cabin

“She is dealing with our rival…….can u imagine maheshwris dealing with karmas” He continued

“I know what she is doing….but we can stop her” Dp said in depressed tone

“No dad we can she is share holder but not the owner….the final decision would be urs” Sanskar said

“At the time of deal we accepted her condition that her decision would be final….we accepted ” Dp said

Sanskar rolled his eyes nd said

“She wants me to prepare the presentation ”

“Do that…..dont think they r rival just business man then u wont be feel bad in it”
Dp said while looking down

“Dad what happened to u…….Y r u behaving helpless…we can do something is this important ” Sankar come nd hold his shoulder

“Sanskar I fear for something if this was not important…..I wouldnt let this happen”Dp said with out realizing his word

“Fear for what……” Sanskar said

“No nothing…..just go nd do ur work let me be alone” Dp said as realized nd tries to hide it

While Sanskar felt something fishy in his behaiviour, he was noticing his Dad since Swara took over the company. He felt
something is there which he is hiding nd tried to figure out what but when he saw his dad is not ready to tell he left his cabin

“There is something u dont know Sanskar…….in these situation I know u r controling urself but trust me I ll make every thing ”
Dp said as he said

On the other hand Sanskar decides to deal with the situation by his style


“Ah……! Finally done” He said while completing the presentaion

“But wiat I have to go to give her………no Sanskar Maheshwri let her wait for this she would be expecting u to hand over her but
not that easy miss bossy……u made me angry now u have to come to me” Sanskar said to himself with a devilish expression

I was 6pm nd as his prediction that Swara would be waiting for him….yes he was rite she was waiting because she needed the presentation but Sanskar
didnt come. It was 9 nd now she was hell frustrated nd irritated as why the presentaion is not there on her table. She got up angrily nd leaves the cabin
nd comes straight to his desk. He was sipping his hot coffee while sitting very calmly . He saw Swara nd say with a calm tone

“Hey Miss bossy…..How come u r here u must be very busy or u have another work for me ”

“Where is the presentation Mr. Maheshwri…..?” Swara ask angrily

“Oh that……the presentation was done three hours backs……but u see I had many other important work as well ” Sanskar said with a smile .Now Swara was more furious as
he kept her waiting for 3 hours for no reason

“I said I wanted that presentation on my table” Swara said angrily

“Oh really……let me think first…….oh God u have not mention I was thinking to give u tomorrow morning ” Sanskar said

“Have u forgotten everything Mr. Maheshwri” Swara said arrogantly

“Oh god….! miss bossy r u not fed up of repeating this thing ever time…..now get that straight……U r not the owner
mind u ….nd as far as this company is concerned let me tell u we r not ur slave if u have 52% shares…….then we also have
49% shares okay u can take decision for the company but can not rule on us…….so remeber that ”

Swara was hell shocked to listen him….she never expected this speech from him She was speechless where as Sanskar showed her his business sidewhich he didnt showed
her at first but after the morning confrontation he lost his patience

Swara take the file nd presentation, without uttering a word she left the office Sanskar smirks nd said

“After what u did ….I m not sorry


It was first morning for Swara in Maheshwri mansion she was missing her parent she woke up earlier as it was new place nd she was not
comfortable. She came outside nd see servant just waked one of the servant greeted her. she went to thier house Mandir nd asked one of the servants

“No one does morning arthi here…….?”

“Maam Ragini maam does but after her accident no one does because every one missed her badly….ap maam does at the beginig but dp sir stoped as he dont want to hear except her daughter”
Servant said

“Ragini….Who is she” Swara asked servant anwers “dp’s daughter ”

“hmm…..Can I do it……?” Swara asked

“Maam I dont know Dp sir dont like that her daughter’s work done by someone else”

“Dont worry kaka I ll handle plz arrange this Todays morning arti I ll do” Swara said with excitment

She starts arti in her meladious voice every one hears nd comes outside. Sanskar hears nd say

“My sister is back ” but as he reached. everyone including Sanskar is shocked to see Swara doing that
Sanskar comes to stop her but Ap stop him nd signs him no

She completed arti nd comes to distribute the prasad. Dp praises er voice nd she take blessings nd say

“Uncle Im sorry kaka told me but if we wont do morning arti will ur Ragini be happy……when she comes to know”

“I know but we want to hear her…….I m glad for once we thought our Ragini is back “Dp said
Sankar looks him she gives sweet to every one was about to give Sanskar he left the place saying

“He has some improtant work so excuse” Swara felt bad by his behaiviour Ap tap her shoulder nd say

“I m sorry on behalf of him……I saw his smile after eight month….ur voice made him think that her sisterback from coma
but his smile faded when he saw u……..”

“I ts ok aunty I understand…….he misses her….but dont worry I ll give him sweet ”

She leaves nd goes to his room. He was standing near window seeing his nd Ragini’s photo. She comes nd see what is he looking
she says

“She is really beauitful I must say…..more than his brother” He smiles nd looks at her. He had tears in his eyes
Swara puts her thal , looks him nd come closer to him She touches cares his cheek nd touch his tear He felt good by her touch
She was moving more close nd whisper

“I told u…..I dont like to see tears in my friends eyes” saying this she wipes the tears nd say

“She will be fine…….but if u will cry like this she will be hurt by this….” she moves aside nd say in her style

“Even god will not like this….u have nt taken the sweet nd comes to room……what will he think ”

“Hmmmm….I m sorry Swara…..I have not praised ur voice….U must be thinking…..” swara stoped him by putting finger

“Sssshh….I m not thinking any thing……(change her tone) nd I know I m lil good at singing so chill… Mr. whatever”

“Sanskar….” Sanskar said with attitude

“Yeah rite….now have this nd go to bathroom hurry up” saying this she gives him sweet nd leaves . He smiles but realize
that she is a pawn to him thats it


“How can he talk to me like this ” Swara said while entering her room. She throw her stuff what she was holding

“No….Swara u cant loose patience…….focus on ur goal…..he is distracting u from this” her inner voice said

She heared a knock nd opens the door Laksh was standing. He was shocked to see the room so messy
he asked while entering

“Shona……what r u doing ”

“Nothing these paper sacttered because of wind” she lied Laksh notice some paper on which Maheshwri company was written he asked showing the paper

“What is this……? Swara was shocked nd dont know what to say .Laksh again asked

“Shona what r these paper……r u dealing…..” Swara said

“with Maheshwri” she knew now she cant hide it from him On other hand Laksh was furious to know and asked her again

“Y shona……have u forgotten everything…? Swara didnt respond He shouts

“Swara I need an answer….y”

“I cant tell u this….I m sorry” Swara said while looking away

“Shona look at me…..answer me u r here for rvenge ” he held her shoulder. Swara was shocked as she was not expecting this
question from him she didnt reply. He shakes her nd say

“God damn it speak ”

“No I m not here for revenge……u get that….dont u know ur sister tell me” Swara said pushing him back

“So why r ru doing this……..” Laksh asked again

“There is a reason but I m not going to tell u now….plz dont ask ” Swara said
He hold her hand

“Swara…..” she jerks nd say

“No Laksh…….I m not going to tell u now….just remeber that I told u i m doing something for dad…..I m doing for him
nd I guess I get my inner peace by doing this so plz dont ask further question if u trust me ”

Laksh left the room with out uttering a word but something was disturbing him more…why is she doing this but he knew if she
is saying she is not doing this for revenge then there must be a reason behind

Next day afternoon

“Hey Ragini…it was ur first round rite….tell what happened….? Laksh asked her Ragini was looking down nd then say

“Laksh……my….I m ” she shivered but then shouts with happiness

“Laksh I m selected…..I m selected” saying she hugged him and say

“Thank u soo much……Laksh ” Laksh was also happy nd hugged her back

“I m also happy for u” Suddenly she realizes she is hugging him. She broke the hug nd say

“Sorry…..actually….I ”

“Its okay….Ragini I understand” Laksh said turns to leave but she hold his hand nd say

“Some one is forgetting his condition ” Laksh remeber nd say

“Yeah I totally I forget……but nice u remeber so tell whats my treat” Laksh said with excitment
They went to resturant. In this meeting they get to know each other nd spent great time


“Hello Mr dhanhraj ” Swara greeted him

Mr. Ram dhandraj is a young tall fair handsome man around 29 yrs. He runs his company Legally but also
deals with illegal thing. He love his reputation , money

He holds Swara hand bend to kiss her hand but she jerks before he kiss. While Sanskar felt like kiling him
that how he hold her hand. Ram was loving his anger finally his rival propose a proposal of business but he talks to Swara

“Miss Gadodia we r glad to deal with u……Afterall we r the leading companies after Gadoddia rite” While looking Sanskar

“Yeah thats why u r here dealing with the number 1 leading company of Kolkata i.e with Maheshwri ” Sanskar said with atitude

“Well lets start the meeting” Swara said

“Yeah sure ” they started thier meeting Sanskar presented his presentation After that Ram said

“well I mnot satisfied with presentation….its not good “He said while Sanskar as he knew this is prepared by him. he continued

“but u r handling now Miss Gadodia….I m signing the deal ” He said to Swara

“Oh plz see ur profit or lose not the people…….if u rnot satisfied then go anywhere else” Sanskar said angrily

“Plzz Mr. Dhanraj act mature…tell me r u signing the deal or not ” Swara said giving a stare to Sanskar to keep quiet
They proceeded with the paper work nd then Ram anounces

“Miss Gadodia…..I m celebrating yesterday will u join me”

“Celebration for what” Sanskar asked

“For our collabration….what do u say are u coming Miss Gadodia” Ram said before swara could say he said

“We will be there……for sure ”

Swara stared him for a while as she didnt want to go in the party nd he said Yes with out asking.
On the other side Sanskar thought he cant let Swara go alone in Ram’s party. Ram leaves nd Swara stormed at him

“How dare you said Yes to him”

“So….do u want to go alone there?” Sanskar said with atitude

“I m going alone or with someone…..U just dont poke ur nose in between…….U get that”

Meanwhile there phone rang at same time nd they recievd go to side to talk

Sanskar call

“Bhai I got selected in first round” Ragini said with excitment

“Really…..! congratz my princess ” Sanskar said with a smile

“Bhai…..! only congratz wont do good I want my gift”

“Yeah sure….tell what do u want…..anything for my princess” Sanskar said

“Ummmm…….my favourite Icecream……nd dont say no “Ragini said

“Hmmm okay…..I have an important work I ll see u in evening….bye” Sanskar said nd disconnects the call

Swara’s call

“Is the meeting…..?” Some one asked her as she lift the call

“Yes…the meeting is done…..but I want to discuss something….can we meet …?” Swara asked

“Hmmm….Yes be at that place where we meet okay”

“okay I m coming………” Swara said


Think who could be nd why Swara doing this……..

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