swasan-is that hate or love? prologue + character sketch


Hi guys I’m tasneem and this is my first FF i hope you enjoy it.. BTW guys please excuse me if there is a wrong spelling in Hindi because I’m not Indian so please don’t bash me and enjoy….
Character sketch:

Swara gadodia: a sweet, lovely, modern 20 yr old girl, loves laksh (her b. F) but hates his cousin sanskar because he always keeps on teasing her,can do anything for her parents

Sanskar maheshwari: a very handsome 23 yr old guy, loves ragini (his g. F) and also hates swara because he thinks that she is too spoilt and pampered, laksh’s cousin. Son of sujata and ram and he can do any thing for them

Ragini gadodia: swara’s twin sister, so simple and traditional, sanskar’s g. F but secretly has a crush on laksh

Laksh maheshwari: a handsome 22yr old guy, likes swara but loves ragini because he thinks that she would be a better wife for him

Scene 1: a huge collage is shown with two handsome boys standing in the canteen the first is dressed in a jeans and a white T-shirt with black leather jacket and some cool sunglasses and the other guy is dressed in jeans with a white shirt also with sunglasses
The first guy: i don’t know how long time we will wait here we have to go to our classes i don’t know how can you handle this swara (yes the guy is our very handsome hero.. Our SANSKAR)

The other guy:i know you don’t like her sanskar.. But bhai.. She is not that bad also her sister ragini she is so calm and simple.. You are so lucky sanskar (yes the other guy is LUCKY)

Sanskar:i know lucky.. I just love her so much and i know you love swara so much too
(Lucky just gave him a fake smile)

Scene 2: a big mansion is shown with three ladies talking in it

The first lady: your daughters are so sweet sumi..

Sumi:thank you sujata ji and by the way sanskar and laksh are also so good may God bless them ap ji

Ap:thanks sumi but me and sujata wanted to tell you something sumi

Sumi: bolo ap ji kya hua?? (She said with a confused look)

Sujju: we would like to make swara and ragini our daughters in law

sumi got tears of happiness in her eyes and said:it’s an honour for me to get s-i-l like laksh and sanskar for my swaragini but ap ji who will marry swara and who will marry ragini??

Ap:who’s the elder between them??

Sumi:they are twins but swara got born before ragini

Sujata said excitedly:so swara will marry my sanskar

Ap:and ragini will marry laksh

Sumi:this is the happiest day in my life finally my daughters will get married to very nice guys (she said with teary eyes)… Prolouge ends

Precap:swaragini’s entry ,swasan nok jhok

So ..how will swaragini react after hearing this?.. How will swasan react on it?.. Will they accept or refuse? Will they fall in love with each other?

So guys this was the the prolouge of the FF i hope you like it.. If you like it tell me in the comments should i complete it or write another one if you have any critic tell me in the comments below…

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  1. Sammykapoor

    nice start

  2. awesome continue soon… intresting plot.. show swasan nokjhok

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks dear.. Ok i promise i will start it fast… I will show swasan nokjhok but there will be romantic scenes too..

  3. Anisha

    Start asap….

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you soooo much….i promise i will continue ASAP…

  4. Tamanna

    Awesome… Continue it…and update soon…

  5. Nice…continue soon..

  6. Nice prologue….. Continue soon……

  7. Heltej

    Nice start

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you so much dear.. πŸ˜€

  8. Divyanshri

    Adla badli……. ??? awsome storyline plz post soon..

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you so much… I promise i will complete very soon

  9. Soujanya


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