swasan -is that hate or love episode 9


Salaam guys this is tasneem….I know…I know…. I’m late but please don’t throw stones on me πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› kya karoon yaar!!! The weather is so hot here in Egypt and I was really really sick….. Please forgive me….. As I was late this part will be long so enjoy it and pray for me πŸ™ πŸ™

Recap: sahil’s entry…..sanskar’s jealousy….. Swara lost the bet
Part 9:

Sanskar: get ready for the punishment tonight….. Mrs sanskar maheshwari ( Swara couldn’t hold on his closeness anymore so she ran from there and sanskar smirked seeing her reaction

at mm:
Swara ran towards her room…. She closed the door with a thud and throw her body on the bed… She was panting and breathing heavily
Swara:oh my god….. Oh my god….. Oh my god….wh…what should I do now….I know he’s joking…. Well….I hope he’s joking. …. shit… This can’t be true ( even more panicking) god please save me from this maheshwari monster….I wonder what he will do…. Oh my god…. I’m feeling like killing myself and killing him with me….. But both are sins so I’ll just wait and and see….. No Swara you can’t just wait you have to do something….. But I can’t do anything ( she thought of something and smirked) ohh….I think that I can…. This will be a little hard for you Swara…. But it’s okay I have to be strong

Swara was heading to the kitchen until she met ragini she looked at her with disgust and she was going until ragini stopped her

ragini: Swara please….I want to talk to you
Swara ( irritated): Oh come on ragini….. First Laksh and then you
ragini( confused): Laksh!!!

Swara: ha ragini… Laksh talked to me…. He wants me to come back to him….. As a friend ( she said sarcastically)

Ragini: what!!!! No you are lying…. This can’t be true

Swara laughed a little:haha… lying…. seriously ragini you still believe ” your laksh” more than me….. anyways…. You know why he told me that!!!!…. I’ll tell you…. Because because you thought that you loved him…. But the truth is that you didn’t…. When you can’t give him the place of a friend then you can’t give him the place of a lover…. both of you just looked at the looks…. He liked you because he found you the responsible, traditional, calm girl but he didn’t look inside your heart, your soul…. But his girlfriend( she smiled bitterly with tears in her eyes) she was an irresponsible, immature, crazy little girl…. But he never thought to look inside my heart…. To know who am I… Why do you all think ( her tears increased) that if I’m not traditional like you that I’m irresponsible, hopeless, silly girl ( she started crying loudly) both of you never loved me or never loved each other and you ragini…. You never cared about me neither laksh nor any body else…. You didn’t love laksh you just found him a sweet and traditional boy just like you but Sanskar… He is not traditional Like ” your laksh” and sometimes he is rude and arrogant but you never thought that this Sanskar would love you from the core of his heart…. Would care for you more than himself but laksh cares about nothing more than himself and now…. You both realised the importance of us you want both of us back in your lives again…. I’m sorry Mrs laksh maheshwari but it’s too late….. and always remember ragini….. my name is swara Sanskar maheshwari and you are ragini laksh maheshwari I hope you don’t forget our names or our lives because you know very well that we will always stay like that ( by saying this she left ragini shocked and confused by her words)

Ragini ( to herself): what happened to swara!!!!…. She first loved laksh more than herself… Now she don’t want to even talk about him!!!…. But no…. No swara…I won’t let you do that…. You will break up with Sanskar by my hands swara….. I’m sorry swara I’m really sorry….. Please forgive me…. But you shouldn’t stay with Sanskar….I know Sanskar and I know that he will be planning something big Against you and I can’t let him do that…. Please forgive me swara ( she started crying badly)

At night:

Swara( in mind): swara he will come at any time…. God please stay with me to make my plan go in the right way

she heard the door of the room opening and found him standing with a smirk…. He said by getting close to her: so Mrs maheshwari…. Are you ready for your punishment!!!

Swara closed her eyes and took a deep breath…. She opened her eyes and said: of course Mr maheshwari…. ( She came close to him)… You are my husband na… so how can I not be ready

sanskar’s smirk turned into a shocked face
Sanskar:swara…swara are you okay….. You’re not sick na

swara:I should be okay my dear husband…. I mean why wouldn’t I be okay…. ( She came more closer to him…. He kept taking back steps and and she kept taking forward steps until he reached the wall)

Sanskar( tensed) swara….I….I am
swara: no need to say anything patiji ( by saying this she put her hand on his shoulder)

Sanskar was shocked about her gesture but he smelled something fishy because her hand on his shoulder was shivering and her eyes showed a big fear from him….. He understood that this is all a plan…. Then he held her waist and rolled her that her back was sticked to the wall and his hands on her waist
Sanskar ( naughtily): so you are okay with the punishment
swara removed her hand from his shoulder and thought: Oh god my place plan is backfiring me
Sanskar kept on looking at her deep Black Eyes and she was lost in his beautiful Brown eyes…. They had a long eye look until he moved his eyes from her eyes to her lips…. He kept moving his gaze from her eyes to her lips…. He felt his gaze on her lips she felt her cheeks burning and red like a tomato due to shyness…. She closed her eyes due to fear…. He smirked at her reaction and told her
Sanskar: swara
Sanskar: swara
Sanskar: you look so beautiful when you close your eyes so open them or I will lose control
swara opened her eyes fast and he was still looking at her lips…. His hands are on her waist and her hands are clutching her dupatta….. He leaned into her lips and she was super afraid but to her surprise he turned a little right and told her in a very low voice in her ear: swara… I’m Sanskar maheshwari…I can make plans more than anyone…. and also I can know if anybody is making any plan so never try to make any plans against me…. and about the punishment I’ll forgive you this time…. But this is a small punishment ( by saying this he kissed her cheek sensually and left swara shocked by his gesture)

At hall:

Sanskar’s phone was ringing he saw the caller and his eyes were red due to anger

phone Convo:

Sanskar: what do you want
caller: you know what I want
Sanskar: and I can’t do that
caller: and you also know what will I do
Sanskar: you can’t do anything
Caller: belive me Sanskar…I can do anything
Sanskar:but…. Why should I do that
caller: Let’s meet and I’ll tell you every thing
Sanskar: I’ll come to you now
caller: meet me at my villa after an hour
Sanskar: I’ll come…. But don’t you dare do anything
caller: you just come first…………… part 9 ends

Precap: Sanskar meet with the Caller…… The caller threatens Sanskar to do something shocking!!!!

So… Who was the caller?
What would Sanskar do with the caller?
Why did the caller threaten him?
What would be threaten him by?

To know stay tuned to the next episode…… so guys how was this part…. and please don’t bash me because I told you I was sick so you should forgive me na?! I love you all….aaaaaand peace :* :* β™₯β™‘

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  1. Salaam to u also tasneem..cute to c sanky jealous hahahha..nd da epi was superb..watevr swara told to ragini was true nd da words were heart touching..nd i thnk da caller is ragini..hope so..continue soon dear

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you so much dear I’m so glad that you like it β™₯β™‘


    Great one !
    Also read my ffs Tere Sang Pyaar Mein , Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi, Phulo ka taro ka sab ka kehna hai ek hazaro mein meri behna hai, Mohabbatein.

    1. Tasneem

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  3. awesome.. who is the caller? reveal it.. update soon…

    1. Tasneem

      Thanx anu :* β™₯…. I’ll reveal it in the next part πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  4. Mica

    yuuhuuuuu Tasneeemmm… ty soo very much for update..
    love swasan, especially swara pow, she is too much. hahahhah
    and yes, swaragini convo sooo emotional… huhuhu
    get well soon dear…

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  5. Jwala

    caller will be laksh or ragini.. amazing update dear

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  6. MOU

    Suspense..in precap..
    part is amazing… nd punishment bhi thik hi hai….

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  7. Rosey

    She must be ragini

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      You will get to know in the next part πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  8. Amazing update dear…

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  9. Nice

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    1. Tasneem

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  10. i read all the parts of ur ff nd now i m in love with this ff muuuahh awesome waiting for next part thanks for entertaing us loved it

    1. Tasneem

      Omg…. Thank you so much renu dear for this lovely comment and for liking my ff also…. and as a writer it’s my duty to entertain you all so you don’t need to say thank u I should say it to u :* :* β™‘β™₯

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  12. Arshaanya

    Watever swara said to ragini was true.. liked it… i jus hate dis ragini how mean she is first she married laksh now she want 2 sprt swasan…

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you arshaanya for liking it and about ragini… There will be many twists in the next parts and ragini’s deeds will be shown πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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  14. Don’t make swasan separate

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      Don’t worry they won’t separate…. At least now!!

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  15. Oh dear Nemo…Missed you so much dear….And about Today’s episode…I loved Swara’s pov…It was amazing dear….I think the caller should be ragini….She told him to break his marriage with Swara or hurt Swara and all that…Sorry for short comment…Exams

    1. Tasneem

      Oh my anshu….I miss you more….. It’s okay dear long or short the most important is that you do well in your exams….and please study well to get high marks πŸ˜‰ and I’ll not tell you thank you because you know our rule na πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  16. Vyshu10

    awesome….feel like more and more of swasan scenes. I m guessing caller is ragini. Can be laksh or sahil too. I’m confused…upload soon. Take care

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      Thank you so much vyshu…I promise I will make more swasan scenes πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  17. Aww that was so cute.Swasan rocks. Waiting for next one.

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