swasan -is that hate or love episode 12


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part 12:

Sahil: your first kiss shouldn’t be that fast
Sanskar: WHAT!!!

Sahil: should I say it hundred times..!
Sanskar( looking around): Ur spying on me?!
Sahil: Oh c’mon Sanskar….I can’tTrust u so I have to do it!!!
Sanskar: Sahil…. can’t you just leave me live in peace!!
Sahil:haha… peace.!!…. shouldn’t ur father give me and my family peace so I can give u peace
Sanskar: Sahil enough of ur lectures
Sahil: ok…. But you know that swara is really hot
Sanskar couldn’t take this anymore because he knew that Sahil is testing his patience so he hung up……he didn’t know what to do now whether to go or not….. Because he was damn embarrassed….. so he waited some time in the garden and then he went to there room

at swasan’s room:
Swara had mixed emotions….shy… embarrassed…. angry….a little happy but most she was embarrassed so she tried to sleep but the scene was coming in her mind every time she closes her eyes….. She heard the door opening she pretended to be asleep top avoid awkwardness between them…… He went inside the room and saw her sleeping…. He went to her and told her: I’m sorry…. I’m a big fool…. Please forgive me….. But I’m sorry I have to do this
swara heard what he said….. She thought that he is talking about the garden incident but she didn’t get why he said ” I’m sorry I have to do this” she brushed her thoughts and tried to sleep…… After allot of struggle both of them finally fell asleep

next day:
This time Sanskar woke up first…. He found them again in each others Imbrace……. He thought to get up fast to not get the scene more awkward…. He went to the washroom and came back and went to the office fast…. swara was still sleeping peacefully.

After 1 hour:
Swara was still sleeping but her sleep was disturbed by a phone call…. She didn’t look at who’s calling she just answered

swara ( sleepy voice):hello

Voice: hi swara

swara could know whose on the phone from his voice but she also checked to clear her doubt and found “mr tower”
Swara ( in mind): Oh god can this get more awkward!!!!

Sanskar:swara…. Are u here!!!
Swara ( back into her senses):ha ha sorry
sanskar: I’m sorry for annoying u but I…. actually….I…..
swara ( smiling): where is it!!!

Swara: the file…. That u want me to get it to u!!!
Sanskar ( in mind):is she is a mind reader or something!!!!
Sanskar: in the wardrobe
she opened the wardrobe and found the file and went to his office

at office:
swara was heading into Sanskar’s cabin until ” the devil “stopped her
Sahil: Hey beautiful…..I mean swara
swara: hi Sahil….. How are u?
Sahil: if u r fine then how can’t I be fine
swara blushed by his line and thought: he is not bad….. He seems sweet!!!
Sahil: swara can I ask u a favour
swara: of course Sahil…. after all ur my friend na….u can ask whatever u want!!!
Sahil:I want to call u something special…..I want to call u angel…I mean…. Only me
swara:angel…wow…. nice….
Sahil: so u have no problem with it!!!
Swara: of course not…. But beware of me….. you’ll find me a devil
Sahil: no swara I’ll call u Angel because only angels are that innocent…. Anyone can play with them and break their heart and they are that dumb ( he smiled evilly)
Swara: I’m sorry….I didn’t hear u… What did u say

Sahil realised what he was saying and he said nervously:no…no…I didn’t say anything
they kept on chatting and having fun but swara didn’t notice that actually Sahil is flirting with her….. their whole conversation was seen by two red eyes due to anger( of course u all know who is he πŸ˜‰ ) he went to swara and blurted at her
Sanskar ( full angrily): swara…. Where is my file?!!
Swara was afraid from his anger and said:arrey….kya hua….. Why r u angry
Sanskar( trying to hide the real reason): because…. Because I asked u to get me the file since an hour and ur here laughing and chatting

swara( with teary eyes):wo…wo…. I’m sorry…I…I..
Sanskar ( still angry): enough talking and come with me to the cabin…..NOW!!!
They were going until Sanskar stopped and told Sahil with his full anger:Mr sengupta….her name is swara and you have no right to call her anything but Mrs maheshwari… understand
sahil (smirking): but Mr maheshwari….. my case is different…..after all Angel is now my friend na…. so I think I have the right ( he smirked at Sanskar and went from there)
And the innocent swara standing there not understanding anything (I don’t know how can be a person so innocent…. she’s really an angel!!!!)
Sanskar was on full rage so he took swara to his cabin and bursted out at her
Sanskar ( full angrily): what the hell were u doing with this blo*dy fool
swara: Sanskar….. Why are u shouting…. he’s just my friend….

Sanskar: friend….. Friend from only two meets!!!
Swara:friendship doesn’t need time Sanskar….I find Sahil really sweet
Sanskar: what the hell swara…..sweet….!!
Swara:I just want to know why r u that angry?!
Sanskar: anyways….I don’t want u talk to him again….. It’s an order
Swara: but why!!!
Sanskar: because he is not ” sweet” ( said in a sarcastic tone) he is not good swara
swara was thinking about Sahil but she thought that he isn’t that bad….. so she decided to ignore Sanskar’s talks
She went from there after giving him his file

Sanskar’s pov:
Why can’t she understand that he isn’t good…… and that Sally he was flirting with her…..I just wanted to punch him in his face…. He wants to gain her trust and then play his games….I know that what I did was wrong when I accepted his deal….. But I love dad more than anything in the world…. even more than myself…. I’ve always loved

mom…badimaa….badipapa….lucky…..but also not as dad….. He sacrificed his whole life just to make me happy…..I remember once when he told me that the company is so close to his heart and asked me to promise him not to harm the company with anything…. Because it was his dream…. His first branch ever in the industries….I still remember that incident….. The incident that made my life turn around…. That made me do this to swara and accept the deal… That made my dad suffer from heart disease….. It was ten years ago when……………………………….. Part 12 ends πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Precap:sanskar start falling for swara ( finally)…ragini confronts swara about Sanskar’s deal

I know….I know…..that all of you are ready with the chappals…rotten tomatoes…..eggs…. To throw it on me but what can I do I can’t stop myself from being irritating πŸ˜› :P…. Please guys tell my what do you think about today’s part….. and bash me as u like :P….I love u all ( even though u hate me πŸ˜› ) aaaaaaand peace :* :* β™₯β™‘

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