swasan -is that hate or love episode 11


Helloooo my dear friends this is ur dumbo tasneem……. How are u today!!!… I’m back with a new part…….I hope u all like it…..

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p.s: guys…. To clear ur doubts sanskar isn’t bad in this ff…. He had to do that to save his father….. He didn’t want to do that but as u all know sahil threatened him….. so he’s not he’s not evil or cold hearted

recap: Sahil’s threat to sanskar…….ragini playing her games

part 11:

sanskar:I KNOW

Swara( shocked): WHATTT!!!

sanskar ( still calm): didn’t u hear me….I know that u didn’t do anything

swara: but how….. and why did you Bash me in front of the family!!!…. and why are u so calm…..and why….. ( sanskar put his finger on her lips to stop her)

Sanskar: give me a change to speak then I’ll answer u ( removed his finger)… Now ask!!!

Swara:ok…sorry…. How do u know!!!!

Sanskar:I was sitting alone in the room b and I was bored so I thought to go and talk to u in the kitchen but I found u with suresh kaka but I heard some noise in the kitchen and mom and badimaa already in the kitchen so I went to see who’s in the kitchen and I found ragini putting something in the kheer…. She didn’t see me but I felt that there is something wrong because she was acting like a thief….. and when she started her Melo drama I understood everything

Swara ( shocked):matlab….matlab ragini Yeh Sab kya hai!!!

Sanskar: Yes madam

Swara: par…. par kyun?!

Sanskar:I don’t know…!!

Swara( angrily): and you Mr maheshwari!!!….. Why did u bash me in front of the family….. and Liar…. playing games…. How dare u Mr maheshwari?

Sanskar ( naughtily):madam…. I’m sanskar maheshwari….. How can I miss one chance to irritate u…..I can quit my job and only work in irritating u!!!!

Swara: how mean!!!! Now the whole family thinks that I’m a liar because of u…. ( With tears in her eyes)…….I won’t talk to you ever again ( she was going out from the room until he held her hand)


Swara: Yes
he stood up from the bed and stood in front of her

sanskar:matlab…. You will never talk to me ( he came close to her…..u know na that’s his weapon πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› )

Came more close

sanskar:r u sure swara

Swara:I…..I…. i’m
He came more close and put his finger on her lips
sanskar:shhhhh…. Don’t say it I can’t hear it from u
Swara’s heart beat now can be heard from one mile away πŸ˜›
sanskar came close to her ear and said: I’m going to make a phone call…. Get down to the garden and I’ll give u a gift…. I’m sure that u will forgive me after it ( he winked at her and went to make his call)

Swara’s pov:
What the hell does he think of himself!!! First he call me a liar then he come close to me like this…. Then he tell me that he’ll give me a gift…. No Swara…..I won’t go to the garden….I also have a self respect…. But I’m feeling so curious to know what is the gift….shit….I don’t know what to do!!!

Sanskar ends his phone call and went to the garden with a box in his hand….. and guess what!!!…. He found Swara there talking to herself…..AGAIN…… Swara noticed him coming and she looked at him angrily….. She looked at the box and snatched the box from him…. sanskar was surprised by her childish behaviour and thought to tease her

sanskar:arrey….. Who told u that this is yours

Swara:u shut up

sanskar: I’m not kidding is not yours

Swara: so this is for who!!!

Sanskar Thought something and smirked

Swara ( angrily): WHATTT!!!

sanskar ( hiding his laugh): Yes this was for kavita

Swara: now I got it then it’s mine ( she opened it and found a it full of Different kinds and types of chocolates…. The box was full of chocolates that it can be a lunch meal for 10 People πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Swara:oh my god…. All of this chocolates are for this cavity!!! And what did u get for me then!!!
Sanskar got out a small piece of mini sized chocolate from his pocket

Swara: what the…..( interrupted by sanskar)

Sanskar:ahem ahem….. No bad words Swara

Swara:a hundred tons of chocolates for your kavita and for me a mini sized one

sanskar:I think so…..

Swara:u know what……I got them now all are mine…..( She sat on the grass and started munching the chocolates)

Sanskar: crazy girl!!!!

Swara:I know πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
he sat beside her and started looking at her lovingly!!!…. She noticed his gaze on her…. She blushed and looked down….. While eating her chocolates her lower lip got covered with Chocolate….. She was going to remove it until he stopped her hand from removing it….. She looked at him with a confused look…. Then she found him removing the chocolate from her lip…. Once he touched her lip she shivered and blushed…… After he removed the chocolate from her lip he put his finger in his mouth and and ate the chocolate on his finger!!! That made her blush even more…. She looked down but he held her chin and made her look at him…. She looked at him…. But still blushing…. He had an eyelock for a minute and he came closer to
Her with his face and leaned into her lips…… She unknowingly closed her eyes but this time is not from fear πŸ˜‰ ;)….and……. (nahi nahi….picture abhi baki hai na mere dost)

At raglak’s room:
Ragini’s pov:
I’m sorry Swara….I didn’t want to do that…. But I have to save your from sanskar….. I can’t let you fall in love with him…. he’s playing with you Swara…….I can’t let him break your heart…….. Since the first day of our marriage I was spying on him because I felt that he would do something wrong to you….. and my doubt was right….. He made a deal on you Swara….. He want to break your heart just to win his Company
( ta daaa…. Ragini’s intentions weren’t bad as you thought guys….. she’s saving her sister….. But she doesn’t know that this company means a lot to sanskar’s father so she’s thinking that he is doing that just for his company not for his father)

back at the garden:

Their lips are just centimeters away….but….. The damn phone rings on the last second…. They both come into their senses…. Swara was so embarrassed so she ran to the room fast…. sanskar was also embarrassed and cursing himself for what happened….. He looked at the phone and found * the devil…calling*

Phone convo:

Sanskar: what do you want sahil!

Sahil: not so fast sanskar

sanskar: what?

Sahil:ur first kiss shouldn’t be that fast…..screen freezes on sanskar’s shocked face!!!

Precap:sahil flirts with swara….sanskar jealous…. sanskar Angry on Swara

sooo guys how was that part…. Please tell me….and see…ragini isn’t evil as you thought πŸ˜› please tell me what do you think about this part…..more response then more updates…..I love u all aaaaaaand peace β™‘β™‘β™₯β™₯ πŸ˜‰

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  1. Awesome loved it

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u so much renu β™₯

    1. Tasneem

      I’m glad that u like ut πŸ˜€

    2. Tasneem

      I’m glad that u like it πŸ˜€

  2. Vyshu10


    1. Tasneem

      Thanks vyshu β™‘

  3. Abirsha

    R u telling that for his father’s dream company he can play with swara feelings???? Its just a company if he lost it he can develop n number of companies….. But if he break swara’s feelings it is right…. Correct??? I wont accept ur point and i m very much sorry dr ur reason of sanskar’s behaviour is not acceptable….. Its like u r telling for his father’s dream sanskar can play with swara’s feeling is right….. Atleast give sanskar pov….. So that it will be cleared that whether he is playing with swara’s feeling or not….. If he is playing then i m sorry i wont read…. If this comment hurted you i m sorry….

    1. I am agree with u…

    2. Abirsha

      I dont want to hurt u with this comment…. I wouldn’t have commented but seeing ur p.s. i cant stop myself from commenting….

    3. Tasneem

      I understand ur pov shan but in here The company was the first that his father made and his father’s first dream…. and sanskar know that because once his company got a huge loss and his father got a heart attack and his father already had a heart problem….. Yes he have money to do so many more companies buy this one was very close to his father’s heart…….and also he hasn’t realised his love for swara yet so he had to choose his father and worry in the next part I’ll get his pov to clear everything

      1. Abirsha

        this is selfishness…..he just cares for his father….. he doesn’t care about others….. no need to love at least he can think swara as a girl right???he might have chosed some other way such that none is hurt…..but here he us playing with a girl’s feelings for his selfishness…..

    4. Tasneem

      It’s already done….. sahil has the company….. so he has to choose Between the two….. He can’t do anything….. Because sahil is really smart and he is spying on him everywhere so he can’t think of anything or can’t make plans against him….. It’s the reaction of any original person…. He doesn’t love swara yet but sanskar loves his parents more than himself and he can’t let anything happen to them….. and also this twist will make him realise his love for her so it’s important

  4. Its amazing.Love swasan moments.Happy to see ragini positive.Hate sahil he is a real devil.Anyways love swasan

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u simin β™₯

  5. Tamanna

    Awesome… You really shocked me… Ragini isn’t negative….

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u tamanna ….I’m glad that u like it πŸ˜€

    1. Tasneem

      Thanx β™₯β™‘

  6. Hi,nice part.if ragini know about sanky deal ,she will told into swara for the matter.please updates fast

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u for liking it and I’ll update fast don’t worry πŸ˜‰

  7. Mica

    aarrrggghhhhhhh… to short tasneem.. i want more i want more huhuhuhu
    i have a doubt, ragini got suspicious on Sanskar along before sanskar-sahil’s convo..
    is that any other secret ? or just kinda jealousy ?

    1. Tasneem

      I’m sorry for the short update but the next one will be longer….. and ragini was suspicious on sanskar from the beginning that’s why she did that πŸ˜‰

      1. Mica

        without any reason ? hmm…it’s weird
        seem ragini never have guilty feeling toward sanskar, after everything she ever done to sanskar, still she has a doubt toward sanskar,

  8. awesome.. dont want sanskar to break swara heart.. please dont show it..

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u pramudi…. u will get to know soon πŸ˜‰

  9. Nice awesome

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u priyanka β™₯β™‘

  10. MOU

    Nice..but itz also true he is playing with her…nd itz true that he is doing this for saving her father…but why he don’t think her innocence?? ……i hope sanskar find some way for this…waiting for next

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u for liking it and sanskar did that just to save his father because he love his father so much

  11. Awesome Nemo…But to short…AWW..My Sanky is going to jealous…Waiting for next episode…

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks anshu….I promise next part will be longer πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  12. awesOme..??.bt plzz give us Sanskar ‘s POV.. so we can justify ourselves for his behavior..

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u dear…. I will get his pov in the next part πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  13. Soujanya


    1. Tasneem

      Thanx soujanya β™₯

  14. Awesome part tasneem dear.. Precap seems interesting. Update the nxt part soon..

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks pramudi β™₯….. I’ll update soon

  15. Alia

    superb..but pls try to finish the deal..n make sanskaar truly fall for swara..update soon!!

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks aliaβ™₯….. Don’t worry I’ll update soon πŸ˜‰

  16. Niku

    Awesome chp. N ty so much tasneem for giving d links….

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks niku….. and no need to say thank you it’s my duty to give u what u want β™₯ πŸ˜‰

  17. Arshaanya

    Loved d chappy?… bt still i dun lyk ragini n laksh ?for wat dey did 2 swasan n d way she made swara liar infrnt f d whole fmly was nt needed… wntd 2 see dem jls bt u chngd d whole thing n brought dat sahil thing.. n sanky is doing wrong by accpyng d deal if he new ragini did it dan y he didn’t rvl it…anywayz lets see how d story moves… w8ng for how sanksar trult falls for swara..

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u for liking the part…..and if sahil wasn’t there they wouldn’t realise their love for each other πŸ˜‰ and by this twist they will love each other unconditionally…. Just w8 to see πŸ˜‰

  18. Awesome dr. …..

    1. Tasneem

      Thank u dr…β™₯

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