swasan -is that hate or love episode 10


Salaam everybody….. This is tasneem… How are you today?!!!…alhumdulellah now I’m super duper fine…. illness had gone only Thanks to your duaa and prayers thank you so so much once again โ™กโ™ฅ

Recap: swaragini talk… sanskar kiss swara (cheek wala kiss ๐Ÿ˜› )… sanskar- mysterious caller convo

a mysterious place:

Sanskar reached and found the man sitting on the sofa with a smirk on his face

M.p ( mysterious person): you came fast mr maheshwari

sanskar: tell me what do you want!

M.p: how many times should I say it!!

Sanskar: but I told you I can’t do that

m.p: well….I think you have to do that

sanskar: can’t you give me any other choice

M.p:no means no sanskar

Sanskar: but I can’t do this to her

m.p: so I will do whatever I want to do too!!

Sanskar: No…. Please don’t do that

m.p: you have to choose sanskar…. Your company or your WIFE

sanskar: C’mon sahil ( Yes guys your guesses were wrong it wasn’t ragini is sahil….told ya…he is the main villan ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
Can’t we just forget what happened

sahil: how can I forget sanskar…. What have you done to me is unforgettable

sanskar: we both know that I didn’t do anything

sahil:I know sanskar…. But your dad done….. and your company is your Father’s biggest dream so you choose your company or your wife

sanskar: but this is something between you and us what does swara has to do with it!!!

Sahil: don’t forget sanskar that this shekhar gadodia was also involved in it so you both should get your punishment
and you know that your America’s branch company is in my hands now

sanskar:I don’t care….I can make hundreds of branches better than that branch

sahil:I know sanskar… But that was your Father’s first branch…. It was his dream…. so if I destroyed it your father may die because of his heart problem ( actually ram had a heart problem a long time ago and it’s reason will be revealed later) so you choose you break your Father’s heart or……swara’s heart

sanskar: what should I do?

Sahil: very good sanskar…. You went to the second choice….hmmm…I like it

sanskar: tell me sahil….

sahil: you know what to do….. didn’t I tell you

sanskar: but I don’t know how to do that

sahil:C’mon the sanskar maheshwari can’t make a girl fall in love with him…. impossible

sanskar: I’m saying about breaking her heart….I can’t do it

sahil:wow…… Do not tell me that the butcher fell for his goat

sanskar:n..no… There is nothing like that

sahil: so…. It’s a very simple plan…. Make her fall for you…. tell her that you love her….. and boom…. leave her and tell her that you never loved her….. Deal!!!
Sanskar in mind: I’m sorry swara…. Please forgive me but I have no other choice
sanskar hesitated a little:d….deal

at mm:

Swara was still shocked by sanskar’s kiss…. She put her hand on her blushing cheek and remembers thier kiss again and again and blushing more and more….. and the ” Brain- heart wala fight once again”

Brain: what the hell is that swara…. Why are you blushing…. You shouldn’t blush….. remember… You both are enemies

swara: Yes you are right

heart: no swara don’t listen to this fool…. Just remember how he kissed you…. He was so romantic while kissing you right!!!

Swara:I know Mr heart…. But he did that to tease me na?!

Heart: swara shut up…. He likes you and you like him and you know that very well

brain: you shut up you stupid heart…. He doesn’t like her and doesn’t like him…. It’s just attraction

swara: you are right it may be attraction…. Just attraction

heart: swara don’t listen to that fool…. remember when he was staring at your lips…. Don’t deny that you liked it
Swara blushed by remembering the scene

heart: you are blushing….DUUUHH… Do you need any other proof

swara:I think you are right

brain: don’t listen to him swara He is your husband so it’s normal to blush

heart: no its not normal mr brain…. She likes him

brain: no she doesn’t

heart: she does

brain: she doesn’t

swara shouted: would you both stop!!! Enough fighting…. You both are stupider than each other….just shut up!!!
She listened the door opening… and she cursed herself in mind for her stupidity
sanskar:wow…. my wife has finally gone mad…. she’s talking to herself

swara: no…. It’s…. It’s…. Just the television

sanskar teasingly: Which television swara…..I told you….. You have finally gone mad
swara remembered that the television is off and cursed herself once again

swara( trying to change the topic):hmmm…. tell me where have you been….huh… It’s already 12 in the midnight

sanskar remembered his meeting with sahil and his face’s expression changed into a sad one but he tried to hide it
sanskar:uhh…I…I…was…..yes….I was at office because a problem happened in my work so I went to solve it


sanskar: but why the house didn’t sleep yet…. They were chatting in the hall

swara:ohh….yes…. tonight I’m making kheer for the whole family that’s why they are awake….I was just waiting for you

sanskar:ok you go I’ll change and come

at kitchen:
swara was making the kheer…. We went to suresh kaka to ask him about the place of the dishes….. Just then ragini went to the kitchen…. She put something in the kheer and went out fast….. swara came back and put the kheer in the dishes and went to serve it to the family.

At Hall:
swara is serving the kheer to everyone… Everybody liked it very much…. But they heard someone coughing….. They all looked at the person…. It was ragini

ap:ragini…. ragini…. kya hua beta….

sujata:ragini…key hua thari ko chori!!

Ragini was still coughing and hardly said:swara.. ( coughing)…… You know that ( coughing)… That I have a fever ( coughing)… against nuts….. and…. You put it to ( coughing) to get me sick right!!!

Swara was shocked because she didn’t put any nuts in the kheer

Ap:swara…. You know that ragini have allergy against nuts and you put it…
How can you do that beta

swara:badi maa….. ( interrupted by dp)

Dp: Yeh kya badtameezi hai Yeh swara….. tum aise kaise kar sakte( what is this nonsense… How can you do that)

Swara:badi papa I…….. ( interrupted by ragini)
Ragini:stop it Swara ( coughing) you did that on purpose ( coughing)

Swara: can anybody listen to me….. Please

Sanskar: what do you want to say Swara…. enough lying….. You put it on purpose…. To harm ragini…. stop those games Swara
Swara wasn’t hurt by anybody’s words as sanskar’s word…. Her eyes were filled with tears and she ran to her room

Ap: Sanskar… You did wrong…. We didn’t even hear what she had to say…. We will listen to her tomorrow but now you go and say sorry to her

ragini( still coughing):but maa

sanskar:ragini….yeh mere aur mere patni ki beech ki jagra….tum interfere mat karna ( this is a fight between me and my wife you don’t interfere)
Sanskar went to there room and found her crying on bed…. He sat beside her and said: so my little baby is crying
Swara looked at him angrily and shouted at him

Swara:achaaa….. Here I’m a baby and in front of everybody I’m a lier and playing games….I didn’t do anything and you are doubting me….huh

Sanskar:I know…..

Swara ( shocked):WHATT!!!!
screen freezes on Sanskar’s smiling face and Swara’s shocked face

recap: Swasan romantic scenes…..sanskar-sahil convo…. ragini’s true intentions

so what’s the past of ram and shekhar that makes sahil make such a deal with sanskar?
Why does ram has a heart problem?
What are ragini’s true intentions?…… stay tuned to know ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰
So guys how was this part??… so long right!!!! Wasted a four Precious hours to write this part….. Just to entertain you guys so please write comments to tell me what do you think about it because I don’t waste all that time for nothing so tell me your opinion…..I love you all aaaaand peace :* :* โ™กโ™ฅ

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  17. Whats this???? I didn’t like today’s part.. How can sanskar play with swara like this???? Y in every ff sanskar is playing game with swara..always she is suffering in every ff… Ragini another idiot let ragini and sanskar go to hell idiots… Sry if i hurt you

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      No dear…..I take every negative comment….I like criticism because it makes me write better…. You didn’t hurt me at all…… and about Sanskar he isn’t playing with Swara….he had to do that to save his father….I portrayed that on purpose to show that Sanskar isn’t bad but situations are the bad thing that made him do that…… and I’m sorry if you didn’t like it ๐Ÿ™‚

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