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It’s a rough and common thought. Just penned it down. Read at your own risk. If you read, please don’t forget to give your feedback. I hope you won’t get bored with it. Love you all. No proof reading. Go ahead.


At Heaven Senior Secondary School, Mumbai,

I was an English teacher and boys hostel in charge. I was staying at the staff building next to the school. It was the first day of quarterly exam holidays. As usual, I went to the hostel which located inside the school campus to check on the boys. during my return to my building, I heard some unusual sounds. Suddenly, I heard a blasting sound from the way to exam cell and ran towards it. the room got fire, I wondered from where the fire came. The fire alarm brought me to the reality. then, the area was surrounded by the boys and securities. We started to pour water when I saw a figure running from there. I started to run behind it. when I got closer I noticed it was a girl. I grabbed her shoulder and turned her. I couldn’t see her face clearly but I could see those hazel brown orbs which shined in delight. She pushed me and ran from there. I searched her until I got a call from the security. I went to the exam cell and was informed that the exam papers were burned.

After two weeks,

I was waiting for my friend in a park. I got bored so I started to read the e-book ‘two states’. While I immersed into the book, a ball hit me diverting my attention from the book. I saw a girl in her early twenties, wearing a floral pattern below knee length frock was running to pick up the ball while mouthing sorry. Her eyes, the same hazel brown eyes my mind reminded me. She hid her shock when she saw me closer. She behaved normal and went to the kids with whom she was playing after saying sorry to me. I stared at her for few minutes and took my steps towards her. She noticed me then came to me with a frown and said, ‘why are you staring at me like that? yes. I am the one whom you saw that night. so what? Do you have any evidence against me? no, right? then just forget it’, while shrugging her shoulder off. I was amazed by her bold talk. I smiled, ‘I am sanskar’ and did forward my hand. her frown replaced with a wide smile on her face within a second, ‘I am swara’ and shook my hand. ‘may I know why you did like that?’, I asked. ‘you won’t tell this to anyone. Pinky promise me’, she looked like a kid. ‘pinky promise’, I said. ‘wo.. my friend kriya who is studying there in 11th standard. Due to me, she didn’t study for her physics exam. She cried saying she would flung the test and I couldn’t see her tears. So I came to the school by jumping on the walls. Your school securities are so lazy. They didn’t see me. I poured the kerosene into the exam cell and fired it. then, I pushed the kerosene filled bottle inside and my plan got success. It was fun you know. But you got me and I was frozen for a second by your damn cute face. then, I realized that I got caught. Then, I pushed you and hid myself behind that big tree. You fool didn’t see me’, she laughed while her eyes were twinkled. I was attracted to it. then, I asked with a fake anger, ‘am I look like a fool to you?’. she stopped her laughing and said, ‘I also said you are cute. Didn’t you notice that?’, she asked innocently. ‘so I am cute?’, I asked. ‘yes. Don’t you hear it from anyone before?’, she asked in surprise. ‘nope’, I replied. ‘I think they are blind’, she said and I smiled. ‘wanna join with me for an ice-cream?’, she asked. Before hearing my reply, she went to the vendor and ordered magnum almonds and turned to me, ‘what’s your favorite?’. ‘magnum classic’, I replied. She bought the ice-creams and handed me magnum almonds and brought me to a hidden place and said, ‘this is my way of celebrating our new friendship. You will have my favorite and I will have yours’. I nodded and smiled then asked, ‘but why are we hiding here?’. ‘if those devils see I am eating ice-cream. They won’t leave me and I don’t have more money to buy for them. that’s why’, she said and licked the ice-cream. I dragged her outside which widened her eyes in shock and she tried to free her hand from my grip. I shouted, ‘hey… kids’. The kids saw us and ran towards us. she gave a deathly glare and I ignored it and said to the kids, ‘why are you looking at me? order your ice-creams. Today I treat you with ice-creams’ and winked at her. The kids screamed in joy and started to order. Then, I got a call from my friend saying he reached the park. I paid and took my leave from them before glancing at her back once. She smiled and waved at me.

After that day, we often met each other. I was joined in their group. We started to hang out together. She also helped me to correct the answer sheets without cheating. She made me to relive my childhood. I just knew that she had a mother who was looking after their boutique and she took tuitions and that kriya also one of her students.
once, we visited a lake. It was 6 in the evening. We walked on a wooden bridge then suddenly she jumped into the lake and struggled to swim. I was shocked and jumped to bring her out. I made her sit on the bridge while she coughed terribly. I rubbed her back for soothing and started to scold, ‘are you out of your mind? what the hell was it, swara? If you don’t know swimming why did you jump? If anything happened to you then? If I too don’t know how to swim, then?’. ‘chill, sanskar. it was a nice experience you know. I know, you were a national level gold medalist in swimming and you will save me. If not, then also it’s not a big deal. We can’t predict when and what will happen next, right?’, she said with her enchanting smile. I glared at her hearing her explanation. She said, ‘sanskar, I am shivering’, with a puppy look. We made our way to the nearby resort. We dried ourselves one by one. when I came out of the wash room, she wasn’t there but a sticky note was stuck on the mirror. I picked it and the note, ‘don’t be angry sanskar. it won’t suit you. you are looking like a demon. I am waiting for my cute sanskar at the bar counter. come before 7 otherwise I would start to drink alcohol. You know what it’s my first time. be happy ’. As usual, be happy with that smiling emoticon. This was the symbol of swara. She always did use these two words and that emoticon. Wherever she saw someone looking sad, she gave them a sticky note with it. I smiled then looked at my watch which showed 6.55. I locked the room in hurry and ran towards the bar counter after asking the way from a servant. I saw her drinking. I snatched the glass and saw three more empty glasses. She said, ‘I told you to come by 7. Now, see. It’s 7.06. so I finished three glasses. It’s your fault. So don’t make that sulky angry face. It tastes bitter. But it’s okay because I am feeling like flying’, waving her hands in air. ‘swara, come. We have to leave from here’, I said while trying to hold her. She showed me off and went to the dance floor and swayed her body according to the beats. She looked so hot. Her curly hair bounced across her face. her half closed eyes with that charming smile and her perfect curves made a spell on me. then, I noticed many lusty eyes were staring at her and some of them were trying to hold her. I went to her and pulled her close to me. she looked at me and gave that innocent smile and wrapped her hands around my neck. I too started to sway my body with her. Out of the blue, she asked, ‘can I kiss you?’. I was shocked, surprised, dazed, blew off, what not. I didn’t expect this from her and I knew she was in drunken state. though, those soft lips was tempting me, I didn’t want to take advantage of her drunken state. So I loosened my grip. Before, I would turn to other side; I felt her soft lips against mine. I could feel the shiver passing through my nerves. I tried to pull out but she didn’t allow me and I started to melt. Then, I also participated in the most beautiful thing ever I did till then. We broke the kiss due to the lack of oxygen. She rested her head on my chest. We were breathing heavily. I heard her, ‘I love you sanskar’ and felt her limp body. She fainted.

I dropped her at her home. we didn’t meet, talk and text with each other for the next three days and then I had to attend a meeting in delhi. It took me one week. I tried her number many times only to hear not reachable. I was so disturbed. Only her thoughts were roaming in my mind and heart. I purchased a ring and planned to propose her after reaching mumbai.

I dressed myself in her favorite white shirt with blue jeans and combed my hair using my fingers. I bought all colors of roses while on my way to her home. I reached my destination but only got shocked by the people presenting there wearing white dresses. My heart rate started to increase. Some bad thoughts arouse in my mind. I saw those kids crying by hugging their mother. I took my baby steps, praying to god. The flowers slipped from my hand and fell on the floor while I fell on my knees. My heart stopped its beating for a moment. I couldn’t breathe and felt numb. Tears started to fell from my eyes. There, she lied on the floor, covered by a white cloth. Her mother was crying beside her. Her mother came towards me and gave a letter. I opened it.

“hey, sanskar. when you return, I won’t be there with you. sorry for my behavior during our last meeting. I did it with an intention and I didn’t regret about it. tell you a secret? I am going to die. Oops.. I would have died when you read this. The lung cancer snatched my life. I didn’t have the intention to cheat you by hiding it. but I wanted to spend my last few days happily. I wanted to die with loads of happy moments. Thanks for being the most important part of it. to be honest, after meeting you, I wished to live with you. I am greedy, right? Okay. Just leave these things. I want you to keep your daughters’ name myra. I love this name. will you? I would watch you from the sky after becoming the star. So keep smiling. Bye sanskar. will meet you in the next life. I love you. Be happy ”

As she wished, I named my daughter as myra, my adopted daughter. as she said, she became a star of my life. I spoke to her daily. Whenever I was upset, she did shine, indicating ‘everything will be fine’. I was living my life with the expectation of meeting her in my next life.

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    Wow…. Its so emotional…… Especially when he named her adopted daughter as Myra…… He didn’t marry anyone. .

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  16. I did expect this end seeing swara’s words and her expressions. Beautiful dear. I really felt bad as swara died but sanskar was too good I mean he didn’t marry any other girl after that ..heart touching.and must say that you are good infact one of the best writers on this site and I really wish you to write more and more oneshots but not tragedy ones and please write any novel…..i am not kidding dear. And as usual I hate yu know because I have opened this fiction as it is a free hour for me in college but it spoiled my mood ( positive) and I am unable to concentrate on my studies….lol. Stay blessed dear and I hope that you will consider my request. It will be good if you write a fiction but I know that you are busy in your exams so expecting single shots. Take care. Love you loads and a tight friendly hug from my side..all the best

    1. thank you, hari!! i kept your words in mind. my exams were already over, dear. my college was re-opened two days before. love you too and a tight hug too!!

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  31. should i feel happy that many of you involved in my OS or feel sad that i made you cry? anyways, thank you so much for your feedback!! i was overwhelmed with it. initially, i thought to finish the os with sanskar naming his own daughter. i am also a swasan fan I couldn’t pair him with other girl except my previous OS. i am working on a fiction, now. but i can’t promise when i will post it. as i already said, it won’t be a romantic love story. so… will see how many of you will like it. love you all!! be happy 🙂

  32. im crying after reading the last paragraph

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