SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Teaser 1 )


Hello frnds.. Sorry for late updating.. here m posting a teaser of happy ending..


Scene 1 :

Swara : Hello sanskar.. Where r u??

Sanskar : M on airport swara.. I'll reach MM soon..

Swara : ( happy ) Really?? Woww!! U knw there's surprise fr u.. cm fast! Dont be late ok..

Sanskar : Ahaan! Surprise!  Great! My jaan is becoming very smart day by day!

Swara : Haww!! That means I wasn't smart before? How mean!  Jao.. I wont talk to you.. ?

Sanskar : Haha! Swara!! You won't able to stop talking with me.. Even for a minute…???

Swara : ? Achcha!! U first cm home.. later we'll see.. Dekhna! Iss baar tum jitni bhi koshish karlo.. main bilkul baat nahi karungi.. phir kahoge.. plz na jaan.. sry na princess!! ( acts like him ) ?

Sanskar : Hahaha!! Sweetheart.. u knw u looks cute when u got angry.. ok fine..m cmng soon.. nw shd I end d call?? ☺

Swara : Ok.. bye.. ?

Sanskar : bye… ?

Swara : Sanskar… sanskar.. ek min..

Sanskar : What happened swara? ?

Swara : I love you ?

Sanskar : ( smiles ) I love you too jaan.???

Scene 2 :

At unknown place.. Sanskar were tied with ropes to the chair.. He was continuously shouting & screaming..

Saanskaar : Nooooooo… Plz.. dont do this.. plz.. ( angry ) U blo*dy beast!! Cant u hear me.. !! I SAID STOP!! NOOO.. DONT MOVE.. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

He shouts & cries loudly..

Scene 3 :

Sanskar had closed his eyes in pain.. He was all shattered.. He slowly opened his eyes & got biggest shock of his life..

Sanskar : ( whispers in shock ) Swaraa!!!

Yess.. Swara was standing infront of sanskar holding gun in her hand.. Sanskar was all numb..

Sanskar : Swaraa.. What's this?? What r u doing?? R u out of ur mind?? Leave that gun..

Swara : ( smiles with teary eyes ) I'm sorry Sanskar!  But I have to do this.. Good bye!

Sanskar : ( shocked ) Swaraaa!! Noo!

Bt before sanskar could say anything,  the gun shot is heard..


Sanskar collapsed on ground with a thud…


Hw was d teaser guys??
I knw .. I knw.. I didnt post this ff frm long..
Bt dont worry..
M gonna post it very soon..
So to knw more..
Stay tunned..

& yes.. plz cmnt!!

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  1. What was that??? haaaaa??? really shocking… waiting for d next one…

  2. Mica

    nooooooooooooooooo…. what is that ????

  3. interesting..

  4. No dont do this

  5. Soujanya

    Nice and shocking… Waiting

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