SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Prologue & Introduction )


Hello everyone.. Swarmayi here.! Missed me?? Well I missed u too.. M starting my new ff SwaSan : Happy Ending along with Ishq Wala Love.. I knw u guys r waiting for IWL.. bt dnt wry! I’ll post it on 7th july.. bt for This ff, u hv to wait till 26 july.. So today m posting prologue.. Hope u’ll like it!


@ Lake side-

A boy & a girl was sitting on bench holding each other’s hand.

Girl : Sanskar.. Thanks!

Sanskar : For what shona??

Girl : for coming into my life.. u knw I was all alone b4 ur arrival.. bt then u came & filled colours in my life.. Why do u love me so much sanskar? The girl who is orphan has no one in her life & ( cuts her )

Sanskar : Shhh! Enough Swaraa! Not a single word! How many times should I tell u that dont speak like this.. M nt doing any favour on u swara.. U r my life.. & wat did u said just?? U hv no one?? M I no one to u??

Swara : ( Hugs him tightly ) No Sanskar.. U r my everything… U r my world Sanskar.. I cant live without u.. I love u soooo much..

Sanskar : I love u too shona.. & will always love u.. 🙂

@ Dream villa-

A girl was sitting on bed wearing bridal attire.. She was angry.. Her husband comes in the room & locks the door..

Husband : ( smiles seeing her anger ) Jaan.. Its our suhaagrat.. & u r behaving like u r going to murder smone.. ( holds her hand ) Ohh myy!! Seems like smone is very angry on me..

Girl : ( angryly ) Y do u care?? U go na.. Go to ur office.. attend ur meetings.. Go out of country.. leaving ur newly wedded wife.. Work is more important na.. U Go..

Husband : ( Hugs her) Shonaa.. plz na darling! Its only for two days.. I’ll return soon.. Its very imp for our compony..

Swara : Whats this sanskar.. Today only we got married & u r leaving tmrw nyt for U.S. How will I live alone?? Without u??

Sanskar : Arre my dear princess I’ll come back soon.. very soon. & ya I told Ragini to accompany u fr two days.. Happy now??

Swara : Ok.. bt come soon.. I’ll miss u..

Sanskar : I’ll miss u too shona.. come.. lets sleep nw.. ( both sleeps hugging each other )

After two days-

Swara : Hello Sanskar, where r u??

Sanskar : I hv seated in flight darling.. will come soon..

Swara : Come fast na.. I miss you! 🙁

Sanskar : Aww.. will cm asap dear.. btw I hv surprise fr u.. wait fr me..

Swara : Really?? Woww! Bt come soon sanskar before its too late.. Weather is bad.. I’m waiting fr u.. love u.. bye..

Sanskar : Bye.. love u too..

Sanskar reaches Kolkata.. He leaves for dream villa.. Finally he reaches there.. He opens the door & gets shocked!

@ Unknown place-

A man was sitting on chair talking with some one..

Man : Hmm.. Good! Bring him here.. Right now..

After some time some men comes there holding one person.

Person : I didnt did anything.. leave me.. plz.. leave me..

Man : ( smiles evilly ) U didn’t did anything ha?? ( slaps him hard ) u want me to leave u?? ( again slaps him ) Ok.. I’ll leave u.. bt after killing u.. ( smirks )

Person : No.. plz.. dnt.. dnt kill me.. I beg u..

Man : Alright! Giving u one more chance.. Tell me the whole damn truth! Tell me who’s behind all this! I’ll leave u..

Person : Ok.. I’ll tell u.. bt plz leave me..

Person tells man something.. A man was fuming in anger..

Man : Ok.. Now get lost! ( person leaves ) Aditya Malhotra & Raj Singhania… The famous business mens in Kolkata.. Interesting! Very interesting.. U like to play with other’s lives na.. alryt.. lets play together.. U hv started the game.. bt I’ll finish it in my own way.. ur time starts now.. just wait & watch! ( smirks evilly )

@ Dream villa-

A girl was sitting & cutting vegies.. suddenly her finger gets cut & she cries in pain..

Girl : Aaah.. Maaa..

Just then smone cms from behind & hold her finger.. & keeps it in his mouth & sucks the blood..

Person : Princess! Omg! Look what have u done.. u hurted urself.. cm I’ll do first aid.. ( He does her first aid & goes to another girl standing there) whats this Ragini?? Y do u give her this work to do.. What if smthng happens to her ( suddenly he heard sobbing sound he turns & shocked to see the girl crying.. he rushes to her )

Person : princess! What happened?? Y r u crying?? Is it paining more??

Girl : No..

Person : den y r u crying??

Girl : ( innocently ) bcoz of u..

Person : what?? Me?? What hv I done??

Girl : ( still sobbing & says cutely ) U r shouting @ cutie na?? Shouting @ girls are bad manners.. Only bad boys do so.. but u told u r good boy.. den y r u shouting?? R u bad boy??

Person : ( Teary eyes ) No Sweet heart! M not bad boy.. M ur sweetu na.. & m sry.. now onwards I wont shout.. ok??

Girl : ( pouts ) no.. not ok.. First u say sry to cutie.. or I wont talk to u!

Person : M sry Ragini.. M overreacted..

Ragini : Its ok sanskar! I can understand.. bt blv me I told her not to cut vegies.. bt she was so adamant.. she was nt ready to listen..

Girl : ( cutely ) cutie.. u r complaining to my sweetu! Sweetu , I only want to prepare Matar paneer for you! You like it na??

Sanskar : ( teary eyes ) yes.. I love it.. cm we’ll make it & hv it..

Both goes to kitchen makes dinner & hv it..

Girl : Sweetu, m feeling sleepy should I sleep in ur lap??

Sanskar : Yaa.. cm..

Girl : sweetu.. tell me sm story na.. Prince & princess story.. plz..

Sanskar : ( smiles ) ok.. listen! He tells her some story..

Girl : sweetu, I didnt like this story.. Every story has happy ending.. bt its ending is sad.. ( gets sad )

Sanskar : ( Teary eyes )No princess.. Its not ending of this story.. this story is incomplete.. & I promise.. Its ending will be happy..

Girl : Really ??( happy )

Sanskar : Really! Nw cmon sleep.. Its late..

Girl : Ok Sweetu! Gn..

Sanskar : ( smiles ) Gn my Sweet heart.. ( kisses her forehead )



Hw was it guys??

Iknw it quite big prologue bt hope u’ll like my concept.. stay tuned & wait fr my episodes.. share ur views & comments..

Credit to: Swarmayi

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  1. Abirsha

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    awesome…………..continue soon……..

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    Nice nd interesting

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      Glad to knw dat u liked it.. 🙂

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  4. AnuAnn

    Nice start dear

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