SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 8 )

Hello everyone. Here you go with next part…

Recap : Swara was raped infront of sanky.. Swara shoots herself..


5 months later..

A huge mansion was shown.. A man cm frm his room & ordered his servant..

Man : chotu, pack my brkfast.. m leaving.. hurry up..

He gets call..

Man : ( professionally ) Yes Mr. Malhotra..

Mr. Malhotra : Wats this nonsense ? I asked you to cm to office fr a meeting & u still not reached.. Hw irresponsible.

Man : Hold on.. Mr. Malhotra! I already told u to change the schedule as I cant cm at this timing.. bt u dint.. so its ur mistake..

Mr. Malhotra : what the hell ? Don't frgt u r making business deal with us.. u cant do the things always as per ur wish..

Man : ( sternly ) I can, Mr. Malhotra. This SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI can do whatever he wants.. & abt ur deal.. umm.. lets do 1 thing.. u keep ur damn deal with you.. I dont need ur project. Good bye.. ( cuts the call )

A girl was standing behind sanskar & had listened everything..

Girl : Sanskar! Till when u'll do this.. You plz hv ur brkfst & go to the office.. I'll handle here..

Sanskar turned to her and gave her faint painful smile..

Sanskar : No Ragini! I'll only go there.. & will hv my brkfst there only.. nthng is important for me other than my life.. bye.. ( leaves )

Ragini had tears in her eyes. ..


A man was talking on phone..

Man : Any information?

Person : No sir..

Man : ( angry )Then what the hell you guys are doing? From last 5 months I'm trying my best and you fools.. ( cold tone ) I want information in next 5 hrs.. got that? Now get lost..

Person : Ok sir..

Man clenched his fist in anger and banged it on wall..


After smtym sanskar reached at his place.. He went towards a room & opened it slowly.

Sanskar : Good morning Princess! Sorry for the late.. Missed me? I missed you too jaan.. ok.. nw lets do our brkfst.. u knw today I told maria to make all ur favourite dishes.. Look.. what I brought.. Chole- bhatore, aloo paratha with ur favourite spicy chatni & chocolate milkshake.. cmon wake up nw..

A girl was shown lying on bed lifelessly while all wires are attached to her body.. Yes.. It was a hospital where Sanskar cm..

Sanskar : Princess. This is nt fair.. hw much u'll sleep ha? Dont you get bore? Now enough.. wake up.. ( teary eyes & holds her palm ) How many days? Till hw many days u'll sleep SWARA? Its been 5 months.. bt still there's no improvement in your condition. Plz cm back to me dear.. I need you.. I miss you.. I'm unable to live without u. Plz cmbk to ur prince.. I love u sooo much.. ????

Yes the girl was non other than swara.. She was in coma since last 5 months..

Sanskar : Swara.. you shouldn't hv done this.. Hw could u even think of leaving me.. you dint even once think abt me? I'll not frgv u fr this swara.. u dont hv any ryt to play with my life.. my wife.. ( cries )

Episode ends.

Precap : Flashback

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