SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 7 )

Hey guys.. you must be shocked seeing this ff.. cz I only told dat I hv ended it. Bt wat to do! My cutie want me to continue this ff.. & I love her so much so I couldn't deny.. I wont ask fr cmnts bt will request u guys 1 thing.. This ffs name is happy ending so its ending must be happy na? U should understand this.. so whatever will be storyline plz accept it. Dont cmnt dat plz dont show this, dont do dat etc.. cz den I feel sad while writing against ur wishes. Bt trust me. U just support me I wont disappoint u.. let the story go ahead as per it planned. U'll enjoy it for sure.. Ok. No more bak bak. Lets start-


Recap : Swara alone at home.. Sanky's restlessness.

Epi starts wid sm1 hold swara's hand. She gets scared & shouted loudly..


Sanskar opened his eyes wid a jerk. He was sweating badly.. He was in his car..

Sanskar : Driver, hurry up.. we need to reach home fast.. ( monologue ) Y I felt like Swara called me? Y m soo scared? Is swara ok? I shd call her.. ( calls )

" The Number You Have Dialed Is Currently Switched off "

This voice msg came.. Sanky got more tnse..

Sanky : Y her mob is switched off?  DAMN!!!

Finally he reached @dream villa.. He get out of car & rushed inside.. He opened the door & gets shocked.

Sanskar : SWARAA!!!

Swara was lying unconscious on the floor.. He rushes to her & patts her cheeks.

Sanky : Swara! Swara! Get up.. Look ur Sanskar cm.. hey.. what happened to u? Open ur eyes. Swaraa!! ( cries )

While a voice cm frm behind….

Voice : So u r her husband.. ha? U cm too early.. we didnt finish our wrk yet.. bt no worries. We'll handle u.. ( He signalled smthng to his man )

Sanky : ( furious ) who d hell r u? What u did to my swara?  Who send u? Tell me damn it! & what wrk u r talking abt?  Listen.. ( holds his collar ) Dont u dare to touch my swara's hair also.. I'll kill u all..

Man : Achcha?  Haha. U cant do anything.. u'll see ur wife's worst condition with ur own eyes.. & u wont be able to do anything..

Sanky : Youu…

B4 Sanky could do smthng his men catch him & tied him to the chair.. Sanky punches sm of dem. Bt still dey were 7 & sanky was alone. They overpower him..

Sanky : Leave me.. U bastards.. I said leave me..

That man was leading towards swara.. He eyed her lustfuly & removed her pallu.. Sanskar was numb..

Sanskaar : Nooooooo… Plz.. dont do this.. plz.. ( angry ) U bl**dy beast!! Cant u hear me.. !! I SAID STOP!! NOOO.. DONT MOVE.. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Swara was gaining consciousness slowly.. She saw Sanky. & d next moment reality hits her & she saw herself.. She was beyond shock..

Swara : Sanskaarrr.. ( looked at those mans & her state the man was cmng towards her ) Nooo.. ( she cries & screams )

Sanky : Swaraa.. Swaraa.. run.. run swaraa.. ( sanky shouts )

Swara tries to escape bt he hold her by her hairs.. swara cries in pain..

Swara : Aaaaaah ! Sanskaarrr. .. ???

Sanskar : ( cries too ) Swaraa!! Leave her.. if u want, kill me! Bt plz leave her.. what do u want? Money? I'll give u.. bt leave her dammit! Can't u hear me? ( shouts angrily )

Sanky was screaming and shouting continuously. Bt no use.. Swara was pleading & crying bt no one listened to her. That man pushed swara on floor & cm on top of her.. SwaSan both went numb.. Sanky tried hard to free himself.. Swara tried to wake up bt he held her tightly. He looked at her fr last time & finally nuzzles his head in her neck. She cried..screamed.. bt no use.. That beast raped her.. Sanky was totally shattered.. He wasnt able to take it anymore.. He had closed his eyes tightly.. & tears were continuously flowing from his eyes.. He was cursing himself fr nt able to protect his swara.. his life.. Hamari adhuri kahani plays in background. .

Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan

Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)

After smtym swara's screams were stopped. That bastard satisfied himself fully.. They untied Sanky& left.. Swara was semiconscious.. Sanky's eyes were still closed. Swara slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.. Tears started to flow from her eyes. She saw gun lied beside her..
With most difficulty,  She take it & stand with the help of wall.. The vase placed near falls down bcz of her stumbling. Hearing that noise.. Sanky opened his eyes. & Shocked to see the scene infront of him..

Sanskar : ( whispers in shock ) Swaraa!!!

Yess.. Swara was standing infront of sanskar holding gun in her hand.. She had pointed the gun at her head.. Sanskar was all numb..

Sanskar : Swaraa.. What's this?? What r u doing?? R u out of ur mind?? Leave that gun..

Swara : ( smiles with teary eyes ) I'm sorry Sanskar!  But I have to do this.. M of no use nw sanskar.. M impure.. I dnt deserve u.. Good bye! ( she feels dizzy )

Sanskar : ( shocked ) Swaraaa!! Noo! Leave that gun swara.. plz.. I love u.. u r nt impure swara.. listen to me.. plz.. ( cries )

Bt before sanskar could say anything,  the gun shot is heard..


Sanskar collapsed on ground with a thud… A lone tear escaped from his eyes. He screamed loudly. ..


episode ends..

Precap : Leap..


I knw I knw.. all must be ready to beat me fr giving so much pain to our swasan .. bt trust me.. & stay tunned.. bye bye..

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  1. ?????
    Ise surprise kehte hai? Aur ye Happy Ending kahani hai?
    Main maar daalungi aapko…srsly..
    I will kill u!!!!
    What did u do with my Swara????
    Post soon??
    And IWL also…love u?

    1. Swarmayi

      Offo kiddo.. calm down.. Didnt u read author’s note? What I said? Just wait & trust me.. & who told u this is an ending? Abhi toh bass shruvat hui hai, picture abhi baaki hai meri pyaari sherni! ??

      Vaise.. If u kill me den who will give u updates of SHE & IWL ?? ???

      Love u infinity. .. ??????????

  2. feeling sorry for swara..dnt knw wht to say..continue soon..

    1. Swarmayi

      Sure dear.. n dnt wry.. trust me.. our swasan will overcm frm all prblms.. thanks fr cmnting.

  3. Kakali

    I know i knoww !! it’s just my imagination..nothing else… huhuhuhu… !!!

    damn it’s not any dream .. damn damn damn !!! *banging my head on pillow..

    i wanna laugh,, cry,,
    most improperly i wannna hugg u for this beautiful chappy.. u killed it.. u really shoot it.. hahahah!! thnk u..

    2 hours leap ::.

    *lying on mental asylum bed now

    1. Swarmayi

      1… 2… 3… aur ye lo splashhhh……. ??????
      Kakali ji ko neend se jagaya.. sry paani jyada to nahi ho gaya?? Koi bat nahi towel se poch lo.. ??? ye sapna nahi hai miss.. Its a bitter reality..

      Aur ye kya.. Miss kakali ne pillow par apna sir patkna shuru kar diya hai.. arre bhai noo.. stop.. y giving this much pain to that poor pillow! ! ???

      And whats this!! ??? miss kakali lying on mental asylum bed? Impossible! If miss kakali will go in asylum den who will cmplt her ff?? Which m waiting eagerly?

      Thank u soooo much kakali.. & * this tight wala hug fr u* Again I’ll tell u same.. trust me & stay tunned. All is going to be fyn.. love uh.. ?????

    2. Shreeyu

      Hehe Kakali dii …. Are mental asylym mat jao Di …. I will miss ur comments … And then who will complete ur ff …. Seriously I was shocked reading this episode but after reading ur comment m laughing ….. Lol …. Hehe aapki condition kuch jyada hi funny hai … M I r8 Swarmayi ?

      1. Kakali

        Wahhhh !!! Cutieee n Shaluuu !! laugh laugh… jitna marzi uutna hasho… but zis din is site se quit karungi na tab pata chelega..


        aur woo din zyada dur nahi… urghhhh !!!!*damn hungry

  4. Thank you for posting….waiting for next update soon

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks dear.. will post soon

  5. I know u wont let anything happen to them u will save her plz post soon

    1. Swarmayi

      Thank u sooo much simin.. fr ur trust.. & yeah I’ll post soon.

  6. Kakali

    I trust u i know u’ll make everything okk… okkk !!
    now m at homeeeee !!! praying to God to give mee tones off chocolates…huhuhuhu…*still praying..

    waaa!! kaise dostt hoo yarr!! pillow ki fikkar ho rahi hai,ff ki fikkar ho rahi hai..par meriii !!!! huhhhhh… love u tooo… *tight huggg from me tooo…

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks fr trust.. & btw u r asking chocos frm God? Seriously! May I knw d reason of dis happiness. I mean kis khushi main tones of chocos??
      Arey.. tumhari hi to fikar ki.. agr pillow pr sir patkogi to woh kharab ho jayegi.. kharab ho gayi toh dusri lani padegi.. dusri lani padi toh fijul ke kharche honge.. tumhari hi money waste hongi.. abb batao ki na tumhari fikr..? ????

      1. Kakali

        Yeahhh !! Shaluu i would love to share my happiness with u… u know this is my best day of this week…

        Actually mai apne kaproo ka kuch naap lee rahi thi.. woo joo lamba sa tailor rope*pata nahi hindi mai kya bolte hai usee..
        so my sister advised me to check my hairs lenth.. n d best part is my hair is 2 inch got longer than before.. i was jumping like anything.. huhuhuhu..

        n 2nd Durga puja Masti naa.!! hahahah!!!

        i know i might sound silly,, but m soo happy… hahahaha…

      2. Swarmayi

        Arrey! Who said so.. U dint sound silly.. we shd celebrate small small happy moments in our lifes.. & u knw what.. me too like to do sch things.. hehe..
        Once me n my dad was seeing Ind cricket match.. I was so confident dat ind will win bt nt dad.. so we bet.. Ind won & I started shouting & jumping like mad at night 12:30.. & as per bet I demanded my fav kulfi.. Dad denied bt I was so adamant.. so we went to ate it at 1 AM.. hehehe.. ab bolo.. ?????

      3. Kakali

        Waaaaa !!!! Shaluuu !!! wee r same..*same pinch…
        one day hmmm may be Colurs golden petel awards ‘s next night … as i couldn’t able to watch d show .. soo i stated to watch it in YouTube… may b time was 11:45-12:00 at night.
        but when they said best pair is SWASAN … i was likeee “”waaaahhoooo “” shouted soo badd… i knew it from before as i read it in Google… but d excitement was something else… winning d best couple award that too ur fav one… it feels awesome…
        soo excitement kee maree itnaa joor se silaaya ki kuch puccho mat…
        n u know what in return all this i got a tight slap from my mom… n in bed a kick from my sis.. as punishment as i disturbed her uglly sleep.. huhhh !!!but it was adventurous… hahahaha… *i will also share my chocolates with u…

  7. SWARMAYIIII! YEH KYA THA? KYA YAAR! Bechari Swara:( Ab yeh surprise kya hai?

    1. Swarmayi

      Trust me & wait dear.. & abt surprise toh.. surprise agr bata doon toh surprise kya rahega? ???

  8. Nice but shocking pata nahi ab kya hoga but plz update soon I can’t wait

  9. Soujanya


  10. Shrinjal

    Swarmayi I think it’s first time I’m commenting here..Yes I won’t say anything to show this or not as even I’m a writer of “tujhse hi” n “kismat connection” do read it n comment if u can
    N the epi was amazing, u don’t have to apologize for giving pain, thodha chalta hai as we know how much they love each other!!

    Remember to comment in my ffs..nd if u can’t so comment Only in tujhse hi

  11. Unexpected…

  12. Shreeyu

    Ummm …. No words to express my mind’s state r8 now … Just waiting for next …. ?

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