SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 6 )


Recap : Sanskaar's restlessness… sudden decision of marriage.

Episode started with SwaSan getting ready fr marriage in their respective rooms. Swara was very happy.. Finally the day had came when she's going to be Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. She was wearing briadal attire looking very beautiful. Shravani maa came to her..

SM : Swara beta.. u r looking sooo beautiful.  Kisi ki nazar na lage.. ( applies kajal behind her ear )

Swara : Shravani maa.. I'll miss u very much. ?

SM : ? mee too swara.. Take good care of yourself and sanskar too.. ☺

" wont u miss us swara dii.." ???

All bachcha party were standing there having tears in their eyes.. Swara stretches her arms indicating them to cm near her. All runs to her & hugged her tightly.

Swara : ? shh..sshh.. Dont cry my dears.. achche bachche rote nahi.. ( wipes their tears  ) & who said I wont miss u? I'll miss you so much bt I will cm to meet u daily..

Bachcha party : Sachchi??

Swara : Muchchi!

Bachcha party : okay.. ???

All leaves fr wedding.

It was going to be a very simple wedding as per swara's wish.. They decided to do reception in grand way.. sanskar was already reached there.. soon SM, swara & BP arrived.. He smiled at them.. Marriage rituals started.. sanskar makes swara wear mangalsutra & filled her maang with sindoor.. a tear escaped from swara's eyes. Marriage gets completed.

BP : Sanskar bhaiyya.. u hv to tc of our swara di.. if she cmpln abt u to us na den..

Sanky : are bapre.. no no.. I cant afford ur anger.. I wont trouble ur swara di & will take care of her… happy?

BP : very happy.. ???

All bids bye to SwaSan & they leaves.. Suddenly Sanskar gets a call & his facial expressions changed. Swara was listening his talks & was fuming in anger.. Sanskar looked at her with pleading eyes and gulped. Soon they reach Dream villa ( sanky's house ). Sanskar get down & tried to talk with swara bt She leaves frm there.. Sanskar smiled at his wifey's cute anger..

In SwaSan room-

Swara was sitting on bed wearing bridal attire.. She was angry.. sanskar  comes in the room & locks the door..

Sanskar  : ( smiles seeing her anger ) Jaan.. Its our suhaagrat.. & u r behaving like u r going to murder smone.. ( holds her hand ) Ohh myy!! Seems like smone is very angry on me..

Swara : ( angryly ) Y do u care?? U go na.. Go to ur office.. attend ur meetings.. Go out of country.. leaving ur newly wedded wife.. Work is more important na.. U Go..

Sanskar  : ( Hugs her) Shonaa.. plz na darling! Its only for two days.. I’ll return soon.. Its very imp for our compony..

Swara : Whats this sanskar.. Today only we got married & u r leaving tmrw nyt for U.S. How will I live alone?? Without u??

Sanskar : Arre my dear princess I’ll come back soon.. very soon. & ya I told Ragini to accompany u fr two days.. Happy now??

Swara : Ok.. bt come soon.. I’ll miss u..

Sanskar : I’ll miss u too shona.. come.. lets sleep nw.. ( both sleeps hugging each other )

Next day-

Swara was upset.. Sanskar was too upset bt he was helpless. He has to go.. He was nt feeling good to leave swara alone.. so he had called Ragini,  their best friend, to live with her fr 2 days..

Now its time fr leaving airport..

Swara : ( teary eyes ) Sanskar.. Take care of urself.. Dont work till late nights.. Take bf, lunch & dinner on time &..

Sanskar : ( cuts her ) Yess my sweetheart! Dont worry abt me.. u tc of urself.. Dont go anywhere alone.. Take Ragu with u.. ok?

Swara : Yess boss.. ?

Sanskar : ( kisses on her forehead ) Bye.. I love u.. ???

Swara : I love u too.. ???

Sanskar leaves.. While leaving he felt weird.. Like smthng is gng far away frm him.. He lookedat swara lovingly. Bt brushes his thoughts & left biding bye to her..

After sanskar left.. Ragini came there.. Swara got happy.. Both enjoyed a lot..

Next day-

Ragini gets call frm her home.. His dadi was unwell.. She has to leave.. bt she was hesitant to leave swara alone..

Ragini : Swaru.. Dadi maa is not well.. Baba is calling me..

Swara : Then gona ragu.. They need u.. go..

Ragini : No swaru.. Hw cn I go leaving u alone.. I..

Swara : Offo!! M nt alone.. See I’ll go to orphanage today.. will stay there whole day & cm here in night.. cz sanskar too cmng today night naa.. so dont wry abt me.. u go..

Ragini : R u sure?

Swara : 100%!

Ragini : Ok.. Take care.. bye..

She leaves..

Here Swara went to orphanage.. bt She didnt knw that sm1 was keeping eye on her..

At night-

Swara came home.. She was tired.. She calls sanskaar..

Swara : Hello sanskar.. Where r u??

Sanskar : M on airport swara.. I'll reach MM soon..

Swara : ( happy ) Really?? Woww!! U knw there's surprise fr u.. cm fast! Dont be late ok..

Sanskar : Ahaan! Surprise!  Great! My jaan is becoming very smart day by day!

Swara : Haww!! That means I wasn't smart before? How mean!  Jao.. I wont talk to you..

Sanskar : Haha! Swara!! You won't able to stop talking with me.. Even for a minute…

Swara : Achcha!! U first cm home.. later we'll see.. Dekhna! Iss baar tum jitni bhi koshish karlo.. main bilkul baat nahi karungi.. phir kahoge.. plz na jaan.. sry na princess!! ( acts like him )

Sanskar : Hahaha!! Sweetheart.. u knw u looks cute when u got angry.. ok fine..m cmng soon.. nw shd I end d call??

Swara : Ok.. bye..

Sanskar : bye…

Swara : Sanskar… sanskar.. ek min..

Sanskar : What happened swara?

Swara : I love you

Sanskar : ( smiles ) I love you too jaan.

Call ends.. Bt Sanskaar was too restless. He wanted to go home asap..

Here at dream villa.. Swara prepared Sanskar’s favourite dishes fr dinner.. especially Kheer! Bt destiny planned smthng else.. She went to kitchen to bring bowls & suddely lights get off!! Swara got scared.. ( I mentioned it guys she is so scared of darkness ) She started sweating.. She was moving slowly towards hall suddely sm1 caught her hand.. She gets shocked & scare..

Episode ends..

Precap : Unexpected! ???

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    Plz dun let dem rape swara…
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    Hahahahah Swarmayi u can’t do this to Swara… If this happens consequences will b worst… Hope dat hee is my Sanskar… Thnk u…take care…

  6. come on no rape please its hurting we fan heart please

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    Awesome…. Update soon

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