SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 5 )


Hello frnds.. Swarmayi here.. So sry fr late update.. bt what to do! Was busy in sm personal matters.. Ok.. so here is ur big surprise wala chappy.. enjoy.. ๐Ÿ™‚


Recap : Sanskar’s outburst on swara.. Swara to faint..

Episode starts with sanskar sitting near swara holding her hand.. Slowly swara got conscious.. she looked at sanskar with teary eyes..

Swara : ( slowly ) San..s karr..

Sanskar who was lost in his thoughts comes in senses listening swara’s voice..

Sanskar : ( Happy & hugs her ) Shonaa!! U r awake?? Hw r u feeling nw?? R u ok?? Or should I call doctor again?? U ( cuts him )

Swara : Sanskar.. Relax.. M absolutely fine.. dont worry.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sanskar : Yess! I can see that.. How much fine u r..

Swara : Sanskarrr! M saying truth! M really fine look M ( cuts her )

Sanskar : Chup!! Bilkul chup!! Not a single word! Muh band aur aram shuru! Cmon sleep now..

Swara : Sanskar.. aram hi to kar rahi hoon.. huhh! Tumhe to muze daantne ke alava kuch aata hi nahi hai.. Jab dekho tab bas daante rehte ho..

Sanskar : ๐Ÿ˜ฎ swaraaa!!

Swara : Aur nahi to kya! Uss din muze table lagi tab bhi daanta.. aaj mein behosh hogayi tab bhi daant rahe ho.. Jab mein marungi tab bhi ( suddenly sanskar closes her mouth with his palm )

Sanskar : ( teary eyes ) What rubbish?? Kaisi baatein kar rahi ho?? ( cups her face ) m sry.. I won’t scold u again.. bt plz.. dont talk these things.. I cant imagine my life without u.. :'(

Swara : ( overwhelmed & wiped his tears ) M sry.. I wont talk like that.. stop crying plz..

Sanskar : ( smiles ) Good girl.. Accha swara, nw tell me, y did u hide that matter frm me?? Dont u trust me??

Swara : No sanskar.. I trust u more than myself.. bt I dont wanna spoil ur mood.. & moreover I dont want u to do any wrong things bcoz of me.. U r my everything sanskar.. I cant afford to loose u.. promise me sanskar, promise me.. u wont do anything which can be harmful to u & ur life.. Promise me!

Sanskar : ( Holds her hand ) I promise swara.. I wont do anything like that.. I promise.. Now smile.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Swara : ( smiles ) ๐Ÿ™‚

Sanskar : So now my jaan will sleep without making any excuse.. hai na?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Swara : ( pouts ) Sanskaaarrr!! Why u want me to sleep this much?? U r very bad..

Sanskar : bcoz u r not well & u need rest my jaan.. ( pulls her cheeks )

Swara : ( angrily ) Hato! Jyada butter lagane ki jaroorat nahi hai.. so rahi hoon.. bt yaad rakhna.. ek din tumhe aisa maza chakhaungi.. ki yaad rakhoge.. Itna soungi.. itna soungi na ki tumhari lakh koshishe karne par bhi nahi uthungi.. phir muzse kahoge shona bas bahot hogaya ab mat sona.. remember it..

Sanskar : Haa.. haa.. main bhi dekhta hoon kitni der tak soti ho.. afterall m sanskar maheshwari.. I knw all tricks to wake u up.. ( winks ) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Swara : ( widens her eyes ) Shameless!! Chii!! Bt u still dont knw hw stubborn I m..

Sanskar : ok will see.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Scene changes to the large mansion..

Two Young man’s were sitting in hall driking alcohol..

Man 1 : That bl***y cheap girl! How dare she slap me! I wont leave her.. she’ll pay for it..

Man 2 : Cmon dude.. chill! Relax.. She’ll surely pay fr it.. we’ll show her hell..

Man 1 : of course! A real hell! ( he calls sm1 ) Hello.. I want each & every information of that girl.. ryt nw! U’ve 15 mins.. Hurry up.. I dont want any excuses, clear?? Good!

Man 2 : Seems like her luck is very bad that she met us.. ( laughs evilly)

Man 1 : yes dude.. Really her luck is very bad.. She shouldnt have mess with me! Now she has to pay! ( laughs )

After 15 mins, a man comes there with a file & gave it to them. He leaves.. They opened it..

Man 1 : SWARAA! SWARA GADODIA! AN ORPHAN! LIVES IN SHANTIVAN ORPHANAGE! KIND HEARTED GIRL! SIMPLE & TRADITIONAL! SCARED OF DARKNESS & RICH PEOPLE! gr8!! Interesting!! Very interesting!! So Miss Swara Gadodia.. Ur bad time starts.. NOW! ( Smirks evilly )

Man2 : Cheers..

Man 1 : ( laughs loudly ) Cheers..!!!

Screen shifted to swasan..

Sanskar : Swaraa..

Swara : haan sanskar..

Sanskar : We should marry now..

Swara : Whatt?? Suddenly?? Anything serious??

Sanskar : Dont knw swara.. Bt m feeling very restless.. Like smthng is gonna happen.. M worried fr u shona.. plz.. will marry soon..

Swara : ok sanskar.. as u wish! Bt when??

Sanskar : Tomorrow!

Swara : Tomorrow?? Bt arrangements??

Sanskar : That I’ll manage.. R u ready??

Swara : Yes sanskar.. M ready! I can do anything fr u! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sanskar : I love u.. ( hugs her )

Swara : I love u too.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Episode ends.

Precap : Marriage &.. &.. &…&.. &…. Guess! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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