SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 4 )

Hello friends.. Wish you a very very happy friendship day to all.. Actually I am quite busy today bt still m writing fr u guys.. a friendship day gift! 🙂 And sry guys I cant post Ishq wala love today.. I’ll surely post it tmrw.. stay tunned.. 🙂


Recap : Swara impressing sanskar.. Swasan romance.. Sanskar to know truth..

Sanskar sits in his car.. He was hell angry.. He starts car & left for orphanage..

Sanskar : ( angry ) Y Swara? Y did u hide this big thing frm me? Y? Damn it! M nt gonna leave that ba****ds.. They’ll pay for it.. ( monologue )

In Orphanage-

Shravani maa : Kamla.. kamla..

Kamla : ji maa..

Shravani Maa : where is swara?? I didnt see her from morning.. did she hv brkfast?

Kamla : Maa, vo swara didi said she’s not feeling well.. so she’ll eat after sometime..

Shravani maa : ( worried ) Hmm.. ok.. u can go now..

Kamla : Jii.. ( leaves )

Shravani maa : what happened to swara?? I think I should call sanskar… ( she was abt to call when she heard sm1 shouting.. She come out & shocked to see sanskar shouting angrily )

Sanskar : ( angry ) SWARAA.. SWARAA..

Shravani maa : ( worried ) what happened sanskar? Y r u shouting?

Sanskar : where’s swara shravani maa??

Shravani maa : vo.. she’s in her room.. she was not feeling.. ( before she could complete sanskar storms iside swara’s room.. she also went behind him )

Swara was sitting on chair beside her window.. she’s lost in her thoughts.. suddenly she heard door opening sound & came out of her thoughts.. She sees sanskar standing there along with shravani maa fuming in anger..

Swara : ( surprised ) Sanskar.. u here?? This time?

Sanskar : ( angry ) JUST SHUT UP! ( shouts )

Swara : ( scared seeing his anger ) what.. happened.. sanskar??

Sanskar : ( angry ) Dont u knw?? Woww!! Great! I should ask this question swara.. Ok.. now tell me.. y did u lied to me yesterday..??

Swara : I lied? When sanskar?? What r u talking abt?? ( teary eyes )

Sanskar : I’m talking abt yesterday evening incident swara.. Y didnt u tell me swara?? Those mens misbehaved with u.. Y u hidedthis from me??

Swara : ( tears flowing from her eyes ) Sans.. kaarr.. vo..vo..I..

Sanskar : ( shouts ) Answer me damn it!! I asked u many times cause I had doubt that smthing happened bt u.. u lied.. u knw I hate lies.. Y u didnt tell me Swara?

Swara : ( cries ) Sanskaarrr.. m sry.. m really sry.. I thought u’ll get disturbed.. I.. I was afraid that u might do smthing wrong with those mens..

Sanskar : Ohh!! So u mean.. I should leave them.. They threatened u.. they misbehaved with u & I should leave them??? Seriously.. THEY R GONNA PAY FOR IT!!

Swara : ( cries ) bt sanskar..

Sanskar : ( angry ) Dont talk with me swara.. u hurted me a lot today.. U make me feel dat m not able to protect my love from evil eyes.. U shouldnt hv done this swara.. U shouldnt.. ( started to leave )

Swara : ( going to stop him bt suddenly felt dizzy ) Sans..kaarr.. ( whispers & fell on floor.. )

Shravani maa : ( shouts ) SWARAA!!

Sanskar hearing shouts turn & shocked to see swara fainted.. He rushed to her..

Sanskar : ( worriedly takes her in his lap & patted her cheeks ) SWARAA!!! SWARAA!! OPEN UR EYES!! ( a tear escaped frm his eyes.. )

He hurriedly places her on bed & called doctor.. He sits near her caressing her hairs.. Doctor came..

Sanskar : ( almost crying ) Doctor.. plz check her.. she’s nt opening her eyes..

Dr : Relax Mr. Maheshwari.. let me check..

Doctor checks swara.. She gave injection to her..

Sanskar : What happened doctor?? Is she ok??

Dr : ( sighs ) Hmm.. Mr. Maheshwari.. actually She’s stressed.. She’s already very weak.. & this much stress is not good for her health.. bcoz of stress she fainted.. take care of her.. Dont give her any stress or tension.. try to keep her happy.. she’ll get conscious in some time..

Sanskar : sure doctor.. will take care.. thank you.. ( doctor leaves )

Sanskar looks at swara with teary eyes & kisses her forehead..

Sanskar : M sry swara.. I’m really sry.. M shouted on u.. I didnt mean to hurt u.. bt I cant see u in pain swara.. u r my life.. If something happens to u, I get mad.. I can’t live without u swara.. I can’t.. ( cries holding her hand & kisses it )

Episode ends..

Precap : Big wala Surprise!!!


Complete anpther episode..
May be its short one..
Bt plz spare me today..
Btw.. hw was it??
& what do u think about precap??
What will be the bigg surprise??
Any guesses??
Share ur views..

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