SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 3 )


Recap : Swasan convo.. 2 mens tried to misbehave with swara.. Sanskar’s surprise & marriage proposal.. 🙂


Sanskar : so my jaan is impressed now??

Swara nods..

Sanskar : ( thought to tease ) bt M not..

Swara : ( gives confused look )

Sanskar : Dont give this look.. U got impressed bt wat abt me? U should also impress me na..! 😉

Swara : Whatt?? Nooooo…

Sanskar : what nooo?? U should.. or else..

Swara : or else..

Sanskar : Dont talk with me.. 🙁

Swara : offo! Hmm.. ok fine.. tell me..wat should I do to impress my future hubby??

Sanskar : ( happy ) Thats like my princess! Ok listen.. Go to next room & there is a packet.. open it & wear it.. Go fast.. & come soon m waiting.. 🙂

Swara : Huhh! Ok.. 🙂

Swara leaves.. Sanskar sits there waiting for her.. After sometime swara came out.. She was wearing black & red coloured net saree which was designed beautifuly.. she was looking damn gorgeous.. sanskar looks at her and gets spellbound by her beauty.. He was looking at her without blinking eyes.. Swara blushed..

Swara : ( shyly ) Sanskaarrr..

Sanskar : ( comes in senses ) Haan.. Princess?? ( start to come closer to swara )

Swara : ( start moving backward ) vo..vo.. ( hits wall )

Sanskar : ( pins her to the wall ) what happen jaan ( in husky tone )

Swara : what.. r.. u.. doingg.. ( tries to go )

Sanskar : ( huskily ) What m I doing?? Adoring my would be wife.. ( holding her from waist )

Swara : ( heart start beating faster ) sans..kaarr.. plz.. ( she closes her eyes )

Sanskar cups her face lovingly.. He kisses her forehead.. then her eyes.. then her cheeks.. swara breaths heavily.. boths lips were inches apart.. sanskar leans towards her lips.. swara could feel his warm breath.. she suddenly opened her eyes pushes sanskar & runs from there laughing.. sanskaar looks at her disappointedly & pouts..

Swara : Hahaha.. Look at u Mr. Maheshwari.. tch tch tch.. poor boy.. ( laughs ) 😀

Sanskar : ( pouts ) swaraaa! This is cheating.. this is not fair yarr.. 🙁

Swara : haha.. dverything is fair in love & war Mr. Maheshwari.. 😉

Sanskar : Acchha?? ( raises his eyebrow )

Swara : YESSS.. 🙂 Btw sanskar I have one ques!

Sanskar : whats dat??

Swara : Why ur parents kept ur name SANSKAR??

Sanskar : Hey?? Whats dis ques? How do I knw? & y r u asking this suddenly??

Swara : Vo.. actually.. SANSKAR name doesn’t suits u.. look at ur behaviour.. so ASANSKARI! I think by mistake they forgot to add A before S.. It must be ASANSKAR.. hai na?? ;P

Sanskar : Haa.. u r ryt.. they must be ( realises what he said ) wait.. what?? What did u said? M asanskari?? Ha? Wait.. let me show u hw asanskari I m.. ( runs behind her )

Swara : ( laughs while running ) haha.. sanskar .. u urself agreed.. :D.. ok.. ok.. m sry.. m sry.. plz plz..

Sanskar : no.. I dont want ur sorry! ( sits on bench near by lake making pout )

Swara takes his guitar & starts singing..

Haan..aaa.. ooo..

Sanskar hears her voice & gets happy inside bt acts being angry & didnt turn.. swara continues..

Mein jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tuze
Beintehaa pyaar doon..
Saari hadein meri
Abn maine tod di
De kar muze pata
Aawaargi ban gaye..
Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye..

Swara looks at sanskar.. holds her ears.. sanskar turns face.. swara comes near him & sit beside him..

Kyaa khoob rab ne kiya
Bin maange itnaa diya
Varna hai milta kaha
Hum kafiron ko khuda..
Hassarate ab meri
Tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa abb meri
Aaakhiri bann gaye..

Sanskar felt his hand wet.. He looks at swara.. Her tears were falling on his hands.. sanskar gets shocked.. He cupped her face & wiped her tears..

Sanskar : ( concerned ) Shonaa! What happened?? Y r u crying?? Look at me jaan..

Swara : ( in between sobs ) u r nt angry na?? ( innocently )

Sanskar : no jaan.. m nt angry.. I was just acting.. u took it seriously.. I was teasing u..

Swara : Don’t ever tease like this sanskar.. I can bear anything.. bt not ur anger.. If u wont talk to me I’ll die ( cuts her )

Sanskar : ( hugs her ) Ssshhh! What rubbish u r talking ha.. dont ever say like this ok? & I promise I wont get angry on u ok? Now smile..

Swara : ( smiles ) Sanskar.. Thanks! 🙂

Sanskar : for what jaan??

Swara : For coming into my life.. for loving me sooo much.. U filled colors in my colorless life.. U taught me to live.. to love.. to laugh.. to fight.. U r the best thing ever happened in my life sanskar.. My parents got killed infront of my eyes when I was 8 years old.. Why do u love me so much sanskar? A girl who is orphan has no one ( cuts her )

Sanskar : M I no one to u? ( swara nods no ) then hw cn u say dat? & y do I love u?? M nt doing any favor on u swara..! Swaraa.. u r my life.. I cant imagine my life without u.. plz be with me always.. never ever leave me.. promise me..

Swara : I promise sanskar.. I wont leave u till my last breath.. I love u..

Sanskar : I love u too.. ( hugs her tightly )

Swara : Ok.. I think we should leave nw.. shravni maa mst be waiting for me..

Sanskar : ok.. come..

Both leaves in car.. soon they reached near orphanage.. suddenly swara remembers evening incident & gets lost in thought.. sanskar noticed it..

Sanskar : ( shakes her ) Shonaa.. what happened? Orphanage came..

Swara : ohh! Haa. M sry.. I didnt noticed.. bye..

Sanskar : Is everything ok?

Swara : haa sanskar.. dont worry.. u go..

Swara steps out of car bt she didnt hv courage to move.. she returned to sanskar..

Swara : umm.. sans..kaar will u plz drop me till the orphanage..?

Sanskar : ( suspiciously ) what happened swara? R u ok?

Swara : Yaa.. m ok.. its just that.. there is darkness over there.. & u knw na m scared of it.. dats y..

Sanskar : ( still nt satisfied ) hmm.. ok.. come with me..

Sanskar drops her bids bye & sits in car.

Sanskar : ( monologue ) She didnt did this before.. something is there.. I need to find out.. ( leaves )

Next day morning-

Sanskar was working in his office.. suddenly someone knocks on his door..

Sanskar : come in..

Person : Sanskar baba..

Sanskar : ( surprised ) Arey Jagdish kaka! Come.. hv seat..

Jagdish : kaise hai aap?

Sanskar : ekdam zakaas.. aap bataiye? Yaha achanak kaise? Kuch kaam tha? Any problem?

Jagdish : Aree nahi nahi.. mein to bas swara bitiya ke baare mein poochne aaya tha..

Sanskar : ( confused ) swara ke bare mein?

Jagdish : Haan.. kaisi hai vo?

Sanskar : vo theek hai.. par aap aisa kyu pooch rahe ho?

Jagdish : vo kal jo hua uske baad muze laga vo dari hui hogi isliye ( cuts him )

Sanskar : Ek..ek min.. kal?? Kal kya hua??

Jagdish : iska matlab swara bitiya ne aapko kuch nai bataya..?? ( sanskar nods no ) vo kal shaam..

Jagdish tells sanskaar everything.. Sanskar’s blood boils.. He was fuming in anger.. He stands up from his seat..


Jagdish : sanskar baba.. plz calm down.. First talk to swara bitiya.. she needs you..

Sanskar : ( angry ) Yes.. I need to talk with her.. ( leaves )

Episode ends..

Precap : Sanskar’s blast on Swara.. Swara faints..


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