SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 2 )

Hello everyone.. swarmayi here.. Thanks for ur cmnts on prev epi.. Glad u liked it.. Thanks to silent readers also.. I donno This will be a big part or not bt I’ll try to give big one.. & I knw u all r waiting for IWL.. If I get time I’ll post it today itself bt if not then u’ll hv to wait till tmrw.. 🙂


Recap : SwaSan mastii in orphanage.. Swara hurt.. Sanskar’s care.. & our Baccha party’s punishment for sanskar.. 😉 😀

After sanskar left, swara goes to her room & looks at packet which was given by sanskar.. Her sanskar! 🙂 unknownly a bright smile appeared on her face.. Remembering him.. His care.. His mastii.. His naughtiness.. & His Love! She felt blessed though God didn’t give her family bt he gave her Sanskar!! Her life!! She was an orphan.. Yes! She was! Now she has sanskar.. so she got everything.. She’s no more orphan.. He dont like when she calls herself orphan! 🙂 Idiot! But She loves that Idiot! Suddenly something strikes in her mind..

Swara : ( hits her head ) offo swara! Tu bhi na! Look at the clock.. U hv to get ready.. Sanskar will come to pick u up.. u should look beautiful… You should look suitable for him na.. See how smart, handsome, dashing , cool he is! & u! Huhh!! Come on now get ready.. lets see what sanskar gave me.. she opened the package & gets shocked!

Swara : OMG!! What is this!! This is sleeveless full length gown!! ( fumes ) this sanskar na! He knew me that I dont like these type of clothes & I never wore it.. bt still.. Huhh! I’ll call him.. ( calls him ) Hellooo.. ( angry )

Sanskar : ( smiles understanding she’s angry ) Hiii my tomato.. 😉 My red chilli.. My jungli billi.. 😉

Swara : Whatt??? Tomato? Red chilli?? Jungli billi?? Whats this?? ( confused )

Sanskar : ( smiles ) My dear shonaa! I called u by all these names…;)

Swara : Haww! Bt y??

Sanskar : Hmm.. bcoz jab v tum gussa hoti ho to bilkul jungli billi ban jati ho.. aur jab tum gussa hoti ho to red chilli jaisi tikhi bolne lagti ho aur jab tum itni tikhi bolne lagti ho to tumhara ye sundar sa gora gora chehra tomato jaisa laal hoo jaata hai.. & according to me nw u r damn angry on me so thats y I called u tomato, red chilli & jungli billi.. ( laughs ) 😀 😉

Swara : ( angry ) Hahaha!! Very funny!! Jyada hasne ki jaroorat nahiye.. nw tell me y u did that??

Sanskar : What I did jaan?? ( innocently )

Swara : Jyada bhole banne ki jarurat nahi hai.. Y u gave me that gown.. U knw na I dont wear such dresses..

Sanskar : come on jaan.. just for today.. wear it for me na.. plz..plz plz.. cant u do this for me ??

Swara : ( melts ) ok fine.. stop buttering me.. m wearing it.. 🙂

Sanskar : ( happy ) Thank u soooo much jaan.. I Love You!!

Swara : ( smiles ) I love u too.. 🙂 ( cuts the call ) Huhh dramebaaz!! 🙂

Soon swara gets ready in that gown.. It was white & red coloured gown having border of silver & had stone work.. Swara was looking stunning in it.. She was wearing matching acceseries.. All baccha party & orphanage people were happy to see swara like this.. Baccha party come near her..

Pia : shwara didi.. u r looking shooo cute.. Shanshkaal bhaiyya will only look at u.. ( says cutely ) 🙂

Swara blushes & kisses her cheecks..

Golu : Haa.. swara didi.. sanskar bhaiyya to aaj gaye kaam se.. kyun doston?? 😉

All : YESSS… 😀

Swara : ( blushes & fake anger ) Baccha party, u r getting naughty day by day ha??

Sweeti : Kya kale shwara didi?? Shanshkaal bhaiyya ke saath rehte rehte hum bhi thodese.. ekdam chottuse naughty bann gaye.. hihi.. 😀

Swara : ( shocked ) Accha bacchu!

Shravani maa : Swara beta, leave them.. bohot shararati hogaye hai ye.. Sanskar ke chele.. u go.. u’ll be late.. I’ll take good class of them.. Go beta..

Swara : ok shravni maa.. bye.. take care.. bye baccha party..

Baccha party : Byeeeee.. 🙂

Swara was waiting for sanskar outside the orphanage.. suddenly a car which was passing from there stop beside her.. Two men come out of that car & stared swara with lustfull eyes.. Swara gets startled at first.. bt stayed confident..

1 man : Hey, beautifull.. do u want lift??

Swara : No thanks.. ( started to go away )

2 man : Arre.. arre.. whats so hurry haa.. lets enjoy sometime.. come with us.. we’ll enjoy.. whats say?? ( tries to touch her shoulder )

Swara : ( jerks him angrily ) Don’t u dare to touch me.. leave my way..

1 man : Ayy hayye!! See dude.. hw angry she is.. This anger increases her beauty.. she’s looking more Hot & s*xy.. ( ummah gives flying kiss )

Swara : ( feels disgusted ) M warning u both.. just leave my way or else it will be bad for u.. ( angry )

2 man : else what ha?? What will u do ha?? Tell me darling?? I hv a lot of time.. ( holds her hand )

Swara : ( now that was it for her.. she jerks his hand & slaped him tightly ) How dare u!! Hw dare u to touch me!! ( again slaps ) now get to knw what can I do?? Or want some more ?? ( shivering due to anger )

2 Man : ( sees everyone gathered there on road & gossiping about them ) U!! U’ll pay for this insult.. mind it.. I wont leave u..

1 man : ( comes near her & whispers ) just wait & watch!! ( smirks ) ( both leaves from there.. two pairs of eyes were watching this whole scene with tensed face )

Swara was on the verge of crying but she composes herself seeing sanskar’s car.. He get out of car & comes near her.. He was mesmerised to see her.. He smiles at her.. She also smiles hiding her tears.. bt sanskar finds out something fishy..

Sanskar : Shonaa.. U r looking absolutely breath taking.. 🙂

Swara : ( fakely smiles ) thank you..

Sanskar : ( finds smthng unusual ) Shonaa.. is everything ok?? R u fine?? ( cups her face )

Swara : ( smiles ) yes sanskar.. everything is fine.. M fine.. what will happen to me?? Accha chalo we r getting late na??

Sanskar : ( still nt satisfied ) ok.. hmm.. yaa.. cm . Lets go..

Both sits in car & leaves for their date..

Swara : Vaise sanskar, where r we going???

Sanskar : ( smiles ) Surprise girl frnd.. 😉

Swara : ( smiles ) Okay.. 🙂

Soon both reach near 1 farm house.. Swara looks at sanskar.. He takes out one dupatta & blindfolds swara..

Swara : Sanskar!! What r u doing?? & where r we?? & y u blindfolded me?? & why- ( cuts her )

Sanskar : Ssshh!! Kitna bolti ho tum.. I told u na.. its surprise darling.. just wait fr sm tym..

Swara : Ok.. 🙂

Sanskar takes her inside the farmhouse.. It was fully decorated with flowers , ballooons, candles ets.. In middle of the hall.. There were a heart shaped cake.. Sanskar loves swara written on it.. Sanskar opens her blindfold & kneels down before her.. He was holding a ring which was of diamond & heart shaped.. S & S written on it beautifully.. Swara was shocked, happy, overwhelmed to see all this..

Sanskar : Swara , I dont know how to propose.. I dont know cheesy lines.. so m asking it directly.. Swara, u r my life.. I love u very much.. Will u marry me?? I cant live without u shonaa.. U r my heart beat.. will u accept my love? Will u be Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari ?? ( He extendes his hand to make her wear ring )

Swara was beyond happy.. She looks at sanskar with tearfull eyes & gives her hand.. sanskar smiles & makes her wear ring.. Swara hugs him tightly.. Sanskar smiles & reciprocates the hug…

Swara : I love u sanskar..

Sanskar : I love u too.. vaise swara u didnt answered my question?? ( raises his eyebrow )

Swara : ( confused ) which ques?? ( understands & thought to tease him ) Not so soon Mr. Maheshwari.. 😉

Sanskar : Means??

Swara : Means u hv to do smthng special for me.. U hv to impress me! ( smirks )

Sanskar : ( smiles naughtily ) Ooh really??

Swara : Yesss.. 😉

Sanskar : Ok fine.. ( he leaves from there )

Swara : Arre! Where he went.. ( calls him ) Sanskaarr.. Sanskaarr..! ( suddenly heard guitar sound from outside she smiles & goes there.. )

Sanskar was sitting there holding guitar.. It was a pleasant night.. He looks at swara & winks.. & started to sing..

Dostii ke raaste, Love hua aaste
Intezaar hum kare, bekarar hum hue
Kya suhaani raat hai, Teen lavjo ki baat hai
Ab to hum kyu dare, Aah kyu hum bhare
Iss safar ka kaun rahi, Aakar bata de abhi
Aa bhi jaaa…
I’m waiting for you.. O Jaanejaa
I’m waiting for you.. O Jaanejaa

Swara looks at him lovingly.. while he continues singing..

Ek aisi saath jo karle muzko apna
Chahiye vo raat jo pura karde sapna
Life ke voh dhoon meri, Maan jaa sun meri
Baat nahi hai ye seedhi sadhi
Zindagi tu hai meri aadhi..
Sur mere tu pure kar na
Band kar abb yun satana, kehde haaa..
I’m waiting for you.. O Jaanejaa
I’m waiting for you.. O Jaanejaa

Swara runs to sanskar’s arms hugs him tightly & says..

” I’ll Marry u sanskaarrr.. I love u.. ”

Sanskar smiles & kisses her forehead.. Moons & stars were witnessing the love confession of two love birds..

Episode ends..

Precap : Sanskar to get to know about incident happened with swara..


Done with next epi..
Hope u like it..
What will be sanskar’s reaction after knowing that incident??
Stay tunned guys.. 🙂

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