Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 18 )

Recap : SanRagLak to encourage swara.. sm unknown entries..

SwaSanRagLak : ( shocked) YOU….?????

All : Yes we..

Swara smiled with tears.. she ran n hugged them all..

Swara : Sammy ( me ?), kakuu ( our pluto queen kakali ?) , titii ( our sweety Anniya ?) , Rabia ( my cute dii ?), Shan ( my sweet akka ?) I missed u all.. sooo soo much..

All : ( wiping her tears ) we miss u too, shonaa..

Suddenly 1 voice cm frm back..

Voice : Huhh.. sm1 forgot me.. I knw I knw m kiddo n is always bzy in my studies bt that doesn't mean u ignore me shonaa dii.. ( pouts.. ayy hayy I just wanna pull my kiddos cheeks )

Swara : ( cm forward n hugged the girl ) arey.. How can I forget my cutiee.. my shreeyu darling.. ( & here cm my cute sweet lil doll.. ?)

Sanskar : ( clears his throat n acts ) Seems like all forgot me.. poor me.. beta Sanskar. Teri toh kisi ko padi hi nai hai.. khairrr…

Rabia : Achcha ji? We forgot u? Look who's saying guys..

Kakali : Shonaaa.. tell ur hubby to keep his mouth shut or else m ready with my pimpom ball.. ( gritting her teeth )

Sammy : I'm with my old tanpura..

Shan : I'm with my badminton racket..

Anniya : I'm with my hockey stick..

Shreeyu : And I'm with my all football..

Sanskar gulped hard.. Swaraglak laughs at him..

Ragini : It will be better Sanskar if u keep quiet or else here everyone hv their own weapons. ?

Sanskar : Ok.. ok.. m sorry.. Now tell me guys how r u all? N suddenly how cm u all here?

Sammy : ( went near him n said in flirty way ) Y???? Can't we cm to meet u HANDSOME???

Sanskar widen his eyes.. all supressed their laughs.

Sanskar : Of course u can.. SAALI SAHIBA.. bt suddenly. ?

Shan : Hmm.. actually sanky.. we cm here to help u guys..

Anniya : Yes ! We are here to help u n shona in punishing those bastards..

Swara : bt titii, shan..

Rabia : Shonaa.. its high time now.. u hv to punish them.. its time fr action..

All looked at her.. She closed her eyes n opened it again.. She smiled at all with a determination.

Swara : ( determined ) It's time for ACTION!

All smiled brightly n shared group hug..


All reached at the place where sanky kept AdiRaj nd goons.. Sanky opened the door n all entered inside.. Swara saw all of them who are tied to chair.. Her eyes brimmed with tears seeing dem all.. She again remembered dat horrible incident which changed her life.. Seeing her state sanky immediately squeezed her hand n gestured her through eyes to go ahead.. She was hesitate.

Ragini : Shona.. go.. we all r wid u..

Shan : Yes shona.. go..

She closed her eyes n took deep breath. She went towards the direction of bathroom. All got confuse..

Sanky : ( abt to go behind her ) Shona..

Rabia : ( stopped him ) Wait sanky.. Let her do watever she want to..

Sanky nods n stopped. Swara cm out holding pipe in her hand which is connected to bathroom tab.. She cm infront of goons n asked 1 of Sanskar's man to open d tab.. as soon as he did it, swara made pipe towards them n start pouring water on them.. while all wake up shouting like hell..

Goons : Aaaa… aahhhh.. stop.. stop.. its burning.. aaaaaaa…

AdiRaj : Aaaahhh… u bl***y b***h.. stoppp.. aaaahhhh.. how.. dare.. u…

Yup.. swara was making them bath in very hot water.. dats y all were shouting. Hearing abusive words swara got angry n went near AdiRaj. She looked at them with disgust n slapped both of them hard..


All shivers hearing swara's shout.. SanRagLak  n all her gang also seeing her with opened mouth. They never saw swara this much angry.. not at all.. AdiRaj gulped hard..

Swara took deep breath n calmed herself.. She went near 1 chair n sat on it.. making all confuse..


Rabia : Yes shonaa.. ( Rabia went to them.. sm mans bring ice water.. Rabia mixed spices in it.. swara n Rabia looked at each other n smiled Evilly..) So guys.. u must be getting very pain na bcz of hot water bath.. so y not to give u all ice water bath with Rabia spcl spices..??

All : Nooooooooooo

Rabia went near them n threw ice water on all of dem which had spices.. Their bodies r burning.. All of them were shouting.. screaming.. crying.. out of pain.. Swara was seeing all this with rage in her eyes.. Sanskar looked at her he felt bad seeing her like this bt as well as happy dat she's in her bold avtar n punishing her culprits.

Rabia : Hmm.. inka ASHUBH snan to hogaya.. abb kya kiya jaye shona??

Swara : PLUCK THEIR HAIRS WITH GRASS CUTTING MACHINE,  Rabia.. sammy, kaku.. help her..

Sammy n kaku : ( smiles evilly ) Off course!

Rabia , sammy, kaku started their works.. All started to scream like hell..

All : aaahhhh.. noooo… plzzz.. leave us…. aaaahhh..

Sammy : ( slapped one of dem hard ) Leave u?? Did u leave her?? Did u listen to their pleadings ?? Did ur heart melt seeing her in pain?? DEN HOW CAN U EXPECT US TO LEAVE U DAMMIT!

Saying this all continued their works.. after smtym swara asked them to stop..

Swara : Titii.. cmon.. do ur favourite work..

Titii : ( smirked evilly ) Yes shona.. ( she went inside n brought hot iron rod.. ) guys.. u knw wat? M nt dat much cruel. I wont give u any severe punishment. Jst lil beatings frm me of this HOT IRON ROD!

All goons n AdiRaj: ( shocked n screamed ) Nooooo.. plz.. nooo.. leave us..

Titi went near dem slowly. All were trying to move bt couldn't. Titi started beating 1 by 1 all of dem with dat hot iron rod.. all start screaming.. bcz of burning sensation. All r having red big patches on their body.. after smtym titii too stoped..

Shreeyu : Shonaa dii.. can I also punish dem???

Swara : Sure cutiee.. Y not.. go ahead..

Shreeyu took out 1 bottle from her bag.. CHILLI GARLIC SAUCE!

Shreeyu : You all.. saw my shonaa dii with ur these disgusting eyes na.. what if I destroy dem only?? ( smiled evilly )

Swara smiled at her n signalled her to proceed.

Shreeyu went near them n threw dat chilli garlic sauce in their eyes 1 by 1.. all started to scream n cry cz of pain..

Sammy : Shonaa.. seems like all of dems eyes r burning so much.. wat if I make them bath again.. haa bt hot oil ha.. it will reduce their pain.. kyu???

Swara : Sure.. make dem bath neatly with hot oil.. THEY SHOULD SCREAM LIKE HELL..

Sammy nods n brought hot oil.. already all were in subconscious state coz of lot of torture. They started screaming loudly after getting bath by hot oil.. all their skin got burnt..

Shan : Swara I think we shd do our work.. kyu sweeto?? ( shreeyu nods )

Shan n shreeyu cm ahead with small boxes in their hands..

Shreeyu : Didoo.. lets apply this salt, black pepper n red chilli on their wounds. It must be paining na.. It will help to REDUCE their pain.. kyu??

Shan : ( laughs ) Yes sweeto.. cm..

Both of dem applied red chilli, salt n black pepper on their wounds.. All screamed n shouted.

Swara : Kaku.. its ur turn.. I arranged ur stuff as I knw wat u wanna do..

Kaku : Thanks shona. . ( looking at goons ) So guys.. get ready.. to get SHOCK frm  PLUTO QUEEN, THE KAKALI !

Kakali brought wires.. connected it to 1 plug.. she made all of them lie in water.. near to each other.. n just left another wire on them n start button.. All started shivering due to shock.. Kaku smirked. ( aah love u kakuu.. ???) Swara showed her thumps up.. After making them proper shivered.. Kaku off the button. All went numb..

Ragini : Laksh.. take them 1 by 1 to dat door..

Laksh : Ragini.. bt..

Ragini : Do as I say Laksh. Plzzz.

Laksh : Ok.

Laksh bring 1 of them near door. He was subconscious. No in state to protest or stand or even run..

Ragini : Adjust his hand in corner of door.

Laksh did it.. Ragini looked at swara with teary eyes n bang the door hardly making his hand stuck in between.. He cried out loudly.

Ragini did same with all of them..

Ragini : You all.. touched my swara with these hands na.. so ur hands should be destroyed.

Swara looked at her with teary eyes.. She got up from her sit
N went near ragini.. hugged her.. soon again she made herself cold as b4..

Swara : so ev1 did good job.. now its my turn..

Sanky : Swaraa… its..

Swara : ( stopped him ) Not now Sanskar! U only made my inner anger out by this way.. which is giving me peace.. satisfaction. Now plz dont stop me..

Sanky smiled n holds her shoulder in assurance.

Swara moves forward n asked 1 man to bring smthng.. He brought it.. She took it n went near goons..

Swara : ( with venomous voice ) You all.. touched me.. with ur these hands.. so.. these burning coals.. are for them..

She put burning coals with ev1s hand 1 by 1.. all screamed by top of their voice..

Swara : CHILLAO.. AUR CHILLAO.. I WANNA HEAR UR SCREAMS.. UR BEGGINGS.. UR SCREAMS ARE GIVING ME PEACE.. SHOUT.. SHOUT MOREEE… ( Swara shouted in anger.. her whole body was shivering )

She went near her bag n took out hunter.. n started to beat all of dem mercilessly.

Swara : ( shouted ) This is fr touching me.. this is fr harming my sanskar.  This is for giving pain to my sanskar. This is fr taking my dignity frm me.. this is fr ruining our life..

She was beating them continuously. She was not in her senses.. she was all sweating n shivering.. Sanskar went near her immediately n stopped her hugging her tightly.

Sanskar : ( teary eyes ) Shhh.. shhh.. jaan.. calm down.. stop it.. plz.. u r not well.. jaan.. plz.. calm down..

Swara : Noooo.. today I'll kill them.. I'll burn them alive.. leave me sanky.. ( she struggled in his arms )

Sanskar : ( holds her tightly ) Shhh.. jaan.. calm down.. ok.. we'll burn them.. ok..

Shan : Shonaa.. I wanna make them burn with my own way.. can I???

Swara : Gooo shannn.. gooo.. burn them.. they should shout.. they should beg.. goooo.. ( she screamed still struggling in Sanky's arms )

Shan went ahead.. Make them all tie in 1 big pillar.. she asked sanky's mans to take out their cloths.. She put petrol on all of them.. put smthng around them n lit the fire.. she put sm liquid around them such dat fire will reach to them bt slowly slowly.. making them cry in pain bcz of flames.. bcz of hotness.. she cm out.. all started shouting.

Swara : SCREAMMM.. SCREAMMM MOREEE.. NO ONE ARE GOING TO SAVE U.. SCREAAMMMM.. S..CR..EA..MMM ( saying this she fainted in Sanky's arms )

Sanskar holds her near his chest n cried out.. While all others too have tears in their eyes..

Episode ends.

Precap : Surprise!

This episode is dedicated to my sweeeeet CHATTERBOX n my JAAN KAKUU.. ???

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  1. Kakali

    Shaluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !! Damn it girl, I’m blushing sooo hard reading this punishment punishment chappy..!! Uiiiiiii..!!
    this is the ultimate ANJAM for talking PANGA with our princess..!!
    We SwaSan lovers are always there for her for them..!!
    Damn this is just a small TRAILER of our aggressiveness..!!
    We can show them what a blo*dy living hell called..!!
    Gimme HiFi..now i want you to make them suffer by “Unko ghane jungle mei bhatakne dooo, bina ankho ke”..
    LOVED IT SHALUUUU..LOVED IT..Dil khush kar detta..!!
    Love u dherrr saraaaa..!!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  2. Abirsha

    Aww sammy its horrible….. But really they needed it… Amazing sammy…. Loved it

  3. Simin

    Oh my my shalu
    I loved this
    Guys kya punishment di hai sabko waah

  4. Arshaanya

    Dey dsrve it…
    Loved d punishmnt u gve dem

  5. Just loved it dear

  6. Rabia

    Meeeee thisss muchh cruellll ??????? noo worriessss im liking my cruel side ??? awesomee sammy ?

  7. Simi

    They deserved that punishment

  8. awesome..loved it..they totally deserved it..tc..

  9. Anniya

    Sammmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love youuuu

    Oh god it’s too much good , wow I love punishing them. From it I remember once we talked about it….
    Yipeeeeeeeeeee you fullfiled my wishes..

  10. Shreeyu

    Oh my God Sammy… This was amazing… I mean I don’t have words… This punishment should be telecasted on news channels…
    Awwww loved r roles dear…honestly speaking thanks a lot for ur compliments although I need not to thank you na…????

    AWESOME SAMMY!!..!!! LOVED IT!!…!!
    They deserved it
    Thanks a lot for this fabalous work… Love uh????

  11. Mica

    wooaahh girls power !!!! jaiho guyz! ganbatte! semangat!

    1. Kakali

      Terima kasih ?.. but it’s over Mica.. we punished them..!!

      1. Mica

        no doubt !!! you ate whole dinner huh!

    2. Kakali

      Huh.. !! No doubt u was my twin shadow.:D..

      1. Mica

        huh! what twin shadow ha ? i’m standing but you busy sitting ! huh! wrong shadow!

    3. Kakali

      What wrong Shadow ha ?
      Don’t blame urself.. !, I’m still standing beside me,i mean u..wrong number.

      1. Mica

        ““`huh! better wrong number than wrong pair ! *looking at my slipper
        god! you wear high heel when i wear flat shoes, what shadow it is.. hmm…`

    4. Kakali

      Ur curse broke my heel.now it’s flat on u :D.. pirahna n crocodile.. ?correct pair. *suhhh.
      Kanjoos Makhisus..n

  12. Soujanya


  13. Radhika..

    A amazingstory a girl of orphange fall in love with a boy their sweet cute moments and some beautiful moments of the baccha party… how he planed a date for which he gave a dress but dont know what destiny have planned for them….. guys why cant they just stay quite always passing comments…. but the girl is not like others who stay quite she also tell them that that girls can also speak and give them a slap whichmake them hell angry….the girl dont tell anything to the boy…. so that his mood dont get spoil but he get something is there he got to know from some known…….he get angry but soon after comforting his qnger vanish but he want to marry girl asap he feel something bad they marry the next but he have to go for business meet and he left herone friend with her but she also have to gobecause her grandma is unwell …….
    and here come the most big twistof the story ….. some goons came and the boy alsocame they tiedthe boy and raped the girl……. the boy isnot able to save her love….. he wqs broken the girl shoot herself and the boy is not able to digest the fact but he have to ……5 months passed she is in coma and than suddenly she disappeared but boy find her…. but one new shock is there she became a child of 8 yeARS…… her cute talks and behaviour amke him smile but also cry…….two guys entry adi, raj now who r they? the boy take their property why?? …….. the girl see rape case and startbehaving violent…… but she get her memory and became back to normal and give the guys punishment who send goons who took her everything……. and the punishment is awesome……. they get what they sow……

    all together the story is fullpackage of shocks…….its amqzing story every thing have a meaning behind it the orphan scene the child’s of god…….. the guyscommenting scene girls dont have to stay quite they can speak back and answer them in their language …… nottelling boy anything…. to nottrouble others and have the guts to solve our problems……
    the rape scene and the boy not saying her impure … the true love among them…. he taking care waiting for her to wake up to get fine to teach the guysa lesson……..that no one can do thing like this again …..love the whole story with so much of twists surprise……. whatnot ……. the story is amazing…. the story is lively……..

    loved the story………??

    now u guess who am i ??
    best of luck?

    1. Radhika..

      guess vali line galat aagah type ho gai sorry di
      my keyboard is irritating me
      love u
      love the story☺??

    2. Radhika..

      guess vali line galat jagah type ho gai sorry di
      my keyboard is irritating me
      love u
      love the story☺??

  14. Shifa96

    Awesome..they deserved this type of punishment.

  15. SNY

    What a epi shaluu …all punishments are fully hilarious… nxt one soon..!!

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