Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 14 )

Hello guys.. wishing u a very happy new year to all of you in advance.. dont frgt to read author’s note after the chapter ends.. lets start-

Recap : swasan cute moments.. Aditya to get shock..

Aditya : ( frustrated ) How.. how can this possible! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! WHAT ENEMITY THEY HAVE WITH US!!! DAMMIT!!! ( threw paper in rage ) blo*dy Maheshwari n Goenka! I won’t leave u.. ( calls raj bt he dint pick it.. he got angry n throws phone angrily on sofa ) I knw wat the hell this moron will be doing this time.. I shd go to him.. John… john.. take out my car.. RYT NOW! ( roars )


@ Dream villa

Ragini was standing near door holding Aarti plate.. Laksh was also with her.. Sanskar cm there holding swara carefully as she’s still weak.. Swara get very happy seeing big mansion n garden around it.. She unknowingly started walking towards garden n admires it.. she touched the plant n its flowers.. she felt connected. She felt very happy inside her heart n y not.. she was caressing n admiring the garden which she planted by her own hands.. she took care of it like a mother.. Sanskar saw it and smiled.. He cm near her and ask her to cm inside.. both headed towards the main door..

There Ragini was waiting fr them.. Swara saw Ragini n smiled brightly. Ragini does Aarti of swara.. and then asked her to cm inside.. Swara cm inside and get spellbound seeing a big mansion. She laughs and started twirling around herself.. Sanskar stared her lovingly.. while Raglak too smiled..

Swara : Sweetuuu.. is this our house?? This much biggg??? Woww.. I wanna see wholeeeeee house.. n Now I can play anywhere I want.. ( to her doll ) doll.. see.. we cm to our home.. now we’ll play alot.. n I’ll make spcl dishes fr u.. we’ll hv it n will give it to sweetu, cutie n cutie’s lucky too..

Sanskar and Ragini laughed hearing word ‘ Cutie’s Lucky ‘ Laksh frowns.

Laksh : Bhabhi.. plz.. dont call me cutie’s lucky na.. call me lucky.. only lucky..

Swara : ( cutely ) bt y? U r cutie’s lucky only na? Or u r not cutie’s lucky?

Ragini looked at him rising her eyebrows. Laksh gulped.

Laksh : no no.. M ur cutie’s lucky only.. call me by that name ha.. I dont hv any prob..

Ragsan burst out in laughing.


@ Singhania Mansion

A boy was seen making love with a girl.. he was kissing her wildly n enjoying with her.. He was non other than blo*dy womaniser Raj.

Aditya reached at his mansion n started shouting his name loudly.. Raj heard his voice n gets up wearing his shirt n cm down ..

Raj : y the hell u r shouting Adi.. ?

Adi : see this.. u’ll get to knw.. Raj read paper n paper slipped frm his hand.. He shouted angrily on the top of his voice ” SANSKAR MAHESHWARI! !! ”

Episode ends.

Precap : Last episode..

Author’s note :-

Hello guys.. Thanks fr ur great response on my both ffs which are Ishq wala love n happy ending.. m very much overwhelmed seeing it.. n fr ur grt support I hv a treat fr u guys.. yup.. a spcl treat as a return gift.. happy ending I was thinking to end on 25 th epi n IWL on 50 th epi.. bt seeing ur grt response.. I changed my decision. M ending both of my ffs on tmrw that is on 30th jan 2016.. yup.. you guys heard ryt.. tmrw will be the last epis of my both ffs.. I knw I hv planned so much things n surprises fr u in my next parts bt m helpless nw.. cz m fed up of this.. we shd write epi wasting our hrs to get only 12 to 13 cmnts.. bas? I can’t tolerate this now.. m sry if m hurting anyone then.. bt m really hurt..

Thanks to my regular readers n cmntrs.. thank u sooooo much guys.. bcz of u guys I wrote this much.. I knw sm of u will get sad.. bt dont wry though m ending my both ffs I’ll upload my os or ts whenever I’ll get new idea or concept.. for now.. m not well so I cant able to post fr few days I gues.. till then.. bye.. take care.. love u all.. ???

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