Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 13 )


Recap : Swasan nok-jhok, SanLak-AdiRaj meeting..

Episode started with swaragini conversation.

Ragini : Swaru.. plz.. have this soup.. its healthy and good fr ur health.. u r a good girl na..?

Swara : ( keeps her hands on her ears and nods vigorously ) No no no no no no… I don't want this yuckyyyy soup.. chiii.. cutie.. it tastes very bad.. I want to eat something spicy n tasty.. u knw I love puchka. I want it noww.. ( pouts )

Ragini : offo swaru.. I told u na.. Doctor told us to give u healthy food only.. no outside food.. cmon now.. take this..

Swara : ( jumps on bed ) Ok.. don't give me puchka.. then give me samosa or vada pav or garmagaram pakode.. plz na cutie.. ( gives puppy look )

Ragini : ( sighs ) Swaru.. u r so stubborn! Bt m not gonna listen to you.. have this soup.. quickly.

Swara : ( like cute kid ) No no no no..

Ragini : swaru.. If u won't finish this soup na then I'll tell Sanskar not to buy new doll n chocolates for you..

Swara : what??? Noooooo… Hawwwww.. cutie!! You are very bad.. u r blackmailing me na.. let my sweetu cm here.. I'll complain to him.. ( angrily pouts )

Ragini : Do whatever u want to.. bt 1st  close ur mouth n finish this.. ( takes spoon near her mouth bt she dint open her mouth ??)

Ragini : Swaruu.. now what? Why r u not opening ur mouth? U trouble me so much.. huhh..

Swara : offo cutie..u only told me to close my mouth. N now asking me y I closed my mouth and troubling u.. u r really bhulakkad.. ( said in childish tone bt very cutely ??? )

Ragini : ( hits on her own forehead ) Hey bhagwan! Swaru.. I lost infront of you.. now plz forgive me and open ur mouth..

Swara : ( makes faces ) Okay..

Ragini started feeding swara soup while swara having it making funny n yucky faces.. meantime SanLak entered. Seeing Sanskar Swara gets very happy and shouts loudly making Ragini shocked and startled.

Swara : ( extremely happy ) Sweetuuuuuu…

Ragini jerks n jumps on her sit. SanLak laughs.. Ragini glared at them..

Ragini : Swaru.. u wanna make me deaf? U literally scared me..

Swara : ( literally pushing her out of her bed ) Cutie.. you go now.. I wanna talk to my sweetu.. U already made me so bore..

Ragini looked at her with opened mouth. SanLak giggled.

Sanskar : ( sat beside swara side hugging her ) Arey ragu.. why u bored my jaan..? Ha?? Jaan.. tell me what happened?

Swara : ( talks like a cute girl ) Sweetu.. u knw cutie feed me this ganda soup.. n when I denied na then she blackmailed me that if I won't finish this soup she'll tell u not to buy new doll and chocolates for me.. ( pouts ) Sweetu.. scold her na..

Sanskar : ( stares her lovingly ) Achcha? Cutie blackmailed u? Ok wait.. lemme scold her.. ( to Ragini ) Ragini.. y u troubled my jaan.. ha? Don't do this again.. or else I'll not give u ur chocolates.

Ragini : ( making faces ) Ok Sanskar ji and swara ji.. I won't trouble you now onwards. Happy??

Swara : ( smiles widely ) veryyyyyy happy..

SanLak laughed.. Ragini looked at Laksh angrily.. Laksh gulped.. Sanskar chuckles secretly.

Laksh : Arey.. y u both are scolding my dear Ragu?

Swara : ( folds her hands near her chest ) And who r u to ask me like that.. she's my dost.. my cutie.. n who r u?? ( angrily )

RagSan smiled.. Laksh get scared seeing her angry mode..

Sanskar : ( lovingly ) Jaan.. m ur sanskar na? ( she nods cutely ) swara's Sanskar? Like that only He's cutie's Laksh.. His name is Laksh.. He is too our frnd..

Swara : ( cutely ) Really? U r too my dost?

Laksh : ( smiles ) Yes bhabhi.. m too your dost..

Swara : ( taps her finger on her head ) Y r u calling me bhabhi?

Ragsanlak looked at each other.. Sanskar speaks..

Sanskar : Because you are my wife and m hur husband.. jaan! And he's my frnd.. so he's calling you bhabhi..

Swara : ( confused ) wife? Husband? What is it?

Sanskar : Wife means.. uff.. u r mine jaan.. u r only ur sanskar's. N sanskar is also only urs..

Swara : ( happy ) really? M ur wife and u r my.. Husband?

Sanskar nods..

Swara : ( jumps in excitement ) yayyy.. ( suddenly ) Sweetu.. where's my new doll
Nd chocolates?? U promised me na?

Sanskar : ( acts ) Ohh no!! I forgot! Now what shd I do?

Swara gets sad and keeps angry pout. Sanskar slowly take out 1 doll n chocolates frm his bag n keep it infront of swara.. Swara gets very happy n kissed Sanskar on his cheeks in excitement. She took doll and started to play.. Sanskar gets shocked as well as happy.. Raglak smiled teasingly. Sanskar got embarassed. N both laughs..

Laksh : Ragu.. look.. sm1 is blushing.. ???

Ragini : Ha Laksh.. I dint knw that Sanskar can blush too.. ??

Sanskar : ( embarassed ) Stop it guys.. ( looked at swara who was engrossed in her own world playing cutely.. n thinks ) Jaan.. today u kissed me 1st time after 5 long months.. m happy fr dat bt u even donno.. what u did.. I want u to kiss me when u r perfectly fit n fine.. when u r in ur senses.. n I promise dat day is not so far.. I'll make u completely fine.. ( sanskar's thoughts broke when RagLak called him )

Laksh : Sanskar… we shd leave now.. take care.. and yeah.. All the very best fr tmrw..

Sanskar : ( expressions changed into serious ) Yeah Laksh.. will see u tmrw..

RagLak left.. Sanskar sat there with swara.. Suddenly swara asked him..

Swara : Sweetu.. I don't like this place.. when u'll take me to our home?

Sanskar gets happy hearing our home from her mouth..

Sanskar : ( smiles ) Jaan.. u.. u remember our home?

Swara thinks for a while n then looked at him n nods no.. Sanskar gets sad..

Sanskar : We r going from here tmrw jaan.. we'll go to our home.. Then u'll get fine quickly.

Swara : Really?? Yayyy.. and Sweetu.. tmrw I'll meet my maa and papa too na? How are they? Did they miss me? I wanna see them.. I wanna meet them..

Hearing this sanskar's eyes got filled with tears. He hugged her tightly and says..

Sanskar : Jaan.. u.. don't… hv… maa..papa.. ( tears fell from his eyes )

Swara : ( breaks the hug.. sanky wiped his tears quickly ) bt everyone has maa papa na? Then y not me? Where is my maa papa? Are they angry on me? ( asked innocently )

Sanskar : ( cups her face ) No jaan.. they are not angry on you.. they are with God.. and they are seeing you from sky..

Swara : Y they are with God? Y they left me?  Don't they love me? ( sanskar cries bt wiped his tears as he knw if swara sees him crying she'll cry too ) I too want to go to God to meet them..

Sanskar : ( hugged her immediately ) No jaan.. plz.. don't spk like this.. I won't let you ho anywhere leaving me. I can't live without u.

Swara : bt sweetu.. m missing my maa papa..

Sanskar : ( broke hug ) Jaan.. they are with u only.. they will be always with you.. wherever you go.. coz they love my jaan soooo much.. and u wanna see them na? Ok.. Tmrw when we'llreach home na then I'll show u their pic.. thike?

Swara : Ok.. then I'll talk with them n tell them lot of things.. ( smiles brightly )

Sanskar smiles n nods with teary eyes..


Next day –

At Malhotra Mansion.. Aditya come in living hall n sits on sofa..

Aditya : Ramu.. newspaper!

Ramu : Ji saab.. ( brings it n handover it to Adi )

Adi opened it and got biggest shock of his life.. He read the headline..

" Famous business mens Mr. Aditya Malhotra and Mr. Raj Singhania named both of their companies on the name of India's no.1 business tycoon SANSKAR MAHESHWARI! "

Episode ends..

Precap : AdiRaj to confront SanLak and much more.. ?

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