Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 12 )


Recap : SwaSan moments.. Sanskar's secret plan to destroy AdiRaj.

Swara was sleeping peacefully under medicine effect. Ragini was sitting beside her.. She was remembering all her precious moments spent with swara.. Tears were flowing from her eyes.. Soon SanLak entered inside. Ragini quickly wiped her tears.

Sanskar : Ragini.. she didnt wake up na? ( sat beside swara n caresses her hairs )

Ragini : no Sanskar. She's sleeping peacefully.  ( smiles having tears in her eyes )

Sanskar : Thank God! ( saw Ragini's tears ) what happened Ragini? You.. you were crying?  Everything is fine na? I mean swara is fine na? ( asked restlessly n worriedly )

Laksh : Ragu.. what happened? Tell us..

Ragini couldn't take it anymore and broke down in Laksh's arms.. Laksh pats her back to calm her while both sanlak were confused abt her behaviour.

Laksh : Ragu.. shh.. shh. Plz calm down.. n tell us what happened?
Ragini : ( cries ) Laksh.. I.. I.. can't able.. to..see..her..like this.. Y.. Y always this happen s to her? 1st God snatched her parents from her n now.. later her dignity.. n now.. ( couldn't cmplt n again cries bitterly hugging Laksh. Laksh too having tears in his eyes.. He consoles Ragini.. )

Sanskar was seeing this with red eyes.. tears started to brimm in his eyes but he gulped his unshed tears n Said to RagLak.

Sanskar : Ragini.. this is not a time to shed tears.. we need to be strong.. for our swara.. we hv to make her fine.. we need to punish her culprits. We shd make sure that she'll get justice.. & for that we need to be brave.. ok?

Ragini nods.. SanLak smiles slightly.. RagLak left from there coz its almost night.. Sanky sat beside swara holding her hand and sleeps..

In morning –

swara wake up n saw sanky sleeping keeping his head on her bed in sitting position.. Unknowingly her hands went near his hairs n she caressed his hairs lovingly n smiled.. feeling her touch sanky woke up and looked at her.. Seeing her smiley face for a moment he forgot that she's now having mentality of 8 yrs old kid. He was lost in her.. Suddenly swara hugs him tightly shouting his name..

Swara : ( shouted excitedly ) Good morning Sweetuuu…

Sanskar : ( get startled bcz of her sudden hug bt smiled n hugged her back ) Morning sweet heart.. ( pecked her forehead )

Swara : ( looked at him from top to bottom ) offo sweetu!! Look at u.. wat hv u done to urself.. ( touches his hairs ) this messy hairs.. n clothes.. u r looking like a ghost! ( giggles )

Sanskar : ( Shocked ) what? Ghost? Jaan.. u r calling me ghost? M not ghost ok? Infact look at you.. u r looking like.. Chudail.. ( laughs ) choti height wali Chudail! ! ( laughs loudly )

Swara : ( angry ) Hawww.. Sweetuuu!! U called me Chudail? ? U.. monster. M nt chudail.. u r ghost.. yes u r ghost.

Sanskar : no.. m nt ghost.. u r chudail!

Swara : GHOST

Sanskar : CHUDAIL

Swara : GHOST

Sanskar : CHUDAIL

Swara : GHOST

Sanskar : CHUDAIL


Sanskar laughs out loudly.. Swara pouted angrily..

Sanskar : Finally Jaan.. u urself agreed to me.. Haha.. u accepted that u r Chudail.. hahaha..

Swara : ( angrily ) Sweetu.. gooo.. u r so mean.. I won't talk to u now.. katti!

Sanskar's eyes got filled with tears.. He remembered when swara was in coma how badly he was missing her talks.. her scoldings.. He sat down infront of swara on his knees holding his ears.

Sanskar : ( teary eyes ) I'm sorry jaan.. I was just teasing you.. bt plz dont get angry.. plz talk to me.. I can't bear ur silence anymore..

Swara felt pinch in her heart.. Though she doesn't remember anything now.. bt her love fr him was unforgettable. Smwhere in her heart she can still feel it..

Swara : ( wiped his tears quickly n started sobbing ) Sweetu.. you.. you.. are.. crying..bcz.. of.. me?? I dint..do.. anything.. swara.. is..not..bad..girl.. m.. sorry.. I.. was.. jst.. dont..cry..na.. ( sobs )

Sanskar gets shocked seeing her crying and hugged her immediately.

Sanskar : Sshh.. jaan.. no.. dont cry jaan.. see m nt crying.. look at me.. & who told u that u r a bad girl? Ha?

( wiped her tears ) You are very very good girl..

Swara : ( still sobbing n ask cutely ) really? you.. are.. not.. angry.. on.. me.. na?? You.. won't. .leave..ur ..swara..na?

Sanskar : ( hugged her while tears flow from his eyes ) No jaan.. m nt angry on u.. Sanskar will never leave his swara.. I promise..


Sanskar : ( bossy tone ) George, is everything ready?

George : Yes sir.. Everything is ready.. And Laksh sir will also reach here in any time..

Sanskar : Hmm.. Good.

Laksh reached there and knocks..

Sanskar : Laksh.. How many times should I tell you that you dont need to knock..

Laksh : ( laughs ) Adat se majboor hoon Sanskar.. ( winks ) ?

Sanskar : ( smiles ) There's no point in explaining you..

Laksh : Aa.. correct Mr. Maheshwari! Now lets leave.. we r getting late.

Sanskar : Yeah.. Laksh.. Ra ( cuts him )

Laksh : ha ha.. I told her not to leave swara alone.. ok now?

Sanskar : ( smiles ) ok.. cm.

Trio leaves..


( Guys imagine Aditya as Adarsh and Raj as Rajat in swaragini )

SanLak and George reach at Hotel Paradise. AdiRaj were already reached and waiting for them.. Sanskar saw both of them and his blood boiled. He clenched his fist in anger.. He remembered how their mens tortured his swara.. How they raped her infront of him.. how bcz of them swara shot herself. Laksh looked at him and understands his condition.  He holds his hand and squeeze it. Sanskar gave him assuring smile that he is ok and walks ahead.. AdiRaj welcomed them n greeted..

AdiRaj : Hello Mr. Maheshwari and Mr. Goenka..

SanLak : ( giving professional smile and shakes hand ) Hello..

AdiRaj : Please.. Have a sit..

SanLak : Yeah.. sure.

Laksh : So.. Mr. Malhotra and Mr. Singhania. I hope u had read all information regarding this business deal.

Aditya : Yeah Mr. Goenka. We read it. N we hv absolutely no problem with it.. isn't it Raj?

Raj : yeah.. we are ready to sign this deal.. bt Can I ask you a question, Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar : ( raised his eyebrow and speaks in professional way ) Go ahead Mr. Singhania.

Raj : Well.. You are no.1 business tycoon in India.. and suddenly you gave 1 business proposal to us.. Don't mind bt May I know the reason.. I mean there are so many other than us.. Who would be happy to work with you..

Sanskar : ( raising his eyebrow ) Aren't you happy?

Aditya : No.. Mr. Maheshwari! No doubt we are happy.. bt its just we wanna know the reason fr choosing us..

Sanskar : well.. Mr. Malhotra n Mr. Singhania. M impressed by ur questions.. Hmm.. so why I selected you both..!! ( smiled professionally ) Recently I heard news that u both completed Mr. Sharma's project which was the toughest one. You both completed it with a great efforts and I really appreciate that. I checked each n every detail of that project n I got impressed. So I thought Y not to give u both a chance to work with me.. Afterall its ur wish to work with me or not.. I just gave u proposal. Decision is yours.. You can still back off.. I won't mind..

Raj : No..no.. Mr. Maheshwari! We were just curious to know abt reason.. thats it.. We are accepting ur proposal and signing the deal today only..

Aditya : Yes Mr. Maheshwari! We are ready to sign.

SanLak smirked looking at each other.

Laksh : Alright! Then Let's not waste the time..George!

George : ( brings the papers ) Yes sir.. here it is..

Laksh : You must hv read it yesterday bt still if you want you can read it again..

Aditya : No Mr. Goenka. No need.. Give it to us.. we'll sign..

Laksh : ( passes papers to them and looked at sanskar who was having evil smirk on his face. They signed all papers )

SanLak too signs and all 5 got up from their sits..

AdiRaj : Congratulations Mr. Maheshwari n Mr. Goenka. ( shakes hand )

SanLak : Same to u Mr. Malhotra n Mr. Singhania.

Aditya : From tomorrow we'll start our project.. have a good day..

Raj : Yeah.. from tomorrow our lives will change.. A big responsibility will be on us.. thanks again Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar : Mention not.. Mr. Singhania.. have a very good day..

SanLak looked at each other and smiled..

Sanskar : Enjoy today u bastards.. bcz tomorrow ur lives will change.. completely! Just wait and watch.. ( said angrily )

Episode ends..

Precap : AdiRaj to got biggest shock of their life..

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      arshaa.. actually AdiRaj dint rape swara.. their hired goons did.. so AdiRaj donno who’s Sanskar. They just wanted to take revenge of their insult in public which happened bcz of swara..

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      Kakuu.. actually AdiRaj dint rape swara.. their hired goons did.. so AdiRaj donno who’s Sanskar. They just wanted to take revenge of their insult in public which happened bcz of swara..

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