SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 1 )

Hello guys.. swarmayi here.. As I told u before m starting my new ff along with IWL so here is first epi.. hope u like it.. & plz give ur valuable cmnts..


It was a beautiful & peaceful morning.. A girl was doing aarti infront of Lord Krishna Idol.. Her voice was so soft yet melodious.. A boy comes & stand behind her silently admiring her beauty.. He signs everyone not to tell her that he is here let her complete her aarti.. The girl was singing-

Hey Murlidhar, Hey Damodar
Krishnamurari, Hey Natnagar
Bhul hui to binati sunkar
Hey Manmohan, Hey Karunakar

Andhiyare mein ghiri hui hoon
Hey Gopala…
Jyotikunj bankar raah dikhao
Hey Nandlala…
Kaisi paar karungi tumbin..
Kaisi paar karungi tumbin..
Jeevan sagar Hey Karunakar..
Hey Murlidhar, Hey Damodar
Krishnamurari, Hey Natnagar..

Kaanhaaa…. Krishnaaaa…
Hey Kaaanhaaa…..

Aarti gets over.. Girl prays to lord.. She takes aarti to herself & turns around to give others.. She gets shocked..

Girl : ( shocked ) You?? When did u come??

Boy : ( takes aarti & smiles ) when my lady love was busy to buttering God! 😉

Girl : Huhh!! Chup karo.. Always mastii.. when u r gonna grow up.. ha??

Boy : ( smiles mischievously taking whole prasad thali in his hand ) NEVER!!! 😀 ;P ( started to run )

Girl : ( shocked ) Noo!! Sanskaarrr!! Give me prasad thali.. ( runs behind him ) ohh God! This creature.. Sanskarr give na plz.. I need to give it to all.. look all are waiting.. Sanskaarrr..

All orphanage people were laughing seeing the scenerio.. Yes The boy & girl was in orphanage..

Sanskar : ( laughs ) No girl frnd.. not so easy.. 1st promise me u’ll do whatever I ask u to do.. ( still running all over )..

Girl : ( shocked & angry ) Noo.. not at all.. m nt gonna promise u anything.. I knw u very well mr.. Huhh!! Donno whats cooking in ur damaged brain..

Sanskar : ( laughs ) Hehe.. speak watever u want.. m nt gonna give u this thali.. Think once again sweet heart.. 😉

Girl : ( angry & tired of chasing him ) Sanskarr!! Stop na yarrr.. look m tired nw.. ( suddenly a table hits her leg badly she cries in pain ) Aaaah!! Maaa..!!

Sanskar : ( stops immidiately & rushes to her worriedly ) Shonaaa!! Shona what happened??? R u ok?? Hw careless u r.. cant u see while running.. see hw much u got hurt.. Omg! Its bleeding.. come.. I’ll do first aid..

He helps her to get up & does her first aid..

Sanskar : ( concerned ) is it paining too much swara??

Swara : ( overwhelmed by seeing his care ) No sanskar.. Its just a small cut.. M fine.. Its not at all paining.. really.. 🙂

Sanskar : ( little angry ) Dont lie.. I knw its paining.. Its all my fault.. I shouldnt had taken that prasad thali.. I troubled u & teased u soo much.. & bcoz of that u got hurt.. 🙁 M really sry shonaa.. :'( ( tears in his eyes )

Swara : ( Quickly wipes his tears & cups his face ) no sanskar.. Its not ur fault.. I didnt see properly while running.. so plz stop blaming urself or I wont talk to u.. ( pouts )

Sanskar : ( smiles ) Ok my princess.. 🙂 Waise I still had prasad thali, want it or not?? 😉

Swara : Haww!! Sanskar!! U r tooo bad.. huhh! Ok fine.. u won.. nw tell me what do u want??

Sanskar : ( winningly ) thats like my good girl.. first of all u should promise me that u’ll do it!

Swara : Sanskarrr!!

Sanskar : Swaraaa!!

Swara : ( gives up ) ok fine.. promise! Khushh?? Now tell..

Sanskar : ( smiles ) very good.. ( takes out one packet ) Take this..

Swara : Whats this ?? 😮

Sanskar : Hmm.. Its for u.. we r going out today evening & u should wear this.. 🙂

Swara : But sanskarr..

Sanskar : No ifs & buts.. u promised me.. remember??

Swara : ( smiles ) Ok.. ok.. 🙂

Suddenly voices comes frm behind : Not Ok!!

SwaSan turns and looks behind.. All small cute little devil gang of orphanage were standing there folding their hands near their chest.. SwaSan laughs seeing them..

Swara : ( smiles ) Arnav, Ashwi, Nitu, Golu, pia, raj, sweeti, Rishu, sona, Shravan… What happened to my cuties?? Why r u all angry ?? 🙂

Ashwi, Nitu, Pia, Sweeti, Sona comes to swara & hugs her.. all boys comes near swaras one side & stand beside her..

Swara : Areee.. What happened?? Tell me na??

Ashwi : ( looks at swara’s leg & then sanskar ) U got hurt na??

Golu : & that’s also bcoz of sanskar bhaiyya?? ( angrily looks at him )

Sanskar gulps hard seeing all of them in anger.. He looks at swara with pleading eyes..

Swara : ( supress her laugh ) no beta.. nothing like that.. look m fine.. 🙂

Sweeti : Dont lie swara didi.. We saw ur wound.. Sanskar bhaiyya.. y u hurt swara di??

Sanskar : ( takes her in his lap ) no dear.. I didnt hurt her.. It was just an accident.. She hits table accidently while-

All : Running behind u.. ( gives death glare )

Swara laughs..

Sanskar : ( monologue ) beta sanskar.. u r gone now.. these swara’s little bodyguards will eat u.. God save me plz..

Arnav : What happened sanskar bhaiyya?? U r looking tensed ?? ( smiles devilishly )

Sanskar : ( tensed & sweating ) aahh.. no.. no..nothing.. 🙁

All looks at each other signaling something & smirks.. Swara looks at them and sense something fishy she tries to send sanskar out…

Swara : ( signals sanskar to go ) Aahh.. hmm.. sanskar.. u go now.. u r getting late for office na.. Pick me in evening.. ok.. now bye..

Raj : Arre arre sanskar bhaiyya itni jaldi kya hai??

Sanskar : matlab??

Shravan : matlab ye ki aaj aap ko marathon mein first prize milva dene ka irada hai hamara.. kyun doston??

All : ( smiles ) YESSSSS..

Swara : ( shouts ) sanskar RUN..

Before sanskar can understand anything all baccha party starts running behind him.. Sanskar starts running.. Swara laughs..

Swara : Arre.. bacchon.. ruko.. Arre.. 😀 huhh.. sanskar is gone now.. Pagal hai bilkul.. bacchon mein baccha ban jata hai.. bt I love this pagal.. ( smiles ) 🙂

Episode ends..

Precap : SwaSan romantic moments.. & much more.. 🙂


Finally completed 1st episode..
Hw was it guys..
Give me ur feedbacks..
M waiting.. 🙂

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