Swasan happy ending (Epi 6)


Guys I am sorry for disappointing you and ending my ff somewhat abruptly.The only reason behind my this step is the e-mail that I recieve from tellyupdates in which they made it clear that they will only update my ff if I write it solely in English.It is not that I don’t know English,I read in class 11 and I am one of the highest scorers in English papers of our examinations.But I respect my hindi,my mother tongue the most as once it was pride of our nation.May be we as Indians forget to respect this fact but I respect it as much as I can.I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.Now,read the following episode and enjoy:

Episode 6
Swara and Sanskar goes inside the restraunt and they both give their order and Swasan have a cute conversation.Their food come.They both eat and go for walking so that they can spend some quality time with each other.
Sanskar:Swara today I am very happy as I confessed my feelings to you.
Swara:me too.
They were walking and suddenly they heard a sound of somewhat car accident.They hurriedly go toward the site where the car accident happened and Sanskar was helping injured persons and meanwhile he also called ambulance so that their treatment could be done fastly.(A car and a bus has collided and there were mainy injured persons)Swara sees a boy was trapped inside the burnt bus.People were seeing him but no one dared to save him as lots of glass pieces were scattered here and there
Swara runs towards that little kid but meanwhile her sandal broke.She left her sandals there itself and without wasting any time she runs as fast as possible.Meanwhile Sanskar helped all the injured people and sent them to his hospital for their treatment as his hospital is present nearby only.
After that he comes to know that Swara is not with him and meanwhile he hears some people voice who were panicing for a girl.He comes near them and asked what the matter is.people made him see that a girl without having chappals is gone to save a little kid.Sanskar is dazed.

Swara saves the child and sent him to Sushine hospital and after that he starts to come towards Sanskar.He is shocked to see that the girl who went to save that child with risking her own life was none other than her Swara.Swara and Sanskar looked at each other proudly.All the people present over there left and they aere alone in that place.Swara goes near Sanskar and fell unconscious.Sanskar was shocked and tried hard to make his Swara consious and suddenly he noticed that her feet were badly injured.Swara comes back to consciouness.Sanskar lifts her in her arms and heads towards the hospital.Swara is very weak as her feet were bleeding heavily.
Sanskar reaches his hospital and starts Swara’s treatment.She was crying in pain but her love,her Sanskar gives her strength to bear that immense pain.
After a few days her wounds gets healed and meanwhile Sanskar takes care of his Swara.Their love grows and becomes limitless.
Another month passed.Swasan’s love has changed Swara and Sanskar a lot,but this change is meant only for good.Sanskar has now become more mature,calm,patient and romantic.And his Swara has now started to live each and every moment of life to its fullest.She too become more mature and due to her immense hardwork her company became India’s most successful company and each and every big businessman wants to work with her company.

It is a Sunday morning and Swasan are present in a coffee shop.Sanskar has booked the entire shop so that he can freely romance with Swara.Tum hi ho BG music starts playing and they danced passionately with each other.Sanskar holds Swara’s waist romantically and kissed on her neck,then on her cheeks and was about to press his lips against hers while Swara blushes and escapes from his cluthes.Sanskar holds Swara’s hand and they both share a long,romantic eyelock.Swara slowly comes near his love and kissed on his both cheeks.He lovingly smiles.After their romantic date Sanskar drops Swara in her mansion and leave from there(unwillingly).

After few days,she recieves a big business deal from Maheshwari group of companies.Swara’s and Maheswari’s company come together for a meeting and Sanskar was also with his bade papa(owner of maheshwari group of companies).As the meeting starts Maheswaris introduced Swara with their son,their pride Sanskar Maheshwari.Both Swasan were shocked at his revealation asSwara does not know that he is the son of a big businessman neither Sanskar knows that she is dealing with Maheswari group of companies.Seeing Swasan shocked faces they(maheswaris) asked them if they know each other.They both nods in yes and then Sanskar reveals to them that she is her love,her Swara and he wants to spend his life with her.Maheshwaris were happy at their son’s choice as they also like Swara for her innocence and intelligence.Maheshwaris asked Swara to marry thier son to which she happily agreed.After their marriage Swasan’s life becomes full of hapiness as now Sanskar gets his love completely and Swara gets Sanskar’s love alongwith his parents love and support which always wished to get.They both looked at each other and shares a passionate kiss.(Happy ending)

The end.

Credit to: S.Ankur

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  1. It nice don’t worry ur r nice writer all the best for ur future ff

  2. It’s a good one. Though you have ended soon. I am happy that atleast you have completed the ff.

  3. I love this story..

  4. yaar this one is the most fab ff ever
    will be missing it
    loved it to the core

  5. yes dear truely happy ending without draging
    &smriti. i also think tht same yaar first we want to respect our langage and wht u wrote its based on hindi language drama haina?
    even real show feeling we can feel only with hindi language m i rigt?

    1. I am glad as you understood my feelings and yes an Indian serial can be best expressed in hindi language only.

  6. Awesome yaar…

  7. nice ff but it was completed soon.
    come with another ff.we r waiting.
    i can unstud how much u like ur lang.
    but here other lang. also that’s y we asking in english

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