Swasan happy ending (Epi 5)


I am sorry guys but I am converting my ff into a 6 shot.Please enjoy and have a great time.I will upload the 6th part of it asap.

Episode -5
Days passed but they were not able to confess but now they are determined ki woh aaj hi confess karenge aapni feelings
At morning,
Swara and Sanskar wakes up in their respective homes and after getting ready they went to their working places.All the time they think about each other only and was thinking how to confess their feelings to each other.
Swara(at her office):(to herself)Sanskar kya kar raha hoga.Usse call karti hun
Sanskar was also thinking about Swara meanwhile he recieves a call
Sanskar:Yes.who is speaking
Swara:did you forget me?
Swara:Yes,my friend.
Sanskar:You are fine naa(tensedly)
Swara:Yes Dr.Sanskar,I am fine
Sanskar:Please Swara call me Sanskar.
Sanskar:Now tell me why did you call me?
Swara:Woh..I wanted to talk to you.
Sanskar:I also wanted to talk to you,so if you are free then can we meet in xyz restraunt.
Swara:yes,sure,why not
Sanskar:Then it is fixed.
They both smiled at themselves as they were eager to say the three magical word to each other.

At restraunt,they meet and Sanskar gets a call from a junior doctor Meera and he was talking with her in a friendly manner.Swara is getting jealous.Sanskar sees her getting jealous and thinks that I was thinking that it is me only who loves her but it seems like she too feels something for me me.Sanskar finishes his call and says:
Sanskar:You know I was talking with Meera.
Swara:(She is burning with jealousy )Who is Meera ?I have never noticed you talking to a girl in such a friendly manner.
Sanskar:Meera is my girlfriend(he lied to Swara)
Sanskar:Do you want to meet her.
Swara:No.And she gets a call from her secretory Yash and she starts talking to him very friendly in order to make Sanskar jealous.After she finishes her call,Sanskar quickly asked her,
Sanskar:Swara, to whom you are talking to in such a friendly manner.(He is extremely jealous)
Swara:Woh… I was talking to Yash,remember my secretory.
Sanskar:Oh!Kya woh tumhara ….
Swara:Yes he is my boyfriend .Do you want to meet him personally.
Sanskar:(sadly)No.He was going to say that he loves her before it gets too late.Swara was also thinking to say truth to Sanskar and confess her feelings to him as she can’t see him with any other girl.
Sanskar and Swara say at same time:I want to confess something.
Sanskar:Yes,Swara firstly you say.
Swara:No,firstly you tell me what do you want to confess.
Sanskar:Ok.ok.Swara !!Meera is not my girlriend she is a junior doctor.I told you that to make you jealous.
Swara(relieved):Oh!!But what was the need Sanskar??(hurriedly)Now its my turn to confess,Yash is not boyfriend I also told you that in order to make you jealous.
Swasan:I want to confess one more thing.
Sanskar:This time you will confess firstly.
Swara:Ok,lets go to the garden then we will confess what we are going to say.

They both go to the garden which was decorated with balloons and red roses and Swara says
Swara holds his hands and shyly says:I love you Sanskar
Sanskar is on cloud nine.
Sanskar:Actually on our first meeting I was attracted towards you for your outer beauty but when I saw your humble side,your inner beauty I was completely fallen for you.
Swara(excitedly):Do you also love me???
Sanskar:Yes Swara I love you.He announces main Sanskar Tumse pyaar karta hunn.And they both hugged each other.

Precap-A car accident and the end.

Credit to: S.Ankur

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