Swasan happy ending (Epi 2)


Episode 2
Guys thank you for all your love and support.I am happy with the responses you gave.Please comment and encourage me and my thought.
When Swara was waiting outside DR.Sanskar’s cabin,she heard voice of a kid having stomach ache and Sanskar was giving him an injection.The kid was crying and trembling very badly.Swara is seeing all this secretly through the door hiding herself behind curtain.Sanskar has seen Swara peeking through the door.The kid goes from his cabin and after seeing injections and the crying kid ,Swara gets scared as she has a fear of inections so she slowly started to go from there .
Swara’s secretory Yash had informed Sanskar about Swara’s fear of injections.So,when he saw her slowly going from there he said:
Sanskar:Are you Swara??
Swara:(Surprisingly and hesistantly)Yes
Sanskar:(So I am right)Why are you going without getting your treatment done.
Swara:Woh ….main..woh..
Sanskar:(Calmly )Now please come inside my cabin.
Swara hesistantly goes inside his cabin.Swara is worried and Sanskar has observed it.So,Sanskar calmed her and after a while says:
Sanskar:What health issue led you to visit hospital?
Swara:My stomach is aching.
Sanskar:From when you are suffering from stomach ache?
Swara:Woh..From a week or so.
Sanskar:What???And you come now,I have to check you and have to give you inj….
Sanskar:(He did not completed his sentence that he will give her one or two injections as he knew that she will run from the hospital without getting her treatment done )(as told by Swara’s secretory) Nothing.Lie down on that table.
Swara:(Innocently and scaredly)Are you going to give me injection?
Sanskar:(thinks she is so innocent and cute)No,not at all.I have to check you before going with further procedures.
Swara:Ok and lies down on the examining table.
Sanskar checks her with his stethoscope.And then he checks her stomach.He presses her stomach lightly to find the site where it actually is paining.Meanwhile he presses a site of her stomach and she says:

Swara:Dr.Sanskar its paining(she almost cried)
After checking Swara, Sanskar said
Sanskar:Toh pahle nahin aana tha.Jab dard itna badh gaya hai tab yaad aayi hai doctor ki.He and Swara sits on the chair snd Sanskar gives her prescription having names of medicines and injections.
Swara Without reading it calls her bodygaurd and sent him to buy all the stuffs prescribed.After a while bodygaurd comes and handed over the bag having medicines,etc to Dr.Sanskar.
While Sanskar was explaining Swara about the timings of the medicines,Swara see two injections in that bag.Sanskar had seen that and is going to tell her that these…..
Swara:(Before Sanskar completes his statement says)Dr.Sanskar,could you please give me a glass of water.
(Since jug of water is kept on the other side of room,he stood up and goes to bring that for her)
Meanwhile,Swara runs from his cabin.
Sanskar(to himself):Oh!She fooled me.After completing all my work in the hospital I have to go to her mansion as if she doesn’t take injections and other medications that she left here itself her pain will start increasing more and more.He takes her address from her secretory.
Swara reaches her mansion and thinks that he was going to give me injections,thank god ki main wahan se bhaag gayi nahi toh maari jati injections ke chakkar mein.Swara ka stomach abhi bhi dard kar raha tha par she kept her pain on the bay and goes to her office.

Precap:Sanskar gives injections to Swara.

Please guys express your views and sorry if you find it too short or boring.It is my first ff and I have no idea how to give perfect shape to my wild thoughts.Hope you all will support me.

Credit to: S.Ankur

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  1. It’s marvellous dear…. Please try to make ur episodes longer and update another episode today itself if possible. Sorry if im hurting or troubling you .

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  10. Guys please comment .if you find it boring then also tell me.

  11. Awesomeeeee …u know what i am also a bigg fan of sam’s ff .. but maine aaj tak unke ff pe koi comment nhi kiya hai becoz i m a silent reader. Today i am giving comment for the first time !!!! And this is also a amazing and mindblowing ff. Keep writing…

    1. Thanks Tanu yeh mere liye bahut badi baat hai.

  12. awsm.. upload fast

  13. it was really gud dear………….. though i cudn’t really make out d situation very well since i dont know what d first epi was n i really dont like sifting thru 1000s of swasan ffs…………. really sorry but cud u plz send d first epi link to my ragna ff?????

    n yes 1 suggestion : plz dont write any phrase in hindi coz there r so many people frm south india n they dont understand hindi so they wont be able to comprehend what u want to convey easily .

    btw d situation n concept u’ve chosen r really unique…….. keep up d gud work !!!!

    n yes if u wanna reply to dis do it only in my ff……….. there r so many here that i wont be able to search for urs, n i dont really check my id….. really sorry if i m making u mad. 😛 🙂 ;P

    1. hi dear…………….. just found ur first epi today after like years of tireless search…….. but i later realised u’d sent a link to my ff as well!!!! 😛 🙂

      anyways, i finally got why u write sm phrases in hindi…….. so m really sorry if u were hurt by my suggestion……………. but u got it all wrong that tu is insulting hindi…… its just that english is d lingua franca here n that’s why they ask for eng. updates only

      but yes i m really angry wid tu for d fact that they did not upload my fan page on swadarsh ( dehleez ) due to d sheer fact that it wasn’t an ff but just a pg for sm imp. swadarsh related news n photos 🙁

      n plzzz read my ffs posted 2 today…… n wish u all a v. happy holi………. n i m a fan of urs kanupriya !!!

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