Swasan- HAPPILY EVER AFTER *few shots (part 5)

Recap: Sanskar prepares to propose Swara..but hearing Swara’s dreams and her views..he decides to not to..and he went back to USA..leaving everything in destiny’s hand…

Part 5…

6 months went by.. Everything felt different now. I saw a random girl and only thing that came to me..that she had similar hair like Swara! This kept happening..i kept connecting each and everything to Swara..like my life is defined by her life. My everyday goes through her memories.. The way she smiled at me… The way she tucked her hair when a few strands of her hair fell on her face while talking. Even the smell of her cologne reminded in my head…no heart..

It was a fine sunday.. I was in the airport waiting for Laksh. He said on the phone that he’s coming here for a business meeting etc.. I heard that flight landed. I stood up and i waited for Laksh to show up. Then i recieved his message in fb. ” waiting for me? Don’t coz i’m not in that flight..then who it will be? ”
what does this mean? This son of a gun Laksh made a fool of me. I was angry and frustrated coz he ruined my sunday sleep..the only day i slept without any worries..
I started typing the cuss words i knew to send Laksh..but someone tapped on my shoulder..before touching send button. I turned and my whole body froze seeing the person…
MY SWARA…. Looking absolutely stunning in lavender colored shirt and white jean.. She snapped her fingers at me.. Because i was still in my freeze mood. I quickly grabbed her for a hug when my brain started working. She didn’t protested. We stayed on hugging till my mobile beeped showing Laksh’s message..

” how’z my surprise?!!”

Laksh..my buddy..you are the best!
So..Swara is here for her post graduation. She wants a place to stay near to her campus. Did i mention that i’m a true believer of destiny now! Coz her campus is just a half n hour ride from my home.. We are now living under the same roof.
At first she was busy with her admission. My father was her local guardian. Then we went to shopping together..movies.. The Sanskar who hated not being in his office..didn’t visited his work for 3 days. It was fun.. We did more crazy things..we were like 2 kids home alone. Playing..laughing..fighting for silly things.. I found joy even in her pranks.

I took her to my pub.. and she hated the ambience of it and also she didn’t appreciated the drugs and all. She was upset about it even when we reached home at night.To make her mood light.. I did something for her.. I decorated my terrace with yellow rose. I setted up a dinner..with her favourite Indian dishes. Then.. I messaged her to come up.
She came up in her micky mouse printed t-shirt and shorts. She looked so cute. I too was in my pyjamas. She was mesmerised seeing and her lips turned into perfect smile..seeing me standing near the dinner table. I saw her eyes sparkle..like a star. She walked upto me.. I held my ears making a puppy face.. She took my arms from my ears and she gave her million dollar smile. Oh..if a smile can kill.. I would have died at that instant..
We talked about almost everything in the universe. We had dinner..
” Sanskar..this was the best night in my life..” she said to me leaning her head in my shoulder. We were sitting on the floor..looking upto the sky.. ” mine too” i replied.
” can i ask you something teddy?”
” anything kiddo”
” how do you see me?”
“what? What does that mean?” i didn’t got her question.. She then explained..
” Laksh bhai sees me as his sister..what about you? ”
What? I didn’t know what to answer..how could i say that i see her as my girl… And how could i say that word “sister” to Swara?
I kept mum..taking it as a cue that i’m confused. She continued talking..” ted.. I don’t know about you..but i never saw you as my brother…because.. I had a crush on you since the day i met you..”
What the f**k? I was shocked..and i didn’t knew how to react. Be happy..and dance like mad? But before i react.. She continued..” i don’t know..i was small and i was jealous of soumya di and jeeju’s relation.. So i wanted someone to care me and buy me chocolates..so i considered you as my bf.. How silly was i?” she laughed..and looked at my face..i was still in the shock stanze.
“please..don’t be angry with me.. I was a stupid kid..pretty Please.. I don’t think like that now! Forgive me..” I just smiled at her..now you don’t feel..but you are going to with me for 2 years.. I will make sure that you will fall for me.. Swara.. My kiddo.. Now you yourself have cleared my 3 questions.. I smirked..
She was still looking at me..for forgivance.. I laughed at her. She sighed thinking i forgave her..and joined in my laugh..
Now it was my perfect night..
A full moon sky filled with stars..cold wind chilling down your spine.. The girl i love in my embrace..hugging me tight..
She slept in my embrace.. I kissed her forehead.. Then slowly walked down..picking her up in my arms.. She was born to be in my arms…..

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