Swasan- HAPPILY EVER AFTER *few shots (part 4)

I was completely at loss in Swara’s matter. I didn’t knew what to do!

I was pacing on my room.Tomorrow i’m gonna leave India. I was afraid to go…coz i don’t wanted to lose her again. The mere thought of seeing her with another man made me lose my consiouss.. So what if when i come next time..she would be married? I was frustrated and confused.
The clock struck 10 in the morning. I got ready. Even though i was not sure.. I decided to confess my feelings to her. If she says no.. I would respect it and because i’m going back.. I would never see her again.

At that time she called me and asked me to reach our park before 10:45 AM.. She said its urgent. She sounded worried..and i could hear her panick. I got tensed and forgot the whole thing i practised. I rushed to the park. She was sitting in a bench in the park. I went to her.. Her face looked worried. I sat near her.. Before i could say something.. She grabbed my hand….and started saying..

” Teddy…what i’m gonna say now..may find weird for you..but please don’t misunderstood me…”
I had no idea what was happening but somewhere in my heart i wanted her to tell me that she feels what i feel for her. But life isn’t a fairytale….
She continued..
” teddy..There’s a boy.. His name is Sahil..he likes me..and..”
I didn’t let her continue..coz i don’t want to hear that she likes him too.. So I said cutting her..” You like him too..” My heart was breaking..but i didn’t wanted to let her know..
” WHAT? NO… I DON’T LIKE HIM.. Thats why i need your help..” she exclaimed.
The tsunami in my mind calmed. She further explained to me how this guy annoys her..stalk her..and how much she hates him. So she wanted me to pretend as her fiance infront of him who will come anyminute now. Thats what she said “weird!”.

Why me? I asked her. I wanted her to say something that indicates that she likes me the way i like her. But..Her answer made me more confused.. ” I trust you..and you won’t misunderstand me!”
That word ‘trust’.what she really meant by that? The 3 questions striked me once again.
Sahil came..we acted like a perfect couple..I loved when she said “i’m her fiance”.HOW I WISHED IT TO BE REAL!
Sahil left after a few minutes. But i took this chance to know about her thought about LOVE.
Me: I don’t find any fault in him..he looks good..has a good job..decent..and well mannered.
She: so?
Me: why u rejected him?

She: i didn’t.. I just want some more time.

Time? I didn’t know what she’s getting at.I just looked at her confusingly. She laughed seeing my face.
She: do u really think i would commit now? I have my higher studies.. I need to get a job.. I have many things to achieve..a dream to live.. I want to be independant before i get comitted and i’m not a girl who is in search of true love n all. What i believe in is destiny.. If i’m destinied to fall in love.. I will.. But not now. Let it find me!

I was awestruck. She sounded matured and well planned. I felt proud because this was the same thing i used to tell my friends. And i decided…
I want her to achieve her goals..follow her passion..be a writer like she wants to be. If her belief in destiny is true.. If she is destinied to be mine.. She will be..no matter what!

We spent the day together..we did many crazy things.. I wanted to make this day the most worthy in my whole life. When i said i’m leaving.. She hugged me and cried.. It was like she didn’t want me to go..she promised me that.. When we see next time..she will be the same kiddo of her teddy.. I too did it.

My friends gave me a party..it was grand..but my aching heart was getting more heavy everytime i see her gloomy face. I asked her to smile for me. The only remedy of my misery… She did..only for me.. That was enough for me too have faith in our destiny.

I went back to New York..with a heavy heart. My mind was filled with her thoughts..when i closed my eyes.. She showed up.. My bubbly..beautiful kiddo…my love.. I cherished every moment we spent together..and wished to let her all dreams come true.

To be continued..

What do you think about Swara’s plan? How do you think..swasan will unite? Whats Swara’s pov? Stay tuned!!!

I’m sry guys..i couldn’t reply to all..but i read it all.. Guys..don’t worry.. This is not the end! I’m gonna finish this in 2 or 3 more shots.. Thanks for the support.

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  1. So sad.???? sanky is leaving.

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  5. amazng as always..:)

  6. thamiazh magan

    waiting for beautiful love story

  7. Thank you guys.. I’m glad dat sm1 likes my story… Bear hugs to all..who cmnted.. And to silent readers.. If i have any!

  8. awesome update next asap…..

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  10. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    You gonna have to bear a lot hugs and kisses from me for giving us such a beautiful story….
    I really loved it…
    And what I am going to say would be really weird…
    Pls don’t update soon ..
    As u have said it would end in 2 or 3 parts..
    I would be really sad if it ended…
    For now could wonder na what’s gonna happen.. So don’t update soon…

    sry sry.. Pls don’t take my words seriously.. update soon.. It just came out of my mouth because I am so much in love with this..
    So update soon
    Love u

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