Swasan- HAPPILY EVER AFTER *few shots (part 3)


I went to Lucky..who was busy talking to some guy in a grey suit. I went to them and told Lucky that something came up in my business..and i need to rush..but him being studborn asked me to stay for a half n hour..for the cake cutting n all.
I wanted to breath some fresh air..because my heart wanted me to go to Swara..but with these new grown feelings and the guilt of eyeing her like a gawk ate me alive..So I went to the garden to take a puff. I do smoke..but i wasn’t a chain smoker..but I wanted to do something that will make my thoughts away from her.
On the way,i again collided with someone. This time i stopped instantly and turned to say sorry.It was the same place and of course…IT WAS THE SAME GIRL!
” You intentionally did this naa? ” she snapped at me..I was numb at that time..it was like my brain froze..and my mouth was glued.
” are you deaf?What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you keep doing this?What do you get from doing all these?…”she kept throwing questions at me without a pause.I went back to my memory lane..and remembered how we first met and she did the same but with a difference. At that time she was caring for me..now she is irritated with me!! I just chuckled..
” Do you think i’m jocking? Why the hell are you smiling?..”
she continued her questions..giving me the same f**king urge to kiss her..and taste that pink colored full lips.
What the hell happens with me whenever i see her… I completely forgets that once i vowed to myself that i will protect her from jerks and flirts..and now she considers me a flirt and a jerk. Wow! Great going Sanskar! I mentally scolded myself.
I came back from my thoughts hearing her shouting, ” I’m shouting like a maniac here and you are here thinking? ”
Thank goodness.. No one was on the entrance. Everyone was inside and few men who stood there wasn’t interested. So no one came hearing her.
Suddenly i did something that shocked her. My mind was constantly saying no..but i was a person who always followed my heart.
I grabbed her hands and she stopped her questioning like she too feels the electric flow like happened to me when i touched her hand. I saw her eyes speaking a various emotions.. I patted her cheeks and said..
” my kiddo…you haven’t changed a bit..”
I saw her eyes largening..due to the amaze.. I left her hands and started to walk away. I walked few steps away..Then i heard her shouting..
” Teddy? ”
I turned back and smiled at her. Then she did something which I didn’t expected..
She ran to me and jumped upon me engulfing me in bone breaking hug. I was shocked and i thought for a second to hug her back. But the feeling of her being in my arms…made my thoughts disappear and it made me feel…… Heaven.
Soon i too hugged her back.
” Teddy… Where were you for this long?… I missed you… ” she was sobbing. I felt tears in my shirt. My eyes were welling up. I wanted her to be happy about me coming back..but what she showed was beyond happiness. She was missing me more than i missed her. I was on cloud 7 knowing that she’s the same kiddo she used to be before i left her……..
* * * * * * *

My sudden fake business emergency vanished. We both entered the party hand in hand. She clunged to me like that 10 year old girl..my kiddo. She introduced me to her all friends.. She was proud and she never left me till the end of the party.
I was happy that i got her back but a new fear arose in me…

What if she came to know about the feeling i have for her?
What if she happens to consider me as her brother?
Or most important..
What if she starts to hate me for it?

My brain was blowing up on these thoughts. Everytime she touched me..my heart rate increased. Whenever she left my hand..It felt empty.. I wanted to hold her till my last breath..the last beat of my heart…

After the party…
Next day.. We both visited the park.. Where we first met.
Then had lunch together. We went to our School … and met a few teachers.
The teachers who knew her mistook me as her fiance or boyfriend. Her answer was just a smile.. I felt a spark but it was put off hearing her explanation.
” we both know what we means for each other.. They won’t believe in our true story..even if show any magic..so let them assume..”

My heart wanted to shout at her that i love her.. Yes… Just 5 days after spending time with her.. I was completely fallen for her. Everytime… She smiled.. Her every movement made me fall for her once again. First it was the feeling she gave me.. Then her caring attitude even towards the people who don’t deserve it.. She made me the old Sanskar i used to be.. The happy-go-lucky guy.
But everytime… I thought about confessing those 3 questions pounced upon me.. Making me weak !!

To be continued…..

So what do you think guys.. Does Swara feel the same? Or what if Sanskar’s fears became true? What do you think about the relation of SWASAN? Plz answer me..and a big thanks to all who cmnted

Credit to: Hope

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  1. awesome…..loved it a lot….

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    2nd question is amazing

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  7. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    What a bad luck.. I have read it morning but when I was typing the comment phone suddenly hanged and I had to switch off to make it back normal but it was lost and I again typed but that time my mother came and second time and I couldn’t post it. So now I am commenting after coming back from school.

    This story is really awesome… You have just hooked me to it. I went on reading it and I didn’t even came to know it ended. It’s written so beautifully. You are really surprising me with your writing skills…
    Well update next chappy soon and also try to update the other one too …

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