Swasan-HAPPILY EVER AFTER *few shots (Part 2)


I talked with all my old classmates.We cherished our moments we spent at our school. Still my eyes wandered for that girl.Then i went to Rag Lak who were talking with Soumya.Thank goodness i did that..they were talking about Swara.Apparently she was Laksh’s younger sister Uthara’s bff.I kept mum in their conversation.From what i heard..Swara is a English literature graduate..just finished her studies.. I always knew she would do literature,she loved reading.. I imagined how Swara would look like now. A 20 year old Swara…..
I’m sure she would be beautiful and she would have long hair.She wanted long hair..and envied Soumya for her long hair.I always consoled her saying she will get it when she grows up.
I was thrilled knowing she’s here,but equally worried if she’s changed and won’t be the same kiddo of her teddy.
When Rag Lak left i asked Soumya about Rohan..and she sounded happy talking about him..then about her sister or my kiddo. Soumya knew about our bond.
Sou: i’m happy that you still remember all that!
Me: of course..How can i forget! Well..How is my kiddo? Is she still a trouble maker?
Soumya chuckled and replied.”very much the same!!”
Then we heard Laksh announcing something.He welcomed and showed his gratitude to all guests.He congratulated his parents,also announced that there will be some programmes before cutting the cake.Everyone cheered.
At first it was a dance by his brother Adarsh and Pari bhabhi.They grooved for ‘d se dance’
Next Rag Lak came and enacted the love story of their parents through the song..’BOLNA’.. It was sweet. Many people performed but i was eagerly waiting for my kiddo to show up..but unexpectedly i saw that “rose girl” again. Now she was looking so beautiful in a peach color full length and sleeveless gown. Her long hair was made into a bun..she was standing with a group of girls. They were chatting and giggling continuosly.I stared at her.. I was getting addicted to her smile. Her friend said something in her ear looking at me. She sneaked at me pretending tugging her hair near her ears. A smile crept into my face seeing that.Then she and her friend moved away from my eye sight.. I kept on looking for her until i heard Laksh’s sister announcing.
” Hope everyone knows me… I’m Uthara..the youngest one in the family.. I’m here to ask help from you all.. My bff Sonu here sings very beautifully..and i want her to sing for my parents…but she’s showing attitude.. So i want everyone to shout “sing sonu!” will you help me?” Everyone clapped and started shouting “SING SONU”
Uthara dragged a girl into the stage.. My heart skipped 100 beats together seeing her on stage.. Yes it was my “rose girl”
SONU… I chanted her name.. After Uthara’s pleading and crowd’s shouting.. She agreed. Uthara handed her a mike.
She started singing..
” main tanu samjhawaan ki ” (unplugged version by Alia Bhatt)
At that time..I felt like no other existed..only her and me..Between us..Just the song.
I wanted the time to freeze right now..so that i can keep looking at her brown eyes!!!
The sudden burst of claps made me wake up from my dream world. She was smiling and Uthara gave her a bone crushing hug. Not just me..every one was spell bounded in her angelic and melodious voice… I saw many boys eyeing her with admiration and love. How much i wished to break their nose at that time.

Then the unexpected happen….
Laksh came into stage and announced
“Wow! I didn’t knew my sonu could sing like this..” he patted her cheeks.. And continued..
” Everyone… Give it up for Sonu..aka SWARA..”
Swara… What! She’s my kiddo? Reality struck me like a lightning. I saw Soumya hugging her and kissing on her forehead..
I mentally slapped myself.. How i didn’t recogonised that deep brown eyes?!!!
But… The feelings i have seeing her now was far different than i had for her when she was my kiddo.. I didn’t knew what to do! I just went to Laksh to bid him bye and get the hell out of here..

Thanks for every one who commented… This one was boring… I hope i’m not hurting anyone!

Credit to: Hope

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  1. Good story. Get going

    1. Thanks yaar! Glad u liked it…

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  2. no its really nce yar u knw i love swasan so its one of d bst ff try 2 update daily

    1. One of the best? Really… U r so kind.. Keep reading.. Thanks Shivanya.. Keep smiling..

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    good..keep it up.

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  5. it was so NYC yaar….suuchh a refreshing new concept….jus loved it….sorry for my earlier comment hope u don’t mind

    1. No worries! I too felt the same..when i read it. I’m sry dat i wrote dat line.. Thanks 4 pointing it out..

  6. Awesome

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  9. very nice

  10. Beautiful .. ? ?
    Now why, sanskar is feeling different about swara? He should be happy.. ?
    Update the nxt part soon dear..

  11. Hope it was amazing ..โค๏ธ?

  12. Sanskar considered her as little n never thought dat he’ll feel lyk dis 4 his kiddo… Dats y he’s lyk dat.. Stay tuned.. Thanks 4 reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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