Swasan-HAPPILY EVER AFTER *few shots (Part 1)

I still remember the day i met her..but at that time..i didn’t even thought in my wildest dream that she’s gonna be the one for me..
Me Sanskar Malhotra…a 15 year old,A 10th grade student and i was the headboy of our school.. ‘ELITE HIGH SCHOOL’.It was valentine’s day..I was going to propose her..my first love..Soumya Mehra..my classmate and the most beautiful girl in our whole school..I called her at the park near our school.. I wanted to propose her,but the sight at the park..she was hugging and kissing Rohan..our senior. I was broke and i sat in a wooden bench..lowering my head.
Suddenly a football came and hit me..I picked that ball and looked the direction where the ball came from angrilly..A little girl came chasing it..She looked 10 years old.
“I’m sorry… It was my idiot friend who hit you..does it hurt?” that girl asked all those questions without a pause in her cute,angelic voice and with a puppy face.I instantly melted and said.”it’s okay..”
she: then will you gave us back our ball?
Me: on 1 condition…(She looked me with her big brown eyes,confused) you have to tell me your name..
She: Swara.. What is your name?
Me: sweet name, my name isn’t sweet as yours.. Its Sanskar.
She started thinking putting her forefinger on her chin..which was so cute.. Then shouted!
“You are our school’s headboy naa?”
“tum elites mein padti ho?”
“haan.. Meri didi bhi..”
“didi.. Hmm.. In which grade?”
” me in 5th grade and my di in 10th grade.. She’s here”
She started looking and pointed her fingers at Soumya!!!!!

After that encounter.. I became friends with Swara.. She was my kiddo and i was her teddy.. I used to give her chocolate everyday..and she being a trouble maker always got into trouble and i had to solve it..
Our bond was something without a name..It was cute..and gave me joy.I also got over Soumya.. I realised it was just a crush.

Like every goodthings had to end someday..I had to leave Elite.My dad got his job in USA. I’m a single parent child..my mom died when i was on cradles..and i left to USA. The only thing i was gonna miss was my kiddo..and hearing she calling me..”teddy”.

After 10 years.. I came back to India.. Ten years had changed me.. I was 25..and the youngest and successful business enterpreneur.. My visit to India had only 3 intentions..
1.. To open my chain of restaurants in India
2.. visit my best friend in Elite.. Laksh maheshwary.. He recently got married..and he’s pissed of with me that i didn’t attend.
3.. To see my Kiddo and i wanted to know if she’s the same kiddo who calls me teddy..

After my business problems solved..I went straight to Lucky’s house.I had already met him and his wife.. Ragini..and he’s the one who invited me for his parent’s wedding anniversary party.
It was evening… The whole house was decorated like a new bride. I parked my car and walked to the door. The guests were just arriving.
I walked in and i got a call from my PA regarding our new project.. She wanted my words for our upcoming project. I was talking to her on the way and collided with someone..I didn’t see the person..but she had a bouquet of red roses in her hand.. All the flowers fell on the floor. I was in no mood to turn and apologise..so i kept walking.
” Hello… Excuse me..”
I heard a girl’s melodious voice behind me. I stopped..but didn’t turn.
I heard her muttering.. “What does he think of himself? First he was the one who was walking carelessly..then he didn’t even said sorry..now all the roses are on the floor and he’s not even turning back..badtameez kayeeka” I smiled hearing her curse..It was too innocent.It made me turn..and i saw her….
I felt like i was enacting a romantic scene in a Karan Johar movie. I heard ishq wala love in my bg.. I don’t know where the wind came from..but it started playing with her long wavy hair..few strands were on her face..not showing her face! I went to her asking my PA to call back and i knelt down to help her pick the roses.I still didn’t looked at her face. Suddenly our hands touched passing 800 volt electricity in my body..at that exact moment i looked at her..
The big,wide brown eyes..with long eyelashes..Full lips..it was looking pink even without any lipstick.. Giving me a weird sensation to kiss it..I had to avert my eyes because..If i continue staring her eyes and lips..in that angelic face.. I would have ended up raping her.I controlled my inner demons..And muttered Sorry.
She gave me an ‘I-DON’T-CARE’ face and stood up..
I too stood and before i could ask anything.. She started walking without even turning back.She was wearing a simple white kurti and blue jeggings.There was no make up in her face,just the kajal in her eyes.
I followed her but i lost her in a group of girls..and all of them went to upstairs.I sighed,and searched for Laksh.I saw him on the hall..Most of my old friends were there.Even Soumya.Now she is ‘SoumyaRohanSingh’. I didn’t cared at all.
My eyes were still in search of her!

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  1. Wow.. Lovely.. ??
    Continue it soon dear.

    1. Tnks yaar.. Glad u lyked it..

  2. nice dr

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  3. Ohooo.. It was toooo cute…

    1. Not as cute as u! Tnks 4 reading dis…

  4. Wow hope! Loved it yr!post now only the next part!shubh kaam k liye kya deri? Post soon plz yr!can’t wait more! My night will be sleepless now! I will keep thinking about this ff!

    1. Tnks kriti… Well.. I’ll post asap.. And don’t 4get.. Its happily ever after..

  5. Awesome
    Update asap

    1. Tysm.. Shagun

  6. wowwwww nyc one πŸ™‚

    is this real story or fiction?????

    1. Tysm angel.. Its inspired from a real love story! But the real one isn’t cheesy or filmy lyk dis..

  7. its wonderful yaara….but truthly speaking I don’t like that line…..’I wud end up raping her’..plz don’t mind m sorry……apart from that it is beyond explanation

    1. It isn’t proof read..
      Me too didn’t lyked it.. I don’t know what i was thinking while writing.. Sry yaar….

  8. awesome….simply superb

    1. Tysm Tani…glad u lyked it..

  9. nice story. update nxt part soon…

    1. Tnks sonu.. Keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

    2. Tnks sonu.. Keep smiling..

  10. Guys! I posted dis accidently.. I typed d whole thing..and i was just going to touch the submit button..my phone got hanged..and it took minutes to be normal.. So i thought it didn’t got submitted.. I’m really shocked to see this!!

    1. Thanks every1 who cmnted, i wasn’t feeling any satisfaction when i wrote dis.. I was disturbed while writing dis.. This story is inspired frm my rakhee brother’s love story.. But in my story.. They r rich n all..

  11. wowwww nyc is this real story or fiction

  12. its awesome…..loved it a lot

    1. Glad u loved it.. Keep smiling

  13. awesome

    1. Thanks Arohi and thanks Alia… I’m glad u lyked my story.. Keep smiling..tc both of u..

  14. Yar its so cute. Specially teddy nd kiddo. Aww! Just superb

    1. Teddy n kiddo is me n my buddy’s nick names! But i’m teddy n he’s kiddo.. Lol

  15. Awesome. ?

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  16. it’s really nice n swasan were so cutee update soon

  17. Thanks Souju… Just posted the next part…hope u’ll read it..

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