SwaSan–The Golden Cage Of Love (Prologue)

Hey guys! How have you been doing? I am back, thanks to all those who commented on my OS.

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Here I am back with something new. If I am writing this ff now, the whole credit goes to my darling Mahi (Mahira) so I want to dedicate this story to her. Enjoy

‘You have to marry me, Swara Gadodia.’, his voice was a mere whisper, which brought a storm in her elegant life.
Who is he order her? Over this?
‘I won’t,Sanskar Maheshwari’, she gathered and put her whole courage into that one sentence.

Sanskar looked hurt, definitely another one of his drama, Swara thought, otherwise she was the one supposed to be hurt, angry and irritated.

The fight was on full swing.
‘But you said…’,he hardly got time to complete.
‘Not to you.’ she said and walked off leaving him confused.

Sanskar Maheshwari had a family sized ego, he knew it, so did the world. But no one can help it.

Swara looked at her reflection in the mirror.
She was wearing an embroidered jaquard lehenga saree in beige.Rani har, Indian neclaces, enormous golden earings, nathini, mathapatti, kamarband, kangan and different types of Bangles, sliver anklets,mangteeka, bajuband,and the world of gold and diamond jwellery, with heavy bridal makeup, she was ready … for her marriage..

‘Where are you lost?’ a voice interrupted her thoughts.
A girl wearing a shiny orange and golden full length gown, matching jwellery, and a red duppata drapped on her shoulder, comes to her and hugs her.
‘I know today, is your marriage, but already lost in the dreams of Jiju..No fair haan?’, she teases her.
Swara plasters a smile on her face,’Nothing like that Ragini, it is just that , I’ll miss you all.’
Tears start to flow endlessly from her eyes, Ragini gets teary too.
‘Aww my baby sister I’ll miss you so much too. Haww you made me senti.And now stop crying , you’ll ruin your makeup. Everyone is waiting, Shona, come soon.’ Ragini says and walks out of her room.

Swara kicks the kalash full of rice with her right leg, and keeps her legs on red paint, entering Maheshwari Mansion.
‘Aaj se tum is Ghar ki beti ho, humare Ghar ki Lakshmi ho. Kabhi koi cheez ki jarurat ho, mujhe jarur batana. God bless you.’, Annapurna blesses Swara. (From today, you’re the daughter, the Lakshmi of this house. If you ever need anything, inform me.)
‘Bhabi inform ma later, first inform me. You know there are somethings in which Ma can’t help you, but I definitely can.’ Laksh winked at Swara, while she smiled.

‘You, Ms.Gadodia, oh sorry! Mrs. Maheshwari, better should know that this marriage is a contract, that I made with your dear father, otherwise Sanskar Maheshwari loving a low standard girl like you? Never.Remember we are husband and wife in the eyes of the society, but in real life…you better know’, Sanskar smirked and threatened her.

‘Sanskar Maheshwari! What did you think, I am that foolish? Well, unfortunately I am not. You thought you married me for a deal, but the real deal is what I made. I already knew all your plans. And now… it is the payback time.’ Swara vowed to herself.

That’s it guys, I know it is short but I wanted to create some suspense. To know more, stay tuned and don’t forget to comment.

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