Swasan….. Give me ur hand to hold (teaser 1)

Scene 1

Old lady.. “Shekhar.. .. My chhora…. How are u beta… . You look so thin and pale…. khana nhi khata kya??? ”
Shekhar takes blessings” no no bua ji nothing like that I am absolutely fit and fine… ”
Bua..” han dikh raha hai”
Shekhar “raam mera vai u also came?? ?? how are you?? ?? After a long time han???”
Ram”ya bhaiya.. .. I am fine ”
Swara sees them from upstairs and gets afraid…. she runs from there and and shut the door and hide herself beside the bed…. She is trembling like a dry leaf and crying….suddenly her phone rings
” hallo ragini they are here….. I… … I am so scared… .. Pls save me”

Scene 2…..

Pari and baishali come with plate.. .. “have ur dinner swara”
Swara” bhabi pls sit with me na”
Bhabi “no we have lots of work”
Flashback (2 years back)
Swara “bhabi I am full.. … I can’t eat anything more…. And please u both go from here if papa sees u here….He will scold u both”
Bhabi”ofho swara… We didn’t care.. … U come after long time let us spend some time with u….. Papaji ka daant kha lenge…. U r like our child swara”
Swara “bhabi thank u… U know everything still u believe me thank u” .
Bhabi “we know this is a misunderstanding u can’t do this…. 1 din papa ji ko bhi pata chal jayega”
Swara hugs them… They hugged her back”
Fb end

Scene 3
Swara is sitting beside the window thinking about something…. 2 small hand close her eyes….. swara gets happy
“arey meri guria how are u… .. ”
Small girl” not good…. No one let me come near u they are very bad”
That old lady sees that and starts shouting “arey e baishali e pari kaha mar gayi dono…. Look at ur children”
They came and took them away…. Swara gets upset…. The old lady smirks


Hi thanks for commenting…. .. I dont know how is this???? this is a teaser for u.. … I get less comments if you dont like this then tell me…. . Thank you

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