Swasan….. Give me your hand to hold (Episode 3)


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Swara (to her papa) ” I am ready for this marriage papa”
All get happy to hear this..except one… Obviously its sanskar…. He is literally shocked… He is continuously staring at swara.. .. Swara feels this but doesn’t look at her… Or rather I say she can’t . …
ap comes to her and makes her wear 2 heavy bangles and says “this belonged to my mum I give this to you pls take care of this…. .”
Swara nodes.. .. ..
She takes blessings from the elders.. .. . Maheshwary family leaves… .. .

Everyone goes to their respective rooms after their leaving… .

Swara’s room
She is sitting in her balcony.. .. There is something in her hand… .. Yes its q letter.. … She opens the letter and recollect the moments.. …

Ap comes from washroom after cleaning her saree… ..
Swara “I am really sorry for this aunty.. .. I didn’t do this intentionally.. .. Sorry”
Ap”arey why are you so upset??? I know u didn’t do this….. Now stop crying… . Or misti will give me punishment when I go to her after my death”
Swara is confused by her statements…. how could she know my mum?? ??
“I know u are confused and its quite natural.. .. Take this(gives her the letter) and read this… U will come to know everything ”
Saying she left… …
Swara opens the letter and starts to read

You know me nd ur mom were best friends rather than I say she was my soulmate…. we were neighbour…. We read together eat together sleep together.. … We can’t think our life with out each other….. But after my marriage we separated I went London with my husband for 13 years.. .. There I came to know she also get married.. .. I was happy….but I couldn’t contact with her… … I tried but I failed.. .. I ask my mom to collect her number but her shifted to another town….. After 13 years when we returned.. .. I got the news that she is no more…. . I can’t believe my ears….. Now I think ur doubts are clear…. So I know that sanskar has already told u about his relationship….. But she is a very bad girl she is after his money and property…. She wants the whole property….. my son loves her blindly… .. Pls save my son I know only mishti’s daughter can do this… . I know you think that how selfish I am… But not only that reason I want my mishti’s daughter with me for my whole life…. . Mishti always wanted a daughter.. .. We often said that dono me se jiski bhi beti hogi wo hum dono ki beti hogi….. Pls swara save my son I beg of u… ”
Flashback end…..
I dont know whatever I had done is right or wrong…. I dont know I became selfish or not.. … I know papa hates me…. I want to give him peace and happiness… . Ek beti ka farz hota h na… .uski parivaar ko khus rakhna.. .. Maine bhi wohi kiya… . Par sanskar.. .. How can I face him…. But I have to.. .. I will save my husband from every evil eyes… . Mom help me… Give me strength… ..

In shekhar ‘s room
He is sitting on his bed with a photo in his hand…. His wife’ s photo.. .. his Mishti’s photo….

Mishti today ur daughter’s marriage is fixed.. .. .. U happy na???? I have fulfilled your all promises… .. Except one I can’t give her happiness… .. I can’t give her father’s love… .. I just I just hate her… .. I can’t tolerate her….

Flashback (26 years ago)
It’s shemish 6th anniversary.. … They all are happy.. .. Enjoyed the whole day along with their 2 sons… (5 years old arjun and 3 years old adarsh)
At night in shemish room
Shekhar gives her a beautiful diamond necklace as a gift of anniversary…… ..
Mishti ” thank you…. But I don’t want this.. . I want another thing… .”
Shekhar “ok tell me what do you want???”
Mishti “promise me u give me that”
Shekhar “ok baba now tell”
Mishti “wo shekhar I want a baby girl”
She tells this with little fear cause she knows shekhar ‘s family planning…. He discussed about it with her on the very 1st day of their marriage.. … He told that he only want 2 children….Mishti nodded….
Shekhar “why? We have already 2 children”
Mishti” but I want a baby girl shekhar its my dream…. I always wanted a baby girl…. . U know shekhar when adarsh came in my womb I thought that its a baby girl but when adarsh born I was so upset but I didn’t show it to you…. Pls sekhar”
(I always believe that life only proceed good with proper planning I always live my life with proper planning that’s why today I am top most business man in the Kolkata… .. I don’t want any other child I planned for 2 child….. But for u I agreed…. )
Shekhar ” but (looking at her puppy eyes) ok as u wish”
Mishti “thank u” and hugs him
Shekhar ” but Mishti is bar bhi agar ladka hua to???”
Misht” nhi mujhe pata hai is bar god will bless me a beautiful girl ”

After 1 month she again conceived….
(she used to tell me about her dreams… Which she saw for her daughter)
Mishti” shekhar tum dekhna meri beti doctor banegi…. . She will be called best doctor in India ”
Shekhar smiled
Mishti” aur uski shaadi me puri Kolkata ko bulaungi….. Bohot dhumdham se shadi hogi uski”…..

After 9 months she delivered a baby…. Yes she was right its a girl…. I know I was not so happy 1st….but….when nurse gave me the baby in my hand…. I saw her…. Her small small hands legs… her pink petal like leaps… button like eyes… And her angelic face… . I was on cloud nine…. This baby is mine… . She is my baby.. . My angel.. . Papa’s angel.. ..)
I kissed her on her forehead she smiles… Wow what a cute smile….. Mishti sees us
Shekhar ” is this my baby Mishti? Thank you for giving me such a beautiful gift”
Mishti “promise me shekhar u will protect her from everything u will give her lots of happiness…”
Shekhar “yaa promise”

After few day we returned home…. arjun and adarsh was so happy to see their sis… “wow mom she is soo cute.. .. Is this our baby mom??”
Mom”yes my bachcha.. .. Batao khyal rakhoge na apni behen ka?? ”
Arjun and adarsh” yes mom”
(They never leave her alone… She was pampered a lot… . I gave her whatever she wants…. Mishti scolded me some time… Bigar jayegi wo.. .. Aisa karti thi wo… But I paid no attention in her talk… All were good till 5 years)
Mishti” kisidin chand mangegi kahate lao ge tab”
Shekhar “of ho aisa kuch ni hoga”
Flashback ends
Shekhar monologue
Kash.. … Kash I listened to you… Then I don’t have to see this days… I never thought that she will become this much stubborn that she pushed u from cliff for a stupid flower…… How could she???….. I hate her…. I couldn’t believe that a 5 years old girl killed her mother for a stupid flower….. I never believe that if she herself not admit it….. I… I just hate her…. She snatched you from me…. How could she.. .. Breaks down… …

At mm
Sanskar room
He throws everything in his room and makes his room full messy in anger obviously……
“How could she do this to me”
“whyyyyyy??? ” he shouts in anger.. …
He calls someone
Person from the other side” baby I am busy.. . Call u later bye”
Sanskar ” no baby listen to me pls I need you”
But the person cuts the call…. He throws the phone and it hits the mirror….. Breaks down

Outside his room ap is standing at the door…. And crying… ” I know my bachcha.. . U r in deep pain but… everything will be fine after your marriage” goes from there

Morning gm
An old lady and a middle aged man (like shekhar) come…
Old lady “shekhar my chhoda where are you??? ”
Swara watches them from upstairs and gets afraid.. . Runs from there… ..

Precap.. . Intro of the old lady and the man….. Marriage date and some flashbacks


How is this??? I reveal the reason of shekhar hatred towards swara…. What do you think is this true?? ? Or there is some another reason behind it??? Why she get afraid after seeing them??? Will really everything become alright after their marriage…. Will swara succeed to protect her husband from evil eyes??? ? Do u want to know then stay tuned…. Pls encourage me with your comments its really important…. If u find it boring and bakwaas then tell me I will stop writing….. Pls… Thank u for reading

Credit to: A. S

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