Swasan….. Give me your hand to hold (Episode 1)


Somewhere in UK (a small room…. Like hostel room) at night 2 a.m

A girl is sleeping, but not peacefully, she is fully drenched due to sweat and murmurs something in her sleep. Her hand is trying to hold something or else I say trying to hold someone’s hand. She opens her big eyes suddenly and sits on bed. She is trembling like a dry leaf and breathing heavily. She takes her pillow and hugs it tightly. After sometime she sees her phone and grabs it and dialed a number. But there is no answer from other side. She throws it on the other side of the bed and starts to cry…. after sometime she again grabs her phone and dials another no. This time also no one picks up her phone. Now she is crying miserably
Girl “why me? Why you send me in this world god? Where no-one loves me….. Why?????”

Next morning…. ….

The girl is getting ready for college. She hears a knock on the door. A girl shouts from other side of the door… “swaraaaaa (yes the girl is swara) open the door yaar….. . Jaldi”
Swara “coming ragini just 2 Sec”
She opens the door.. … And ragini literally jumps on her and hugs her tightly…..

(let me tell you ragini is swara’s best friend they share a sisterly bond)

Ragini “swara! Swara! Swara! I am so so so so sooooooo happpppppyyyy…… you topped again……. And now my swara will become top cardiologist in the whole India.. … ”

Swara smiles faintly

And hugs her back ” and u the great gynocologist ?”
Ragini “there is another good news for you”
Swara ” really what??? ??”
Ragini “wo.. . Wo wo……..” blushing
Swara” kya wo wo…. bolna”
Ragini “laksh has proposed me today”

Swara ??? “what??? ?? When??? ”
Ragini” yes at morning 5 a.m actually we went for jogging and.. … ”
She sits on her bed and takes her pillow, finds it wet… . She is literally shocked
Ragini” swara did you cry yesterday night???why?? What happened?? ? You were soo happy…. After so many years you found your true love, though I don’t like that guy but I was happy for you…. even that nightmares…. They also stopped to come… . You again saw that dreams…. .. But why….. What happened so suddenly?? ?? ? ”
Swara breaks down…… Ragini runs to her and hugs her.. … And let her cry….. After sometime she stops crying….. ragini takes her out of the hostel and calls laksh

Now trio sit under a tree beside a lake… They ask swara what happens
Swara (sobbing) u both were right, rajat is a very bad guy… . He ditched me, he bet on me… . He and that kavita.. … She took revenge on me…. . Actually kavita is his real gf.. … And they fooled me… … I…. . I can’t understand why it always me?? Why?? ? What is my fault??? ?? ”
She tells them how they insult her and made fun of her…..

Laksh is now very much angry he starts to shout” how dare he???? What the hale???? ? I will kill them”
Saying this he starts to go… Swara stops him

Swara “wait laksh don’t do this….. I don’t want any mess pls try to understand…… tomorrow we will leave na??? Then pls don’t do this…”
Ragini” ok then you have to listen to us….. U have to spend full day with us….. And enjoy ur self plsssssssssss.. … Now stop crying ”
Swara wipes her tears and tries to smile
They enjoy the whole day with each other at the end of the day swara becomes somewhat normal…. they hugs each other and bid their last goodbye to UK.. .. They come their respective places and starts packing……

At night swara takes her dairy and starts writing “today is the last night….. The journey was good except some incidents…. But I believe that whatever happened is happens for good so never mind.. … I am coming India be ready.. ..”
She closes her dairy and thinks.. .. pata ni wo log kaise react karenge aur papa???? Please god this time don’t do that things to me…. Pls”

Trio come back India….. They looks very happy… . Laksh nd ragini’s parents have come to take their children but there is none for swara…. Driver comes and says “mam pls come we are getting late”
Swara “ha chalo”
They all leave
at gadodiya mansion

Swara comes…… There is none to welcome her… .. 2 ladies come hugs her
1st lady”how are u?? ”
Swara” fine ”
2nd lady” go to your room takes some rest…. . I will send some food for you”
Swara “bhabi where is papa??? Or bhai??? ?”

(1st lady is baishali bari bhabi… 2nd parinita choti bhabi)
Baishali “pls swara I don’t want any unrest in my home so pls u came here for 2days na??? Then pls don’t do anything that annoy papaji”
Swara (feels bad… . She is in verge of crying) no bhabi my study is already completed so I live here only”
Parinita “no swara…. Wo actually I will tell u later now go”
Swara “okay”
She goes to her papa’s room….

Swara “may I come in papa???”
Sekhar”come.. Take sit there”
Swara is about to take blessings from him but he stops her
Papa”jitna kaha jaye utna karo ”
Swara sits silently
Papa” take this paper”
Swara “what is this???”

Papa “this is the paper of the hospital which made for you… the hospital is on your name… So take this… ”
Swara is very much happy
“thank you papa ”
About to hug him but shekhar shouts” stay away.. .. Dont think too much I did this only for mishti…. And pls don’t see me your face…. Btw I have fix your marriage they will come at evening…..”
Swara crying like a baby “papa pls I don’t want to marry now I want to spend sometime with u all plsssssssssss…”
Papa(shouts) par mai tujhe iss ghar mein ak pal ke liye bhi nahi rakhna chata… Tujhe ghar mein rakh kar musibat ko invite ni karna mujhe…. Ja yahan se”
Swara “pls papa”

Papa(shouts) if you dont agree for this marriage then I will cut my wrist and die. …. do u want this??? Then tell me.. . ”
Swara” no papa I will do whatever you want “(crying)
Papa” now get out of my sight”
Swara goes from there while crying miserably

Precap swasan meeting and and a little shock for swara


How is this I am new here….. I know I am not a good writer…. If u dont like this then tell me I will stop writing…. … Pls dont bash me if u find any fault….. I am not good in English…. If u find any grammatical fault then forgive me plsssssssssss… . Thank u for reading

Credit to: A. S

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